The following is a listing of USPF projects in the states (and territory) of the North Central geopolitical region of Nigeria i.e. Benue, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger and Plateau States.

  • ACC: e-Accessibility Project
  • BTS: Accelerated Mobile Phone Expansion (Base Transceiver Station)
  • CRC: Community Resource Centres
  • HLTH: e-Health Project
  • IRC: Information Resource Centres (e-Library)
  • LCD: Local Content Development
  • RUBI: Rural Broadband Initiative
  • SKC: School Knowledge Centres
  • TIKC: Tertiary Institution Knowledge Centres

LCDNorth CentralGovt. College MakurdiBenue2020
LCDNorth CentralUdugbo Community Sec. School, ObindaBenue2020
LCDNorth CentralUgboju-Icho Community Sec. Sch, Ipom, UgbojuOtukpaBenue2019
SKCNorth CentralNativity College MakurdiMakurdiBenue2019
SKCNorth CentralN.K.S.T. Secondary SchoolBurukuBenue2019
SKCNorth CentralAgadagba Comm. Sec. Sch. AgadagbaOhininiBenue2019
ACCNorth CentralSpecial School For Exceptional Children AliadeBenue2018
BTSNorth CentralOfokeApaBenue2018
BTSNorth CentralUgbokoEdikwu IchoBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralSt. Winifred Girls Catholic Sch. IhughVadeikyaBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralSt James Jnr Seminary YandevGbokoBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. ObagajiAgatuBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralMbavaa Community Sec. Sch. AnuaKonshishaBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralTombo Community Secondary School, AyilamoKatsina/Ala, Ukum, LogoBenue2018
RUBINorth CentralOtukpoOtukpoBenue2018
SKCNorth CentralSt. Joseph & Mary Sec. SchoolKonshishaBenue2018
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Sec. Sch. OkpagabiAgatuBenue2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Technical School, OtukpaOgbadigboBenue2018
LCDNorth CentralIdoma Community Sec. Sch OtobiOtukpoBenue2016
SKCNorth CentralUgboju-Icho Community Sec. Sch, Ipom, Ugboju,OtukpaBenue2016
SKCNorth CentralMbavaa Community Sec. Sch. AnuaKonshishaBenue2016
SKCNorth CentralTombo Community Secondary School, AyilamoKatsina/Ala Ukum LogoBenue2016
ACCNorth CentralSt. Francis School For The Deaf And DumbVandeikyaBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Gbajimba GumaMakurdiBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralIyordye Memorial Secondary School, Ansha Korinya CityKonshishaBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralRay Of Hope Academy Abenga-MbausuVande IkyaBenue2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School AllanOtobiBenue2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt College MakurdiMakurdiBenue2015
SKCNorth CentralUdugbo Comm Sec School, ObindaApaBenue2015
SKCNorth CentralSt. Winifred Girls Catholic Sch. IhughVadeikyaBenue2015
SKCNorth CentralSt James Jnr Seminary YandevGbokoBenue2015
SKCNorth CentralSt LukeS Sec. Sch. Enugba AgatuAgatuBenue2014
SKCNorth CentralSt. JohnS Secondary School, Amoke,ApaBenue2014
SKCNorth CentralEmmanuel Sec. Sch. UgbokoloOkpokwuBenue2014
SKCNorth CentralUcha Community Sec. Sch. AfiaAfia UkumBenue2014
SKCNorth CentralIyordye Memorial Secondary School, Ansha Korinya CityKonshishaBenue2013
SKCNorth CentralRay Of Hope Academy Abenga-MbausuVande IkyaBenue2013
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School AllanOtobiBenue2013
SKCNorth CentralAjegbe Secondary School OhajiOhiminiBenue2013
SKCNorth CentralIdoma Community Sec. Sch OtobiOtobiBenue2013
SKCNorth CentralAbutu Secondary School MbaishorVandeikyaBenue2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School BurukuBurukuBenue2011
SKCNorth CentralNotre Dame Secondary MkarGbokoBenue2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College Obagaji AgatuBenue2011
SKCNorth CentralMero Memorial College, Okwungaga OkpkwuBenue2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Gbajimba GumaMakurdiBenue2011
BTSNorth CentralAgilaAdoBenue2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College Katsina AlaKastina-Ala Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science & Technology College GaragboughulBuruku Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralGovt Sc. & Tech Col. GaragboughulBuruku Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralSpecial Science & Techconogy North Bank, MakurdiMakurdi Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralMethodist High School IgumaleAdo Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralOjope Community Secondary School EfokeApa Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralMbakaange High Secondary School, VandeikyaVandeikya Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science & Technical School AnyinAnyin Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralIto Community Secondary School OkpokwuOkpokwu Benue2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary & Tecnical College Zaki IbiamUkumBenue2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Koti, Shangev-YaKwande Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Comprehensive Secondary School UgbaLogo Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Junior Secondary School