The objective of this programme shall be to subsidise the deployment of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and other passive infrastructure in underserved and un-served communities in Nigeria in order to achieve 100% coverage of Local Government area in Nigeria and reduce the proportion of underserved LGAs across the country. This infrastructure will be expected to support the extension of voice services to un-served and underserved areas.

The programme will run through 2018 – 2022 and is expected to result in an increase in voice coverage of Nigeria’s inhabited land mass with basic telephony services in 2022 through a review (very high level technical collaboration) of identified BTS gaps alongside respective service providers. Most of the already identified gaps (BTS) may not necessarily be technically feasible/in line with the service providers business models in the face available high capacity BTS-2-2.75G and E- Nodes 3G with lesser hops and better optimizations capability in deployment by the service providers.


The objective of the BTS project is to facilitate the achievement of the AMPE (Accelerated Mobile Phone Expansion) Programme which targets the achievement of full voice coverage by 2017.

Service Model

This project is implemented through subsidy. The subsidies are determined and awarded through a competitive bidding process by which operators compete for the available subsidies to deploy and operate the Stations.

  • Faster telephony coverage to remote places
  • Promotes universal access to ICT
  • Easier information dissemination
  • Supports a wide range of other value added services in the under-served and unserved areas

BTSNorth EastBambukaKarim LamidoAdamawa 2010
BTSNorth EastDumna GuyukAdamawa 2010
BTSSouth SouthOdoro IkpeIkonoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthEwangIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthMbukpo OduoboOkoboAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkoEketAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkot AkpatekOnnaAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthOrukoUrue-Offong/OrukoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthAfuaIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkot Etim UkanafunAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIbiono AwuroIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkot AbasiIkot AbasiAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthKwa IboIbenoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthOkopediOkoboAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthOkoro InyongEastern OboloAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthNditia, Akwa Ibom StateEketAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthUpenekang, Akwa Ibom StateIbenoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthAbakAbakAkwa Ibom2010
BTSSouth SouthIkot AkpabioAbakAkwa Ibom2010
BTSSouth SouthIkot UboAbakAkwa Ibom2010
BTSSouth SouthAtani, Delta StateOgbaruAnambra2013
BTSSouth SouthObagwe, Delta StateOgbaruAnambra2013
BTSNorth EastBaima - WarjiBauchi2016
BTSNorth EastKurmi NingiBauchi2016
BTSNorth EastBogoro Tafawa BalewaBauchi2016
BTSNorth EastAtafowa Itas GadauBauchi2016
BTSNorth EastHanafari Jurara JamaAreBauchi2016
BTSNorth EastMaraZakiBauchi2010
BTSNorth EastMagamin-BurraNingiBauchi2009
BTSNorth EastIyayi MaidokiNingiBauchi 2010
BTSSouth SouthEgbediamaEkeremorBayelsa2018
BTSSouth South Ozezebiri Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern IjawBayelsa2013
BTSSouth South Ikuromogbene, Bayelsa State Southern IjawBayelsa2013
BTSSouth South Ayama Community, Bayelsa StateYenegoaBayelsa2013
BTSSouth South Diebu Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern Ijaw.Bayelsa2013
BTSSouth South Ipirigbene Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern IjawBayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthOfornigbene Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern Ijaw.Bayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthEniwari Southern IjawBayelsa 2008
BTSSouth SouthSabagreia Kolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa 2008
