The objective of the Campus Connect Project is to provide high speed internet access to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, through the development of adequate ICT Network Infrastructure that will in guarantee the following amongst others:

  1. Cost-Effective and Affordable Education
  2. Promote Student-Teacher-Peer Interaction
  3. Provide Effective Teaching and E-Learning Tools
  4. Easy Access To Educational Information And Resource
  5. Keeping Track of Up to Date Technologies And Evolution
  6. Comfort and Flexibility Of Remote Learning
  7. Digital/Multimedia Interaction In International Students
  8. Ease of Communication and Security Surveillance
  9. Streamline Admin and Admission Processes
  10. Innovation and Capacity Building

Implementation Strategy

The project is expected to provide bandwidth connectivity with a minimum capacity of DS3 (25MB) upgradeable to STM-1 (155MB) using high end Network Infrastructure as last mile with the deployment of Campus Wide Area Network (WAN) via Microwave Radios and Wi-Fi access points strategically placed across the University Cluster. The Campus WAN will be wired LAN while the Wi-Fi will ride on the Microwave LAN as backbone. The 1st mile can also be a licensed Radio in the case of non-proximity of Point of Presence (POP) of Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO’S) or Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) as the case may be.

Project Beneficiaries

The target beneficiaries of the project are Tertiary Institutions such as Federal Universities, Federal Polytechnics and Federal Colleges of Education.