LesselLessel Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralGirls Secondary School MakurdiMakurdi Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Comprehensive Secondary School UdeiGuma Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralMount St Michael'S Secondary School AlaideGwer Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralAdum Comprehensive Secondary School Adum-East, ObiObi Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralWeslsey High School UtokpoOtukpo Benue2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School LesselUshongo Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralDivine Love Catholic Girl'S College Government Secondary SchoolKatsina-Ala Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralIkyor Victory College Iber,Konshisha Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School GaragbogholBuruku Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralQueen Of Holy Rosary Girls Secondary School GbokoGboko Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Comprehensive Secondary School, NakaGwer West Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School OtukpaOgbadibo Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School OjuOju Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School OrokamOrokam Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralMt St Gabriel Secondary School MakurdiMakurdi Benue2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School AluAlu Benue2007
SKCNorth CentralIkyobo Community Secondary School Aku-IkyoboAku-Ikyobo Benue2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School (Model) OtukpoOtukpo Benue2007
TIKCNorth CentralBenue State UniversityMarkudiBenue 2018
IRCNorth CentralState Library, WurukumMakurdiBenue 2010
IRCNorth CentralBenue State PolytechnicUgbokoloBenue 2010
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationOjuBenue 2010
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationKatsina- AlaBenue 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of AgricultureMakurdiBenue 2007
TIKCNorth CentralBenue State PolytechnicUgbokoloBenue 2007
RUBINorth CentralBwariBwariFCT2020
RUBINorth CentralGwagwaladaGwagwaladaFCT2020
LCDNorth CentralLouisville Girls Sec. School GwagwaladaGwagwaladaFCT2019
RUBINorth CentralAbajiAbajiFCT2019
SKCNorth CentralGovt Science Sec. Sch. Pyakasa Wuse AbujaAmacFCT2019
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, GarkiAmacFCT2019
BTSNorth CentralGaidaAmacFCT2018
BTSNorth CentralKuloKujeFCT2018
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School WuseF.C.TFCT2018
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School ApoFctFCT2018
SKCNorth CentralJunior Secondary School Jibi, Md Abubakar Barracks, FctAmacFCT2018
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Jnr. Secondary School, JikwoyiAmacFCT2018
BTSNorth CentralElle Village, KwaliFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralDapeMunicipal Area CouncilFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralMunapeMunicipal Area CounFCT2016
BTSNorth CentralBurumMunicipal Area CounFCT2016
LCDNorth CentralJunior Sec. Sch. Fha, LugbeAbujaFCT2016
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. GwarimpaAbujaFCT2016
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School WuseF.C.TFCT2016
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School ApoAmac FCT2016
HLTHNorth CentralGeneral HospitalWuseFCT2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, NyanyaKaroFCT2015
LCDNorth CentralNational Missionary Seminary Of St. Paul GwagwaladaGwagwadalaFCT2015
SKCNorth CentralLouisville Girls Sec. School GwagwaladaGwagwaladaFCT2015
SKCNorth CentralJunior Sec. Sch. Fha, LugbeMunicipal FCT2014
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. GwarinpaMunicipal FCT2014
ACCNorth CentralSchool For The HandicapKujeFCT2013
ACCNorth CentralSchool For The BlindJabiFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralWaru Village, Off Apo RoadMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth Central Kuje - Gwagwalada Road.KujeFCT2013
BTSNorth Central(Giri)Municipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralUniversity Of Abuja Main CampusMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralBrazil Village/Wupa Village; Off Airport RoadMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralTungamadaki Village/Gaku VillageMunicipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralKwali (Around National Mathematical Center)KwaliFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralUshapaBwariFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralRubochi (Gwagwarda,)KujeFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralMadnaBwariFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralRafin Pa(Abuja Lokoja Road)Municipal Area CounFCT2013
BTSNorth CentralYebu, Kuje AbujaKujeFCT2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School YangojiKwali FCT2013
SKCNorth CentralThe National Missionary Seminary Of St. Paul GwagwaladaFCT2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Sec. School NyanyaMunicipal FCT2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School GawuAbaji FCT2011
