The USPF will support, in line with its mandate local entrepreneurs to develop local applications and content for the internet. The aim is to improve adoption of ICT in everyday activities and bridge the digital divide. The local applications and/or content would be socially and culturally relevant to the communities.

In addition, projects that will support local content hosting platforms will also be implemented.

Local Content Deployment

The USPF shall facilitate the deployment of local content and applications/solutions which promote the use of ICTs in rural, un-served and underserved areas of the country. USPF’s strategy shall be to partner with relevant stakeholders for the deployment of application /solutions in Nigerian Education curriculum, which provide relevant information/solutions to Secondary Schools under the SKC programme in line with the Ministry of Education.


LCDSouth EastOkporoenyi Comm. Secondary School, OkporoenyiAbia2020
LCDSouth EastUmuezeukwu Community Sec. School, Umuezeukwu,Isiala Ngwa NorthAbia2020
LCDSouth EastMbutu Ngwa Sec. Sch. Isiala NgwaIsiala Ngwa SouthAbia2019
LCDSouth EastComprehensive Coll. Amiyi ObinohiaIsikwuatoAbia2019
LCDSouth EastIgbere Sec Sch. Onu Ibina IgbereBendeAbia2019
LCDSouth EastAbam High School, OzuAbam ArochukAbia2018
LCDSouth EastOsusu Community Sec. Sch. OsusuIsiala Ngwa NorthAbia2018
LCDSouth EastOtodo High SchoolAsaga OhafiaAbia2016
LCDSouth EastIsuochi Model Secondary School UmunneochiAbia2015
LCDSouth EastIgboji Secondary SchoolAlayi BendeAbia2015
LCDSouth EastOtodo GirlS Secondary SchoolAsaga OhafiaAbia2015
LCDSouth EastOkporo Ahaba Sec. School, Isiala NgwaNgwa SouthAbia2015
LCDNorth EastHayatu Iyawa Sec. Sch. YolaYola NorthAdamawa 2019
LCDNorth EastAliyu Mustapha Sec. Sch. YolaYola SouthAdamawa 2019
LCDNorth EastGeneral Murital Moh. Coll, YolaYola NorthAdamawa 2019
LCDNorth EastDobeli Sec. Sch. YolaYola NorthAdamawa 2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Snr. Sec. Sch. ShuwaMadagaliAdamawa 2018
LCDNorth EastGov. Day Sec. Sch. ZaibadariMubi NorthAdamawa 2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Day Snr Sec. Sch GartaMichikaAdamawa 2018
LCDNorth EastGovernment Secondary School UbaHongAdamawa 2016
LCDNorth EastNadi International School, Plot 8346, Abdullahi Bashir Drive, DougireriYolaAdamawa 2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Day Secondary School Jada CentralJada CentralAdamawa 2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Secondary School MadagaliMadagaliAdamawa 2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Day Secondary School Garkida NorthGombiAdamawa 2015
LCDSouth SouthLutheran Snr Science Sec. Sch, IbakachiIbakachi IkonoAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Compr. Sec. Sch. Four Towns UyoUyoAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. Ediene AbakAbakAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthSt Francis Sec. Sch. Ikot AtakuEketAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthIbiono Community High Sch. Edem UruaIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthSt.Columbanus Sec. Sch. IkwenObot AkaraAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Ikot Ese-Etim.Abaietim Ekpo/IkaAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthComprhensive High Sch. Ntak AfahaUkanafunAkwa Ibom2016
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School. EyosungOdung UkoAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth SouthSt. Augustine Secondary School, Urua InyangIkaAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth SouthSt. Vincent Secondary SchoolItioro, OkoboAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth SouthNorthern Annang Secondary School (Nasco)Utu, Etim EkpoAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth EastGovt. Tech. College, UmuchuUmuchuAnambra2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity Boys High SchoolOgbunike,OyiAnambra2020
LCDSouth EastOkongwu Memorial Grammar SchoolNnewi NorthAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastUnity Comprehensive Secondary School. OkpokoOgbaruAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastGirls Sec. Sch. UgaOrumba NorthAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastWashington Mem. Grammar Sch. OnitshaOnitsha NorthAnambra2018
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec. School, AchinaAguataAnambra2018
