Wednesday December 07, 2022

The USPF organised a workshop on 26th June 2014, to discuss and reach a consensus on a framework for partnership with the State Ministries of Education with respect to the sustainability of School Knowledge Centre (SKC) project.

At the workshop, both the Chairman of the USP Board who is also the Honourable Minister of Communication Technology, and the Secretary emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities inherent in ICTs for developing 21st Century skills among school children and their teachers.  The Secretary advocated a closer collaboration among the stakeholders which is key to the success of the overall goal of the project.

One of the major highlights of the workshop was the brainstorming session where participants were assembled into six (6) groups along geo-political zones. The six (6) groups extensively discussed and debated the role of the States’ Ministries of Education in supporting the SKC project and how this role will be fulfilled, working alongside the USPF. The groups also considered recommendations for resolving or mitigating challenges faced in the delivery of the project.

A significant outcome of the workshop was the consensus on the need to develop and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the USPF and the State Ministries of Education.  The MoU forms part of the strategy to create ownership consciousness and responsibility of the parties to ensure that the SKCs are sustained in the respective States.