SKCNorth CentralJunior Secondary School Usman DamBwariFCT2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School DangaraKwali FCT2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Junior Secondary School JabiAbuja Municipal FCT2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School DukpaGwagwalada FCT2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School GwagwaladaGwagwalada FCT2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School RubochiKuje FCT2009
BTSNorth CentralMpapeMunicipalFCT2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School BwariBwari FCT2008
SKCNorth CentralJunior Secondary School PaiKwali FCT2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment GirlS Secondary School AbajiAbaji FCT2008
SKCNorth CentralGss KujeKuje FCT2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School KubwaMunicipal FCT2007
IRCNorth CentralFct College Of EducationZubaFCT 2017
TIKCNorth CentralDefense Intelligence CollegeKaruFCT 2017
TIKCNorth CentralAfrican University Of Science & TechnologyGaladimawaFCT 2015
IRCNorth CentralNational Library, Festival Road Area 2 (Near Shopping Centre) GarkiFCT 2010
IRCNorth CentralUniversity Of Abuja LibraryGwagwaladaFCT 2010
TIKCNorth CentralNigerian Law SchoolBwariFCT 2010
TIKCNorth CentralNational Mathematics Centre FctFCT 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of AbujaGwagwaladaFCT 2007
RUBINorth CentralKafanchanKafanchanKaduna2015
LCDNorth CentralIgo-Ero Community High SchoolIgbo-EroKogi2020
ACCNorth CentralJohn Abah Memorial Special SchoolOjuwo-IgahKogi2019
RUBINorth CentralAjaokutaAjaokutaKogi2019
SKCNorth CentralLocal Government Secondary School, OhianaOkeneKogi2019
SKCNorth CentralAlu Community High School AluIyagba EastKogi2019
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Sec. Sch.OguguOlamaboroKogi2019
BTSNorth CentralAyeh-GbedeUjunmuKogi2018
BTSNorth CentralAluYagba EastKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. IsanluKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralCommumity High Sch. Ayetoro GbedeIjumuKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralBaptist High School Ekinrin- AddeIjumuKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralComprehensive College YagbaYagbaKogi2018
LCDNorth CentralEmagaba Community Gramma Sch. Emagaba No IiOlamaboroKogi2018
RUBINorth CentralKabbaKabbaKogi2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Sec. School, Ejule OjebeIbajiKogi2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Sec. School, Area 8 LokojaLokojaKogi2018
SKCNorth CentralAbdulaziz Atta Memorial College OkeneOkeneKogi2018
BTSNorth CentralIkendeBassaKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralAdaigba-AyhaIbajiKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralAbujiLokojaKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralOdekeIbajiKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralIsanluYagba EastKogi2017
BTSNorth CentralOgidiIjimuKogi2017
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School. Ogidi, Ijumu LgaIjumuKogi2016
SKCNorth CentralBaptist High School Ekinrin- AddeIjumuKogi2016
SKCNorth CentralComprehensive College YagbaYagbaKogi2016
SKCNorth CentralAmuro Community Sec. Sch, Effo AmuroMopamuroKogi2016
ACCNorth CentralChristian Mission In Many Lands (Cmml) Special SchoolIyaleKogi2015
HLTHNorth CentralGeneral HospitalLokojaKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralOluyor Muslim Comprehensive High Sch. Isanlu, Yagba-East LgaYagba-EastKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Girls Secondary School, ObangedeOkeneKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School, Ugwolawo-Ofu.Ugwolawo-OfuKogi2015
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School EganyiAjaokutaKogi2015
SKCNorth CentralIgo-Ero Comm. High Sch. Igbo EroYagba EastKogi2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Emi-GuniBassaKogi2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. IsanluKogi2015
SKCNorth CentralCommumity High Sch. Ayetoro GbedeIjumuKogi2015
SKCNorth CentralGovT Science Secondary School EgumeEgumeKogi2014
SKCNorth CentralJemibewon International Academy, Iyah-GbeddeIjumuKogi2014
SKCNorth CentralItama Community Sec. Sch. Ogbogodo-OjuwoDekinaKogi2014
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Sec. Sch. ObangedeOkehiKogi2014
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls Secondary School, ObangedeOkeneKogi2013
SKCNorth Central Community Secondary School, Ugwolawo-Ofu.Ugwolawo-OfuKogi2013
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School EganyiAjaokutaKogi2013
SKCNorth CentralSt. Peters Secondary School, EgbeEgbeKogi2013
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School. Ogidi, Ijumu LgaIjumuKogi2013
SKCNorth CentralBishop Ajayi Crowther Memorial Secondary SchoolLokojaKogi2013
SKCNorth CentralLga Secondary School OhianaOkeneKogi2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School AlomaOfuKogi2011
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School IyaleDekinaKogi2011
SKCNorth CentralWesly High School Ere, Ife-OlukotunYagba EastKogi2011
SKCNorth CentralSt Kizilo College, IsanluYagba EastKogi2011
SKCNorth CentralOluyor Muslim Comprehensive High Sch. Isanlu, Yagba-East LgaYagba-EastKogi2011