LCDSouth EastGirls Sec. Sch. UkporNnewi SouthAnambra2016
LCDSouth EastMaria Regina High School NnewiNnewi NorthAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastNneoma Girls Secondary NiboAwka SouthAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastNew Era Girls Secondary School OnitshaOnitsha NorthAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastSt RaphelS Sec. Sch. AwkuzuOyiAnambra2015
LCDNorth EastCommunity Secondary School, BeliShiraBauchi2020
LCDNorth EastFederal Gov. College AzareAzareBauchi2019
LCDNorth EastGovt. Girls Sec. Sch. T/BalewaT/BalewaBauchi2019
LCDNorth EastCommunity Sec. Sch.BeliShiraBauchi2018
LCDNorth EastCommunity Sec. Sch. BadikkoToroBauchi2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sec. Sch. MisuBogoroBauchi2018
LCDNorth EastFederal Girls Coll. BauchiTafawa BelewaBauchi2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sec. Sch. Itas, Itas- GadauItas, Itas-GadauBauchi2018
LCDNorth EastIslamic Orentation Sec. Sch. AzareAzareBauchi2016
LCDNorth EastGovernment Day Secondary School, AzareKatagumBauchi2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Secondary School Bura NingiNingiBauchi2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Day Secondary School NasaruNingiBauchi2015
LCDNorth EastYakubu Bauchi Government Secondary School. ToroToroBauchi2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. AghoroEkeremorBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthSampou Grammar Sch. SampouKolokumaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthOwema Comm. Comp. Sec. Sch. OtakemaOgbiaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthOgu Grammar OguYenaogoaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. Aleibiri TownAleibiri TownBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthSt. Charles Borromeo Minor Sec Sch BorromeoOgbiaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthComm. Sec. Sch. IgbogeneYenogoaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthRiver Nun Grammar Sch. Agbere-OdoniSagbamaBayelsa2016
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Oruma, OgbiaOgbiaBayelsa2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Ologama, NembeNembeBayelsa2015
LCDSouth SouthJunior Basic Sec. Sch Twon-BrassBrassBayelsa2015
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Sec Sch. OkpoamaBrassBayelsa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovt. College MakurdiBenue2020
LCDNorth CentralUdugbo Community Sec. School, ObindaBenue2020
LCDNorth CentralUgboju-Icho Community Sec. Sch, Ipom, UgbojuOtukpaBenue2019
LCDNorth CentralSt. Winifred Girls Catholic Sch. IhughVadeikyaBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralSt James Jnr Seminary YandevGbokoBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. ObagajiAgatuBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralMbavaa Community Sec. Sch. AnuaKonshishaBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralTombo Community Secondary School, AyilamoKatsina/Ala, Ukum, LogoBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralIdoma Community Sec. Sch OtobiOtukpoBenue2016
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Gbajimba GumaMakurdiBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralIyordye Memorial Secondary School, Ansha Korinya CityKonshishaBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralRay Of Hope Academy Abenga-MbausuVande IkyaBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School AllanOtobiBenue2015
LCDNorth EastGovt. Junior Secondary SchoolMaiduguriBorno2020
LCDNorth EastCommunity Sec. Sch.BiuBorno2019
LCDNorth EastCss MiringaBiuBorno2019
LCDNorth EastGovt Day Sec. Sch. KwajaffaHawulBorno2018
LCDNorth EastGovt Jnr Sec SchoolMaiduguriBorno2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Girls Snr Sc. Sec. Sch.KondugaBorno2018
LCDNorth EastFederal Govt. CollegeMaiduguriBorno2018
LCDNorth EastArmy Day Sec. Sch.BiuBorno2018
LCDNorth EastSchool For Higher Islamic Studies MaiduguriBorno2016
LCDNorth EastMarama Government Secondary School Marama Hawul LgaHawulBorno2015
LCDNorth EastKashim Ibrahim C. O. E. Staff School MaiduguriBorno2015
LCDNorth EastCommunity Secondary School BiuBorno2015
LCDNorth EastAl-Nahda Comm. Sec. SchMaiduguriBorno2015