BTSSouth SouthIgbedi Kolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa 2008
BTSNorth CentralOfokeApaBenue2018
BTSNorth CentralUgbokoEdikwu IchoBenue2018
BTSNorth CentralAgilaAdoBenue2010
BTSNorth EastMuleMuleBorno2009
BTSNorth EastGajiramNganzaiBorno2009
BTSNorth EastGajigannaMagumeriBorno2009
BTSNorth EastJilbe Kala BalgeBorno 2010
BTSNorth EastAlagarno Askira UbaBorno 2010
BTSNorth EastBalbaya BayoBorno 2010
BTSSouth SouthApiapumtetObubraCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthDanareBokiCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthBokulumBokiCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthKundeneObanikiluCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthBokulumBokiCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthAkamkpa Town, AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAningeje Town, AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthNjok Ika Village NkunayaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAking/Osomba, AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAko, AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthIkpai, Cross Rivers StateIkpaiCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthNkunaya/Nsan Cluster, Cross Rivers StateNkunayaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAgoi Efut, Cross Rivers StateBiaseCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthIfunkpa/Awai Cluster, Cross Rivers StateAkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthBetem Mainroad, Cross Rivers StateBiaseCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthOpuamaWarri NorthDelta2018
BTSSouth SouthAshamaAniocha SouthDelta2018
BTSSouth SouthOkogbele, Delta StateOshimili SouthDelta2013
BTSSouth SouthEwuruIka SouthDelta2013
BTSSouth SouthErovie, Delta StateIsoko NorthDelta2013
BTSSouth SouthUmehIsoko SouthDelta 2016
BTSSouth SouthEroghorWarri SouthDelta 2016
BTSSouth SouthUwheruUghelli NorthDelta 2016
BTSSouth SouthAdonteAniocha SouthDelta 2016
BTSSouth SouthEdjeketaIsoko SouthDelta 2016
BTSSouth EastOnichaOnichaEbonyi 2008
BTSSouth EastOtueke OgbiaEbonyi 2008
BTSSouth SouthUneme UzanuEtsako- EastEdo2018
BTSSouth SouthIgbenatuEdoEdo2018
BTSSouth WestIpawoIkoleEkiti2011
BTSSouth WestAaye (Formerly Ewu)Do-OsiEkiti2011
BTSSouth EastUzo Uwani Uzo UwaniEnugu 2008
BTSNorth CentralGaidaAmacFCT2018
BTSNorth CentralKuloKujeFCT2018
BTSNorth CentralElle Village, KwaliFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralDapeMunicipal Area CouncilFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralMunapeMunicipal Area CounFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralBurumMunicipal Area CounFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralWaru Village, Off Apo RoadMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth Central Kuje - Gwagwalada Road.KujeFCT2013
BTSNorth Central(Giri)Municipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralUniversity Of Abuja Main CampusMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralBrazil Village/Wupa Village; Off Airport RoadMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralTungamadaki Village/Gaku VillageMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralKwali (Around National Mathematical Center)KwaliFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralUshapaBwariFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralRubochi (Gwagwarda,)KujeFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralMadnaBwariFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralRafin Pa(Abuja Lokoja Road)Municipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralYebu, Kuje AbujaKujeFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralMpapeMunicipalFCT2008
BTSNorth EastHashidu GombeGombe 2010
BTSNorth EastWawa FunakeGombe 2008
BTSNorth WestFagam GwaramJigawa 2010
BTSNorth WestGammayin (Sabuwar Anguwa)Kafin HausaJigawa 2010
BTSNorth WestGangyatin (Dangyatin Zareko)MigaJigawa 2010
BTSNorth WestBosuwaMaigatariJigawa 2008
BTSNorth WestKirkirnaKarakanaJigawa 2008
BTSNorth WestAujaraJahunJigawa 2008
BTSNorth WestFatikaGiwaKaduna2016
BTSNorth WestNasuduLereKaduna2016
BTSNorth WestBaloge-KwagiriJema'AKaduna2016