IRCNorth CentralState LibraryLokojaKogi2010
IRCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicIdahKogi2010
SKCNorth CentralEcwa Secondary School MopaMopa/Muro Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralSt Augsitine Coll KabbaKabba- Bunu Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School Ikuehi IhimaOkehi Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School OkeneOkene Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School IyaraIjumu Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School EgumeDekina Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School AkpanyaIgalamel Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School DekinaDekina Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School Iyah GbedeIjumu Kogi2010
SKCNorth CentralOkehi Community Secondary School EikaOkehiKogi2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Ogori MagongoOgori/Magongo Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School OganajiDekina Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Secondary AbejukolaOmala Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralBaptist High School Ekinrin- AddeIjumu Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Secondary School, Koton KarfeKoton Karfe Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralTitcombe College, EgbeYagba East Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralImane Community Secondary ImaneOlamaboro Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralOur Lady Of School AnyigbaDekina Kogi2009
SKCNorth CentralAlu Community High School AluAluKogi2008
SKCNorth CentralJamat Nasril Islam Comprehensive High SchoolIfe OlukotunKogi2008
SKCNorth CentralArmy Day Secondary School LokojaLokoja Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralLennon Memorial College AgevaAgeva Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralEbira Community Secondary School OgaminanaOgaminana Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralIgah Community CollegeIgah Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralOchaja Boys Science Secondary School OchajaOchaja Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralDickson Memorial Secondary School IdahIdah Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Secondary School, Adogo -AjaokutaAjaokuta Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralIhima Coom Secondary School, Obeba, IhimaOkehi Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, OgaminamaAdavi Kogi2008
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School OsaraOsara Kogi2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls Science College OkabaOkaba Kogi2007
SKCNorth CentralIyara Anglican Science School IyaraIyara Kogi2007
SKCNorth CentralIyara Muslim CollegeIyara Kogi2007
TIKCNorth CentralNational Open UniversityJiyara, IjumuKogi 2010
TIKCNorth CentralSchool Of Nursing & MidwiferyEgbeKogi 2009
BTSNorth CentralAwuluAnkpaKogi 2008
TIKCNorth CentralKogi State UniversityAnyigbaKogi 2008
TIKCNorth CentralFederal College Of Education OkeneKogi 2008
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of AgricultureKabbaKogi 2007
TIKCNorth CentralFederal Polytechnic IdahKogi 2007
ACCNorth CentralCentre For Supportive Services For The DeafFate, IlorinKwara2019
RUBINorth CentralLafiagiLafiagiKwara2019
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Secondary School, YashiraBarutenKwara2019
SKCNorth CentralSt ClareS Anglican Girls Grammar Sch. OffaOffaKwara2019
SKCNorth CentralAgbonna High Sch. ShareIfelodunKwara2019
BTSNorth CentralAderanKiamaKwara2018
BTSNorth CentralSha AbaEduKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralCommuniity Sec. Sch. Ilorin Aboto OjaAsaKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralQueen Elizeberth College IlorinIlorin WestKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralAnsaru Islam Secondary School Gure BarutenBaruten/KaimaKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralIdofian Gram. Sch. IdofianIfelodunKwara2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt Sec. Sch. AdewoleIlorin EastKwara2018
RUBINorth CentralOffaOffaKwara2018
SKCNorth CentralKoro Community Grammar School, Ekiti LgEkitiKwara2018
SKCNorth CentralBanni Community Sec. School, IlorinIlorinKwara2018
SKCNorth CentralJunior Secondary School, OsuntedoEjigboKwara2018
BTSNorth CentralYakiraGwanaraKwara2017
LCDNorth CentralAnglian Girls Sec. Sch.Iludun, OroOroKwara2016
SKCNorth CentralAnsaru Islam Secondary School Gure BarutenBaruten/KaimaKwara2016
SKCNorth CentralIdofian Gram. Sch. IdofianIfelodunKwara2016
SKCNorth CentralGovt Sec. Sch. AdewoleIlorin EastKwara2016
HLTHNorth CentralGeneral HospitalIlorinKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralIjara Isin Community High School, IsinIsinKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, SharagiSharagiKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralIlorin Grammar School, Geri-AlimiGeri-AlimiKwara2015
LCDNorth CentralOrin Comprehensive High Sch. Aran OrinIrepodunKwara2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Day Sec. Sch. Oke AlukoIlorin WestKwara2014
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Day Sec. Sch. KaiamaKaiamaKwara2014