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Sc. Sec, IpongObuduCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthFederal Govt. Girls College CalabarCalabar MuniCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthNtol Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Ndok, OgojaOgojaCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. Akam-IkomAkam-IkomCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthWest African Peoples' Secondary Institute (Wapi) Diamond Hill CalabarCalabar MunicipalCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthGovernment Sec. Sch. Duke TownCalabar SouthCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthComprehensive Secondary School NkoYakurr L.G.ACross River2018
LCDSouth SouthEra Care Community Secondary School OkukuYalaCross River2016
LCDSouth SouthSt. BrendaS Secondary School, Iyamoyong ObubraObubraCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthGovernment Girls Secondary School ObuduObuduCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthCommand Secondary School Akim BarracksCalabar MuniCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthUgaga Community Secondary SchoolUgagaCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthAbbi Grammar Sch. AbbiNdokwa WestDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthIkweghwu Grammar Sch. Ikweghwu Orho-AgbarhUghelli NorthDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthOdiaka Mixed Sec. Sch. UkwunzuAniochaDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthAlaka Grammar Sch. OzoroDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthAqwaewuru Secondary School, IkaIka Federal ConstituencyDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthTsekelewu Sec. Sch. Tsekelewu, Pinakiri Zion EgbemaWarri NorthDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthOtibio Grammar Sch. OtibioIsoko NorthDelta2016
LCDSouth SouthOwerre-Olubor Secondary School Owerre-Olubor, Ika North/EastIka North/EastDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthZapa Mixed Secondary School(1)AsabaDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthAsagba Secondary SchoolAsabaDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthBasic Sec. Sch. IllahOshimilliDelta2015
LCDSouth EastFederal Govt. College Okposi,OhaozaraEbonyi2020
LCDSouth EastFederal Govt. Girls College EzzamgboOhaukwuEbonyi2019
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec Sch EkwetekweEzza NorthEbonyi2019
LCDSouth EastImoha Comprehensive Sec. Sch. AchiaguEzza NorthEbonyi2019
LCDSouth EastComprehensive High UkanaUdiEbonyi2018
LCDSouth EastJunior Sec. Sch. Ndiagu IgbuduIkwoEbonyi2018
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec.Sch. UmuezeokohaEzza NorthEbonyi2016
LCDSouth EastUgbala Memorial Secondary School, Amudo Ezeta SouthEzza SouthEbonyi2015
LCDSouth EastCommand Secondary School AbakilikiAbakilikiEbonyi2015
LCDSouth EastOnicha Secondary Technical School OnichaOnichaEbonyi2015
LCDSouth EastGirls Secondary School Ndulo NgboOhaukwuEbonyi2015
LCDSouth SouthEre-Nolomi Sec. Sch. Ere-NolomiOvia WestEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthAfuda Sec. Sch. AfudaEsan CentralEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthUneah Sec. Sch. IboreEsan CentralEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthUhiele Grammar Sch. Uhiele-EkpomaEsan WestEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthEdeki Grammar School, Otuo, Owan EastOwan East/WestEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthWestern Boys High School(Airewele) Ikpoba HillIkpoba,Edo2018
LCDSouth SouthFed. Sci. & Tech. College, UromiEsan NorthEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthEsan Grammar School Uromi,Esan North EastEdo2016
LCDSouth SouthEwoiyi Secondary School, UromiEsan NorthEdo2015
LCDSouth SouthLilydion International SchoolAjele Rd. Eguare, UbiajaEdo2015
LCDSouth SouthEbelle Secondary School IgubenIgubenEdo2015
LCDSouth SouthOtaru Grammar School, Auchi, Estako WestEstako WestEdo2015
LCDSouth WestOde Ekiti High SchoolEkitiEkiti2020
LCDSouth WestOdo Oro Community High SchoolEkitiEkiti2020