BTSNorth WestDogon DawaBirnin GwariKaduna2016
BTSNorth WestWalijoKaduna NorthKaduna2016
BTSNorth WestMatazu MatazuKatsina 2010
BTSNorth WestDanmusaDan MusaKatsina 2008
BTSNorth WestDayiMalumfashiKatsina 2008
BTSNorth WestKukaMashiKatsina 2008
BTSNorth WestRibah Danko-WasaguKebbi 2008
BTSNorth CentralAyeh-GbedeUjunmuKogi2018
BTSNorth CentralAluYagba EastKogi2018
BTSNorth CentralIkendeBassaKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralAdaigba-AyhaIbajiKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralAbujiLokojaKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralOdekeIbajiKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralIsanluYagba EastKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralOgidiIjimuKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralAwuluAnkpaKogi 2008
BTSNorth CentralAderanKiamaKwara2018
BTSNorth CentralSha AbaEduKwara2018
BTSNorth CentralYakiraGwanaraKwara2017
BTSSouth WestOdo-OwaOke EroKwara2011
BTSNorth CentralAlakyoLafiaNasarawa2018
BTSNorth CentralSokoNasarawa EgonNasarawa2018
BTSNorth CentralOdu-Odege-MbekiNasarawaNasarawa2017
BTSNorth CentralSisinbaki (Chessu)WambaNasarawa2017
BTSNorth CentralAgwada NassarawaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralAra NassarawaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralEkye DomaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralMaroKokonaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralAgajiAgaieNiger2018
BTSNorth CentralAkareWushishiNiger2018
BTSNorth CentralDukku TownRijauNiger2017
BTSNorth CentralFogbeAgaieNiger2016
BTSNorth CentralBabana BorguNiger 2010
BTSNorth CentralLafiaji LafiajiNiger 2008
BTSSouth WestKila/Orile/IlugunOdedaOgun2011
BTSSouth WestOrita J4Ijebu EastOgun2011
BTSSouth WestIgbo-Ora (Fomerly Alo)Ibarapa CentralOgun2011
BTSSouth WestWasinmi (Fomerly Ilushin/Abigi)EwekoroOgun2011
BTSSouth WestKajola KajolaOgun 2008
BTSSouth WestJagunOdedaOndo2011
BTSSouth WestOke-Alafia/RamonIle-Oluji/ OkeigboOndo2011
BTSSouth WestIrele/OnisekereIreleOndo2011
BTSSouth WestAlaade/IdanreIdanreOndo2011
BTSSouth WestYakoyo, Osun StateIfe NorthOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIpetu ModuIfe NorthOsun2013
BTSSouth WestAkinlaluIfe NorthOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIfeIfe CentralOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIkirunIfelodunOsun2013
BTSSouth WestAdaBoripeOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIbaOdo OtinOsun2013
BTSSouth WestSongbeEjigboOsun2011
BTSSouth WestOba-IfeOlorundaOsun2011
BTSSouth WestIlobu Haleluyah (Former Ly Edemosi)IrepodunOsun2011
BTSSouth WestAgesin (Formerly Agbagbara) LagesinAiyedireOsun2011
BTSSouth WestEti-OniAtakunmosa EastOsun2011
BTSSouth WestSekonaEde SouthOsun 2008
BTSSouth WestOde-OmuAiyedadeOsun 2008
BTSSouth WestAdafilaOri IreOyo2011
BTSSouth WestOlorunda/Ola-DeleLageluOyo2011
BTSSouth WestTewureOri IreOyo2011
BTSSouth WestIresa-AduSurulereOyo2011
BTSSouth WestAyeteIbarapa NorthOyo 2008
BTSSouth WestOkakaItesiwajuOyo 2008
BTSSouth WestIwere-IleIwajowaOyo 2008
BTSSouth WestLanlateIbarapa EastOyo 2008
BTSNorth CentralSabon LayiLangtang NorthPlateau2018
BTSNorth CentralSabon GidaLagtang SouthPlateau2018
BTSSouth SouthEgbelubiEteheRivers2018
BTSSouth SouthUbeta 5Ahoada EastRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthEgbolomAbua/OdualRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthIdamaIdamaRivers2010
BTSSouth SouthEmagoAbua/OdualRivers2010
BTSSouth SouthElukuAbua/OdualRivers 2016
BTSSouth SouthAse NdoniNdokwa EastRivers 2016
BTSSouth SouthAkinimaAhoada WestRivers 2016
BTSSouth SouthEmelego Abua/OdualRivers 2008
BTSNorth EastKashimbila TakumTaraba 2010
BTSNorth EastTabawaYobe (All Clusters)Yobe2016
BTSNorth EastKayeriYobe (All Clusters)Yobe2016
BTSNorth EastNgelkojoleYobe (All Clusters)Yobe2016
BTSNorth EastFikaYobe (All Clusters)Yobe2016
BTSNorth EastKatarkoYobe (All Clusters)Yobe2016
BTSNorth EastGashaka FikaYobe 2010
BTSNorth EastMalori FikaYobe 2010
BTSNorth WestKurya Madara Kaura NamodaZamfara 2010
BTSNorth WestBukkuyumBukkuyumZamfara 2008
BTSNorth WestDan SadauMaruZamfara 2008
BTSNorth WestMagamiMaruZamfara 2008