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Afon AsaAfon AsaKwara2014
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. AgbamuIrepodumKwara2014
ACCNorth CentralKwara State School Of Special NeedsIlorinKwara2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, SharagiSharagiKwara2013
SKCNorth CentralIlorin Grammar School, Geri-AlimiGeri-AlimiKwara2013
SKCNorth CentralOrin Comprehensive High Sch. Aran OrinIrepodunKwara2013
SKCNorth CentralAnglian Girls Sec. Sch.Iludun, OroOroKwara2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Kugiji, KiamaKiamaKwara2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School AmuleIlorin EastKwara2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls Day Secondary School PakataIlorin WestKwara2011
SKCNorth CentralAnglican College Of Community Erce OffaOffaKwara2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Technical College Erin IleOyunKwara2011
SKCNorth CentralIjara Isin Community High School, Isin IsinKwara2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School KarumoKarumoKwara2010
SKCNorth CentralOmupo Grammer School OmupoIfelodun L G A Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralEsie-Iludun Grammer School Esie-IludunIrepodun Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralIgosun Grammer School, IgosunOyun Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralModel Secondary School (Coed), OroIrepodun Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralAnsaru Islam Secondary School IlorinIlorin Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralIgosun High School, IgosunIgosunKwara2010
SKCNorth CentralBaboko Secondary School IlorinIlorin Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralOkelele Secondary School OkeleleIlorin Kwara2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School GwanaraBarutenKwara2010
SKCNorth CentralOyelagbawo Grammer School, IIala Near OmupoIIala Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School Ilorin Ilorin Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralBarakat Community Secondary School, IlorinIlorin Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School GanmoGanmo Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralOmupo Muslim College OmupoIfeolodun Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralOyun Baptist High School, IjagboIjagbo Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralAnsar-Ud-Deen Islamic High School IpeeIpee-Oyun Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralErin-Ile- Secondary School Erin-IleErin-Ile Kwara2009
SKCNorth CentralBaptist Grammer School OkutaOkuta Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralOffa Grammer SchoolOffa Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralOke-Ode Grammer School (Unity)Oke - Ode Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralAnsarul Islam Grammer School, Oro IrebodunIrebodun Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralLafiagi Secondary School , LafiagiLafiagi Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralIpee Baptist Grammerm School IpeeIpee Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralSheikh Abdulkadir College, Ilorin WestIlorin Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralAgbeku Community Secondary School IfelodunIfelodun Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment (Unity) Secondary School, KaimaKaima Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School YashikiraYashikira Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralUmca Comprehensive High School, JebbaJebba Kwara2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Omu-AranOmu-Aran Kwara2007
SKCNorth CentralPatigi Secondary School PatigiPatigi Kwara2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School IlorinGovernment Secondary School Ilorin Kwara2007
SKCNorth CentralMount Carmel College OlojeOloje Kwara2007
TIKCNorth CentralKwara College Of Arabic And Islamic StudiesIlorinKwara 2015
IRCNorth CentralNational LibraryIlorinKwara 2010
IRCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicOffaKwara 2010
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationOroKwara 2009
TIKCNorth CentralKwara State UniversityMoleteKwara 2009
TIKCNorth CentralKwara State College Of Health TechnologyOffaKwara 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of IlorinIlorinKwara 2008
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicOffaKwara 2007
TIKCNorth CentralKwara State Polytechnic IlorinKwara 2007
LCDNorth CentralBaptist High Secondary SchoolAkwangaNasarawa2020
RUBINorth CentralAweAweNasarawa2020
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Junior Secondary SchoolAdo, KaruNasarawa2019
RUBINorth CentralLafiaLafiaNasarawa2019
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Day Sec. Sch. LafiaLafiaNasarawa2019
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Odu-AlewaNasarawa2019
SKCNorth CentralMuhammad Chindo Yamusa Centre For Arabic And Islamic StudiesKeffiNasarawa2019
HLTHNorth CentralGeneral HospitalKeffiNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KarshiKaruNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School UbbeAkwangaNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralFederal Government Girls College KeanaKeanaNasarawa2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Aso PadaKaruNasarawa2018