LCDSouth WestMuslim College, Ado EkitiEkitiEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestCommunity High Sch. Igbara Odo EkitiEkiti S/WEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestAdo Grammar School Ado EkitiAdoEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestOgotun High Sch. OgotunEkiti South WestEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestC.A.C Grammar Sch. EponEfonEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestSt. Louis Girls Grammar School Ikere EkitiIkereEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestIjanmodu Grammar School, Ijan EkitiGbonyinEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestIlupeju High Sch. IlupejuIlupejuEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestOmuo-Oke Grammar SchoolOmuo-OkeEkiti2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School EgedeUdiEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastSpecial Science Boys Secondary School Agbani, Nkanu WestNkanu East/WestEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec. Sch. Awkunanaw, EnuguEnugu SouthEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity High School, Ajuonah-Obimo,NsukkaEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity High Sch. Ajuonah-ObimoNsukkaEnugu2018
LCDSouth EastComm. Sec. Sch. Uda, Enugu EzikeIgbo Eze NorthEnugu2018
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Ugbo, AwguAwguEnugu2016
LCDSouth EastGirls Secondary School, NnenweAninriEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Ohafia Oduma.AninriEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Okpo, Enugu-Ezike, Igbo Eze NorthIgbo Eze NorthEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Akpawfu, Nkana EastNkanu EastEnugu2015
LCDNorth CentralLouisville Girls Sec. School GwagwaladaGwagwaladaFCT2019
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School WuseF.C.TFCT2018
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School ApoFctFCT2018
LCDNorth CentralJunior Sec. Sch. Fha, LugbeAbujaFCT2016
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. GwarimpaAbujaFCT2016
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, NyanyaKaroFCT2015
LCDNorth CentralNational Missionary Seminary Of St. Paul GwagwaladaGwagwadalaFCT2015
LCDNorth EastNafada Community Secondary SchoolNafadaGombe2020
LCDNorth EastGovt. Junior Secondary School, AshakaFunakayeGombe2020
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sec. School TongoTongoGombe2019
LCDNorth EastArqam Sec, School GombeGombeGombe2019
LCDNorth EastNafada Community Sec. Sch NafadaGombeGombe2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Jnr Sec. Sch. AshakaDukkuGombe2018
LCDNorth EastComm. Sec. Sch. Boh ShongomKaltungo/ShongomGombe2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sec. Sch. HinnaYamalt/DebaGombe2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Day Sec. Sch. Shehu Abubakar GombeGombeGombe2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sci. Tech. College GombeGombeGombe2016
LCDNorth EastGovernment Children And High School, GombeGombeGombe2015
LCDNorth EastGovt. Arabic College GombeGombeGombe2015
LCDNorth EastCommunity Senior Secondary School NafadaNafadaGombe2015
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sec. Sch. GwaniYamaltu/DebaGombe2015
LCDSouth EastNational High Sch. ArondizuoguIdeato NorthImo2019
LCDSouth EastIsiekenesi High Sch. IsiekenesiIdeato NorthImo2019
LCDSouth EastIhitenansa Sec. School OrsuOrlu/Orlu EastImo2019
LCDSouth EastMaster Ecclesiae Seminary, NguruAboh-MbaiseImo2019
LCDSouth EastSecondary Technical College, Obodoukwu, IdeatorIdeatoImo2019
LCDSouth EastBonus Pastor Seminary OsinaIdeatoImo2019
LCDSouth EastSt MaryS Seminary UmuowaOrluImo2018
LCDSouth EastUzunorji Community Sec. Sch.AmuzuAboh MbaiseImo2018
LCDSouth EastPater Noster Sec. Sch. EkwereazuAhiazu MbaiseImo2016
LCDSouth EastHandmaid Holy Child Juniorate Amumara EzinihitteAboh MbaiseImo2015
LCDSouth EastSt. Kiziko Umuchima, Ideato SouthIdeato SouthImo2015
LCDSouth EastEzegbogu Sec. Sch. EzegboguEzinihitteImo2015
LCDSouth EastSt. MaryS Seminary UmuowaOrluImo2015
LCDNorth WestSenior Secondary School. Shuwari-KiyawaKiyawa LgaJigawa2016
LCDNorth WestGovernment. Girls Arabic Secondary SchoolBirninwaJigawa2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Snr. Secondary SchoolAuyoJigawa2015
LCDNorth WestGoverment Secondary School, DokoGarkiJigawa2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Snr. Secondary School. Gadadin, Dutse JigawaJigawaJigawa2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Girls Secondary School Maimuna GwarzoKaduna NorthKaduna2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Girls Secondary School, Dogon-BauchiSabon-GariKaduna2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Commercial College ZariaSabon GariKaduna2015
