This project is expected to be executed in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. The objective of the project is to provide ICT needs of persons living with disabilities in Nigeria and access to required ICT services through institutions/organisations set up to cater for this group. In this regard, USPF shall make provisions within its budget to support all-inclusive ICT access to people living with disabilities.


The objective of this project is derived from Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which specifies in its first paragraph: "To enable persons with disabilities to live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life, States Parties shall take appropriate measures to ensure to persons with disabilities access, on an equal basis with others, to the physical environment, to transportation, to information and communications, including information and communications technologies and systems..."

The project provides ICT tools and Assistive Technologies (ATs) to the blind, the deaf, dumb, crippled, cognitively-impaired, and other categories of people living with disabilities. As disadvantaged members of society, the project is designed to assist in improving the quality of life of people living with disability by:

  • Providing support to identified groups in accessing Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Improving the overall learning experience of persons living with disabilities by equipping educators with the right hardware and software
  • Providing ICT and assistive solutions to cover as many areas of disabilities as possible, including but not limited to sight, hearing, mobility etc.
Service Model

This is a fully funded project. Through open competitive bidding, companies are selected to deploy the appropriate assistive technologies to the institutions catering for people living with disabilities.

  • Inclusion of people living with disabilities into the knowledge economy
  • Enables persons with disabilities to live independently
  • Improved access to information and services
  • Encouragement of independent and active learning by persons with disabilities
  • Improved capacity of the institutions and teachers