IRCNorth CentralNasarawa State LibraryAkwangaNasarawa2018
RUBINorth CentralKeffiKeffiNasarawa2018
BTSNorth CentralAlakyoLafiaNasarawa2018
BTSNorth CentralSokoNasarawa EgonNasarawa2018
SKCNorth CentralSt. Patrick College, Aso PadaKaruNasarawa2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Edege-MbekiNasarawa2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, KabusaNew KaruNasarawa2018
IRCNorth CentralNasarawa State Library Keffi BranchKeffiNasarawa2017
BTSNorth CentralOdu-Odege-MbekiNasarawaNasarawa2017
BTSNorth CentralSisinbaki (Chessu)WambaNasarawa2017
LCDNorth CentralDunama CollegeLafiaNasarawa2016
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School UbbeAkwangaNasarawa2016
SKCNorth CentralFederal Government Girls College KeanaKeanaNasarawa2016
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Aso PadaKaruNasarawa2016
ACCNorth CentralMedical And Rehabilitation CentreAkwangaNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary SchoolMushaNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary SchoolKadarkoNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School UkeKaruNasarawa2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Ladi Endeh AgidiEggonNasarawa2015
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Junior Secondary SchoolAdo KaruNasarawa2015
SKCNorth CentralBaptist High Sec. Sch AkwangaAkwangaNasarawa2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KarshiKaruNasarawa2015
SKCNorth CentralSt Augustine College Lubudna New KaruNew KaruNasarawa2014
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College DomaDomaNasarawa2014
SKCNorth CentralSolid Foundation Academy Primary And Secondary School AkwangaAkwangaNasarawa2014
SKCNorth CentralFederal Govt College KeffiKeffiNasarawa2014
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary SchoolKadarkoNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary SchoolMushaNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School UkeKaruNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Ladi Endeh AgidiEggonNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Secondary School. New KaruNew KaruNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralNasarawa Commumity Secondary School Ciroma Dangin FulaninNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralDunama CollegeLafiaNasarawa2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School KarmoToto NassawaraNasarawa2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Nassarawa EggonNassara EggonNasarawa2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School AkwangaAkwangaNasarawa2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School New Karu New KaruNasarawa2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Shafa AbakpaTotoNasarawa2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Junior Secondary School AgwatashiObiNasarawa2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College Obi ObiNasarawa2011
IRCNorth CentralNasarawa State Library, Shandam Road, Opposite High CourtLafiaNasarawa2010
IRCNorth CentralNasarawa University, Alone Akwanga RoadKeffiNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Agwatashi, Obi Obi NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Technical College AssakioLafia NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Keffin WambaiLafia NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralMada Community Secondary School AndahaAkwanga NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School WakamaNassarawa-Eggon NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralOur Lady Of Apostolic College(Ola) AkwangaNassarawa-Eggon NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Mada StationNasawara EggonNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Mararaba OdegeOdege NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School KubeKaru NassarawaNasarawa2010
SKCNorth CentralSt Peters College GarakuKokona NassarawaNasarawa2010
TIKCNorth CentralSchool Of Health TechnologyKeffiNasarawa2009
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of AgricultureLafiyaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Angwan ZariaAkwanga NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, DokaDoma NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School GundumaKaru NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, AloshiKeana NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Sabon GidaKeffi NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Burum-BurmNassarawa Eggon NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, AridiLafia NassarawaNasarawa2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, KantaNassarawaNasarawa2009