LCDNorth WestNuruddeen Secondary School, MalaliKaduna NorthKaduna2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary School. GarkoGarkoKano2020
LCDNorth WestGovernment Girl Secondary School Garko, GarkoGarkoKano2016
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary SchoolWudilKano2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Snr Secondary School Yankatsare Dawakin-KuduDawakinkudu,Kano2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary School, Metsedau,Metsedau MakodaKano2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary School, UngogoMinjibir/ UngogoKano2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Girls Secondary School. RogogoZangoKatsina2016
LCDNorth WestGovernment Day Secondary School, Dutsin-MaDustin-MaKatsina2015
LCDNorth WestMalumfashi Unity School, Malumfashi.MalumfashiKatsina2015
LCDNorth WestCollege Of Arabic School DauraDauraKatsina2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Technical College FuntuaFuntuaKatsina2015
LCDNorth WestGovt. Sec. Sch. KambaDandiKebbi2016
LCDNorth WestNagari Science CollegeKebbiKebbi2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Science Secondary School, BayawaArgunguKebbi2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary School, KaojeBagudoKebbi2015
LCDNorth WestFederal Govt. Girls Coll. GwanduGwanduKebbi2015
LCDNorth CentralIgo-Ero Community High SchoolIgbo-EroKogi2020
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. IsanluKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralCommumity High Sch. Ayetoro GbedeIjumuKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralBaptist High School Ekinrin- AddeIjumuKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralComprehensive College YagbaYagbaKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralEmagaba Community Gramma Sch. Emagaba No IiOlamaboroKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School. Ogidi, Ijumu LgaIjumuKogi2016
LCDNorth CentralOluyor Muslim Comprehensive High Sch. Isanlu, Yagba-East LgaYagba-EastKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Girls Secondary School, ObangedeOkeneKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School, Ugwolawo-Ofu.Ugwolawo-OfuKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School EganyiAjaokutaKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralCommuniity Sec. Sch. Ilorin Aboto OjaAsaKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralQueen Elizeberth College IlorinIlorin WestKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralAnsaru Islam Secondary School Gure BarutenBaruten/KaimaKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralIdofian Gram. Sch. IdofianIfelodunKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt Sec. Sch. AdewoleIlorin EastKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralAnglian Girls Sec. Sch.Iludun, OroOroKwara2016
LCDNorth CentralIjara Isin Community High School, IsinIsinKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, SharagiSharagiKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralIlorin Grammar School, Geri-AlimiGeri-AlimiKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralOrin Comprehensive High Sch. Aran OrinIrepodunKwara2015
LCDSouth WestGovt. Senior College Eric MoreSurulereLagos2020
LCDSouth WestOlomu Community Sec. Sch. AjahEti-OsaLagos2018
LCDSouth WestGbaja Girls Sec. Sch. SurulereSurulereLagos2018
LCDSouth WestMushin Olese Jmr Sec. Sch. Egbe IdimuAlimoshoLagos2018
LCDSouth WestOto Awori Grammar Sch. Oto Town Km 28 Badagry Exp. WayOjoLagos2018
LCDSouth WestMaryland Comprehensive Secondary School, MarylandKosofe L.G.ALagos2016
LCDSouth WestEpe Snr Grammar School, EpeEpeLagos2015
LCDSouth WestAngus School, Igbobi, SomoluSomoluLagos2015
LCDSouth WestFagba Grammar School FagbaIfako-IjayeLagos2015
LCDSouth WestNigerian Army School Of Signals Apapa-LagosEti-OsaLagos2015
LCDNorth CentralBaptist High Secondary SchoolAkwangaNasarawa2020
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Junior Secondary SchoolAdo, KaruNasarawa2019
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KarshiKaruNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School UbbeAkwangaNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralFederal Government Girls College KeanaKeanaNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Aso PadaKaruNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralDunama CollegeLafiaNasarawa2016