ACCSouth EastSpecial School For The Blind Afara UmuahiaAbia2018
ACCSouth EastSchool Of The BlindUmuahiaAbia2017
ACCNorth EastSpecial Education Centre MubiAdamawa2020
ACCNorth EastGovernment Blind Workshop MubiAdamawa2019
ACCNorth EastGovernment Blind WorkshopYolaAdamawa2016
ACCNorth EastSpecial Education CentreJadaAdamawa2013
ACCSouth SouthSt. LouiseS Inclusive SchoolIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2020
ACCSouth SouthSpecial Education Centre For Children With Special NeedsUyoAkwa Ibom2017
ACCSouth EastBasden Memorial Special Education CentreIsuloAnambra2019
ACCSouth EastSpecial Education CentreUmuchuAnambra2016
ACCNorth EastBauchi State Orphans And Vulnerable Children School BauchiBauchi2020
ACCNorth EastSpecial Education Centre For Deaf And BlindBauchiBauchi2018
ACCNorth EastSchool For The DeafAzareBauchi2015
ACCSouth SouthBayelsa State Children School With Special NeedsOpoloBayelsa2019
ACCSouth SouthBayelsa State Comprehensive School For The HandicappedYenogoaBayelsa2013
ACCNorth CentralSpecial School For Exceptional Children AliadeBenue2018
ACCNorth CentralSt. Francis School For The Deaf And DumbVandeikyaBenue2015
ACCNorth EastYerwa Central Special Need School For The Deaf And BlindMaiduguriBorno2018
ACCNorth EastSchool Of The Blind Herwa Dandal WayMaiduguriBorno2016
ACCSouth SouthSpecial Education Secondary School Ikom LayoutCalabarCross River2018
ACCSouth SouthGood Shepherd Centre For The DisabledMoniaya OgojaCross River2016
ACCSouth SouthAlderstown Schools For The Deaf WarriDelta2020
ACCSouth SouthDon Domigos Special SchoolWarriDelta2018
ACCSouth SouthMadonna Special Needs SchoolOkpanamDelta2013
ACCSouth EastOur Lady Of Compassion S - Special School For Deaf & DumbAbakalikiEbonyi2017
ACCSouth SouthBenin School For The BlindUkhegieEdo2019
ACCSouth SouthSpecial Education Unit Ihogbe CollegeBenin CityEdo2017
ACCSouth WestEkiti State Government Special School For The BlindIkereEkiti2015
ACCSouth EastSpecial School Nsukka Enugu State (Academic And Vocational Training For Special Needs Children)NsukkaEnugu2020
ACCSouth EastGovernment Secondary SchoolOgbeteEnugu2019
ACCSouth EastEvami Special Education SchoolEnuguEnugu2013
ACCNorth CentralSchool For The HandicapKujeFCT2013
ACCNorth CentralSchool For The BlindJabiFCT2013
ACCNorth EastSpecial School GombeGombeGombe2020
ACCNorth EastSpecial Education CentreGombeGombe2013
ACCSouth EastAkpodim Rehabilitation CentreMbaiseImo2018
ACCSouth EastSpecial Education CentreOrluImo2013
ACCNorth WestBlind SchoolJahunJigawa2019
ACCNorth WestDeaf Special SchoolHadejiaJigawa2015
ACCNorth WestGovernment Secondary SchoolZangon AyaKaduna2020
ACCNorth WestKaduna State Rehabilitation CentreKafanchanKaduna2016
ACCNorth WestCollege For The BlindKadunaKaduna2015
ACCNorth WestSpecial Education SchoolTudun MalikiKano2019
ACCNorth WestMariri Vocation Rehabilitation CentreMaririKano2017
ACCNorth WestSpecial Education SchoolKuka BulukiaKano2013
ACCNorth WestSchool For Disabled Kofar YandakaKofar YandakaKatsina2018
ACCNorth WestGovernment School For The Deaf KatsinaKatsinaKatsina2016
ACCNorth WestRehabilitation Centre For Disabled PersonsArgunguKebbi2015
ACCNorth WestKebbi State School For Special NeedsKebbiKebbi2019
ACCNorth WestRehabilitation Centre For Disabled PersonsArgunguKebbi2015
ACCNorth CentralJohn Abah Memorial Special SchoolOjuwo-IgahKogi2019
ACCNorth CentralChristian Mission In Many Lands (Cmml) Special SchoolIyaleKogi2015
ACCNorth CentralCentre For Supportive Services For The DeafIlorinKwara2019
ACCNorth CentralKwara State School Of Special NeedsIlorinKwara2013
ACCSouth WestPacilli School For Blind ChildrenSurulereLagos2019
ACCSouth WestChildren Developmental Centre LagosSurulereLagos2016
ACCSouth WestDown Syndrome FoundationSurulereLagos2015
ACCNorth CentralMedical And Rehabilitation CentreAkwangaNasarawa2015
ACCNorth CentralNiger State School Of Special EducationMinnaNiger2020
ACCNorth CentralSchool Of HandicappedMinnaNiger2017
ACCNorth CentralAdvanced Vocational Centre For The BlindBidaNiger2013
ACCSouth WestSchool For Children With Special Needs IlaroOgun2020
ACCSouth WestAde Okubanjo Model School For Visually Challenged Ijebu IgboOgun2017
ACCSouth WestDaniel Akintonde Model School For The Handicapped ChildrenAbeokutaOgun2015
ACCSouth WestSchool For The DeafAkureOndo2019
ACCSouth WestOndo State School Of The BlindOwoOndo2013
ACCSouth WestSchool For Special Needs IkirumOsun2020
ACCSouth WestSchool For The HandicappedIwoOsun2018
ACCSouth WestSchool For The HandicappedOsogboOsun2015
ACCSouth WestCheshire High SchoolIbadanOyo2017
ACCSouth WestBasic School For Special ChildrenOkebolaOyo2016
ACCSouth WestFederal College Of Education (Special)OyoOyo2013
ACCNorth CentralNakam Memorial Secondary SchoolPanyamPlateau2016
ACCNorth CentralPlateau School For The DeafBassaPlateau2015
ACCSouth SouthThe Child Special School Port HarcourtRivers2019
ACCSouth SouthObioma Cheshire HomePort HarcourtRivers2016
ACCNorth WestA.A. Raji Special SchoolKoko RoadSokoto2017
ACCNorth WestSokoto Rehabilitation CentreSokotoSokoto2015
ACCNorth EastBlind WorkshopJalingoTaraba2018
ACCNorth EastGarbabi Special School For The BlindGashakaTaraba2015
ACCNorth EastBlind Workshop SchoolDamagumYobe2019
ACCNorth EastBlind Workshop/Best CentreGeidamYobe2017
ACCNorth WestZamfara State Joint Disable SchoolTashar Magami GusauZamfara2020
ACCNorth WestSchool Of Special EducationTudun Wada GusauZamfara2015
ACCNorth EastBlind Production Centre Gamboru CentreMaiduguriBorno2021
ACCSouth EastSt. Joseph Centre For The Blind And Visually HandicappedObudu Cross River2021
ACCSouth SouthBlind Production Centre Gamboru CentreMaiduguriBorno2021
ACCSouth EastInternational Model School For The DeafAfikpoEbonyi2021
ACCSouth WestRelief And Rehabilitation CentreAdo EkitiEkiti2021
ACCSouth EastSchool Of Deaf And Dumb Ofekata OrodoMbaitoluImo2021
ACCNorth WestSpecial Education Jnr. Secondary School Kitaya Kopax RoadDalaKano2021
ACCNorth CentralGovernment Special SchoolLafiaNasarawa2021
ACCSouth WestNigerian Training Centre For The BlindOgbomoshoOyo2021
ACCNorth CentralSchool For The Physically HandicappedManguPlateau2021
ACCNorth WestGovernment Special School JaboTambuwalSokoto2021
ACCNorth CentralFCT School For The Blind ChildrenJabiFCT2021






School   for the Handicap, Kuje, Abuja




School   for the Blind, Jabi, Abuja




Kwara   State School of Special Needs, Ilorin


North   Central


Niger   State School of Special Education, Minna


North   Central


Special   Education School, Kuka Bulukia, Kano


North   West


Rehabilitation   Centre, Katsina


North   West


Special   Education Centre, Gombe


North   East


Special   Education Centre, Jada


North   East


Evami   Special Education School, Enugu


South   East


Special   Education Centre, Orlu


South   East


Federal   College of Education (Special), Oyo


South   West


Ondo   State School of the Blind, Owo


South   West


Madonna   Special Needs School, Okpanam


South   South


Bayelsa   State Comprehensive School for the Handicapped, Yenogoa


South   South