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary SchoolMushaNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary SchoolKadarkoNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School UkeKaruNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Ladi Endeh AgidiEggonNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Secondary SchoolMinnaNiger2020
LCDNorth CentralFedderal Govt Girls College, BidaBidaNiger2019
LCDNorth CentralArmy Day Sec. Sch. MinnaBossoNiger2019
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. MinnaChanchagaNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralFed. Science Tech. Coll. KutaShiroroNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralMachi Sanda Girls Sec. Sch. PaikoPaikoNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralMuazu Ibrahim Comm. Sec Sch. KotangoraKotangoraNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Science Teachers College, MokwaMokwaNiger2016
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, EnagiEdatiNiger2015
LCDNorth CentralFederal Girls Sec. Sch.BidaBidaNiger2015
LCDNorth CentralNdayako Day Sec. Sch. BidaBidaNiger2015
LCDNorth CentralCommand Sec. Sch.Km 14 SulejaSulejaNiger2015
LCDSouth WestBaptist Boys High SchoolOke-Saja AbeokutaOgun2020
LCDSouth WestAyepe Compr. High Sch.AyepeAbeokuta SouthOgun2018
LCDSouth WestIkija High School, Iberikodo, AbeokutaAbeokuta NorthOgun2018
LCDSouth WestIganmode Grammar Sch. OtaAdo-Odo/OtaOgun2018
LCDSouth WestOgbogbo Baptist Grammar Sch. OgbogboOgun2018
LCDSouth WestRemo Sec. Sch. ShagamuOgun2018
LCDSouth WestMayflower School IkenneIkenneOgun2016
LCDSouth WestChrist Apostolic School Iperu-RemoIkenneOgun2015
LCDSouth WestChrist Church High School Sabo, MolodeIjebu-OdeOgun2015
LCDSouth WestSt. MaryS Grammar School IwoIwoOgun2015
LCDSouth WestMethodist High Sch. Ago IwoyeIjebu NorthOgun2015
LCDSouth WestAjowa Comm. Grammer SchoolAjowa AkokoOndo2020
LCDSouth WestAnsar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High SchoolIkareOndo2020
LCDSouth WestNew Church Grammar Sch. OwoOwoOndo2018
LCDSouth WestMary Queen Of Angels Catholic Girls Sec. Sch. AhureAkureOndo2018
LCDSouth WestGbeleju Loda High Sch, GbelejuIreleOndo2018
LCDSouth WestBaptist Grammar Sch. Ode-AyeOkitipupaOndo2018
LCDSouth WestOkeede Comm. High Sch. SupareAkoko SouthOndo2018
LCDSouth WestAjuwa Grammar School Okeagbe, Akoko North/WestAkoko North WestOndo2016
LCDSouth WestAcquinas College AkureAure SouthOndo2015
LCDSouth WestMethodist High School IdanreIdanreOndo2015
LCDSouth WestSt. Patrick Secondary School AkokoAkoko South/West.Ondo2015
LCDSouth WestThe Apostolic High School Ilara-MokinIfedoreOndo2015
LCDSouth WestIma High SchoolIma OlobuOsun2020
LCDSouth WestInisha Grammar SchoolInishaOsun2020
LCDSouth WestOoni Girls High Sch. Ile IfeIle IfeOsun2018
LCDSouth WestIjebu-Ijesha Grammar Sch. Ijebu-IjeshaIjeshaOsun2018
LCDSouth WestEsa Oke Grammar Sch. Esa OkeObukunOsun2018
LCDSouth WestAmere Jnr & Snr Sec. Sch. IwoIwoOsun2018
LCDSouth WestIlase Community Grammar Sch. IlaesaObukunOsun2018
LCDSouth WestLocal Authority Grammar School IwoIwoOsun2016
LCDSouth WestSt. Charles Grammar School, OsogboOsogboOsun2015
LCDSouth WestIkinyinwa Senior Secondary School, Ikinyinwa, ObokunObokunOsun2015
LCDSouth WestSt. Patrick Grammar School GboganAiyedaadeOsun2015
LCDSouth WestEde Muslim Grammar School EdeEde NorthOsun2015
LCDSouth WestIgangan High School IganganIbarapaOyo2020
LCDSouth WestAud High School Odo-Omu IseyinIseyinOyo2018
LCDSouth WestOkere Grammar Sch.Sannho SakiSaki WestOyo2018
LCDSouth WestBapist Sec. Sch. Oke Ado, IbadanIbadan South WestOyo2018
LCDSouth WestSt. BrigidS Convent Sch. MokolaIbadan NorthOyo2018
LCDSouth WestBaptist High Sch. 1 SakiSaki WestOyo2018
LCDSouth WestChesire High School IbadanIbadan CentralOyo2016
LCDSouth WestIkoyi Ile Grammar School, OgbomosoOgbomosho NorthOyo2015
LCDSouth WestLagbulu Memorial High School Kisi, IrepoIrepoOyo2015
LCDSouth WestNew Eruwa High School EruwaIbarapa EastOyo2015
LCDSouth WestOlivert Grammar Sch. OyoAtibaOyo2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Comprehensive Secondary SchoolDungung, KankePlateau2020
LCDNorth CentralUnited Faith Tebernacle Col.Jarawan KogiJost EastPlateau2019
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Daffo BokkosDaffo BokkosPlateau2019
LCDNorth CentralGanaka Memorial Girls College, KwalKankePlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Comprehensive Secondary SchoolDungung, KankePlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KabwirKankePlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralHigher College Angwan Rimi, JosBassa/Jos North,Plateau2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt.Science Sec. Sch. MangunManguPlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralBethany Academy Barkin LadiBarkin LadiPlateau2016
LCDNorth CentralDalo Memorial High School, Foron, Barkin LadiBarkin LadiPlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Dawaki, KankeKankePlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralNigerian Army Signals Training School JosJos SouthPlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralSt. Theresa GirlS College JosJos NorthPlateau2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, RunuaparaPort HarcourtRivers2020
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Sec. Sch. Ngo-AndoniAndoniRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthSt Paul Compr. College BonnyBonnyRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthR.C.G.S.S. Omofo/EgaminiEmohuRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthG.T.T.C.OkehiEtcheRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthKing'S College Of Commerce Buguma, Asari-ToruAkuku-Toru/Asari-ToruRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Girls Sech. Sch. Okporowo-OgbakiriEmohuaRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sec. AbalamabieBonnyRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthBonny National Grammer Sch. BonnyBonnyRivers2016
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Girls Sec. Sch. RumuokwutaPhRivers2015
LCDSouth SouthModel Secondary School, EmohuaEmohuRivers2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Tombia, DegemaDegemaRivers2015
LCDSouth SouthCommand Secondary School. Port HarcourtPort HarcourtRivers2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Day Secondary School, KajijiShagariSokoto2016
LCDNorth WestJunior Secondary School, KaffeGadaSokoto2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary School KebbiKebbiSokoto2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Day Secondary School TambuwalTambuwalSokoto2015
LCDNorth WestGovernment Day Secondary School. RomaTambuwalSokoto2015
LCDNorth EastMohammed Sambo Memorial Sec. Sch. GashakaGashakaTaraba2019
LCDNorth EastVakude Govt Sec Sch. SardaunaSardaunaTaraba2019
LCDNorth EastGovt Day Sec Sch. Karem LamidoKarem LamidoTaraba2019
LCDNorth EastCombined Sec. Sch. TakumTakumTaraba2018
LCDNorth EastGovt Day Sec. Sch. NgurojeSardunaTaraba2018
LCDNorth EastPeace College ChanchanjiTakumTaraba2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Day Sec. Sch. Army Barracks SertiGashakaTaraba2016
LCDNorth EastCommunity Secondary School Yemiwa, Yangtu Sp. Dev.Yangtu Sp. Dev.Taraba2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Day Secondary School GassolGassolTaraba2015
LCDNorth EastGovt. Tech. Sec. Sch. Gembu, SardaunaSardaunaTaraba2015
LCDNorth EastGovt. Day Sec. Sch. Mayo SelbeGashakaTaraba2015
LCDNorth EastGovt. Science Technical CollegeNguruYobe2020
LCDNorth EastGovt. Girls Secondary School, NgelzarmaFuneYobe2020
LCDNorth EastGovt Sec. Sch. Kukar-GadaFikaYobe2019
LCDNorth EastBukar Ali Jnr Day Sec. Sch Gujba Rd, DamaturuDamaturuYobe2019
LCDNorth EastGovt Girls Sec Sch NgelzarmaNgelzarmaYobe2018
LCDNorth EastGovt Science Tech College, NguruNguruYobe2018
LCDNorth EastGovernment Secondary School, JakuskoJakusko L.G.AYobe2018
LCDNorth EastAnwarul Islam Sec. Sch.Sec.Section Nguru Bulabulin Filin GyadaNguruYobe2018
LCDNorth EastGovt. Sec. Sch. Kukar-GaduFikaYobe2018
LCDNorth EastGovernment Day Secondary School. DamaturuDamaturuYobe2016
LCDNorth EastFika Government School PotiskumPotiskumYobe2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Secondary School, Damagun, FuneDamagunYobe2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Secondary School JajereYobe2015
LCDNorth EastGovernment Jnr Secondary School GashuAGashuAYobe2015
LCDNorth WestGovt. Day Sec. Sch. SankalawaBunguduZamfara2016
LCDNorth WestGovernment Secondary School, Mada, GusauGusauZamfara2015
LCDNorth WestGovt. Day Sec. Sch. MayanchiMaruZamfara2015
LCDNorth WestGovt. Day Sec. Sch. KwatorkwoshiBunguduZamfara2015
LCDNorth WestGovt. Day Sec. Sch. Yandoto, DajiTsafeZamfara2015