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationAkwangaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Barkin AbdullahiAbdullahi NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School AkiriAkiri NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School WambaWamba NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School BassaBassa NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School LokoLoko NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls Secondary School DomaDoma NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Angwa PahAngwa Pah NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science School ObiObi NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School PandaPanda NassarawaNasarawa2008
SKCNorth CentralEggon Community Secondary SchoolEggon NassarawaNasarawa2008
TIKCNorth CentralNassarawa State UniversityKeffiNasarawa2007
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicNassarawaNasarawa2007
SKCNorth CentralAzare North Pry School AzareAzare Nasarawa2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls College WambaWamba Nasarawa2007
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Secondary School NassarawaNassarawa NassarawaNasarawa2007
BTSNorth CentralAgwada NassarawaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralAra NassarawaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralEkye DomaNasarawa 2010
BTSNorth CentralMaroKokonaNasarawa 2010
ACCNorth CentralNiger State School Of Special EducationMinnaNiger2020
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Secondary SchoolMinnaNiger2020
HLTHNorth CentralGeneral HospitalMinnaNiger2019
LCDNorth CentralFedderal Govt Girls College, BidaBidaNiger2019
LCDNorth CentralArmy Day Sec. Sch. MinnaBossoNiger2019
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School, Gulu, LapaiLapaiNiger2019
SKCNorth CentralGovt Day Sec. Sch. KatchaKatchaNiger2019
SKCNorth CentralAhmadu Attahiru Secondary School, KagaraRafiNiger2019
BTSNorth CentralAgajiAgaieNiger2018
BTSNorth CentralAkareWushishiNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. MinnaChanchagaNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralFed. Science Tech. Coll. KutaShiroroNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralMachi Sanda Girls Sec. Sch. PaikoPaikoNiger2018
LCDNorth CentralMuazu Ibrahim Comm. Sec Sch. KotangoraKotangoraNiger2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science College, KontagoraKontagoraNiger2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary, Gawu BabangidaGuraraNiger2018
SKCNorth CentralFederal Government Academy, SulejaSulejaNiger2018
ACCNorth CentralSchool Of HandicappedMinnaNiger2017
BTSNorth CentralDukku TownRijauNiger2017
BTSNorth CentralFogbeAgaieNiger2016
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Science Teachers College, MokwaMokwaNiger2016
SKCNorth CentralFed. Science Tech. Coll. KutaShiroroNiger2016
SKCNorth CentralMartin Sanda Girls Sec. Sch. Paiko,PaikoNiger2016
SKCNorth CentralMuazu Ibrahim Comm. Sec Sch. KotangoraKotangoraNiger2016
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, EnagiEdatiNiger2015
LCDNorth CentralFederal Girls Sec. Sch.BidaBidaNiger2015
LCDNorth CentralNdayako Day Sec. Sch. BidaBidaNiger2015
LCDNorth CentralCommand Sec. Sch.Km 14 SulejaSulejaNiger2015
RUBINorth CentralMinnaMinnaNiger2015
SKCNorth CentralFederal Govt Girls College, BidaBidaNiger2015
SKCNorth CentralArmy Day Sec. Sch. MinnaBossoNiger2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. MinnaChanchagaNiger2015
SKCNorth CentralNew Horizon CollegeChanchagaNiger2014
SKCNorth CentralFederal Govt. Academy, BidaBidaNiger2014
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School MuyeLapaiNiger2014
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Women Day Sec. Sch. MinnaMinnaNiger2014
ACCNorth CentralAdvanced Vocational Centre For The BlindBidaNiger2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, EnagiEdatiNiger2013
SKCNorth CentralFederal Girls Sec. Sch.BidaBidaNiger2013
SKCNorth CentralNdayako Day Sec. Sch. BidaBidaNiger2013
SKCNorth CentralCommand Sec.Sch.Km 14 SulejaSulejaNiger2013
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Science Teachers College, MokwaMokwaNiger2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School RijauRijauNiger2011
SKCNorth CentralAhmadu Attahiru Secondary KagaraRafiNiger2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School DokoLavunNiger2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School SulejaSulejaNiger2011
SKCNorth CentralIdris Legbo Science College LavunKutigiNiger2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Sc Teachers College, Bida BidaNiger2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College BidaBida Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science College KagaraKagara Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralFederal Government College, MinnaMinna Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Sc Teachers College GuluGulu Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Model School BidaBida Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School DikkoDikko Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls College, KontagoraKontagora Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls Arabic Secondary School, DikkoDikko Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School KabojiKaboji Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralAbubakar Dada Secondary School PaikoPaiko Niger2010
SKCNorth CentralPolice Secondary School, MinnaMinna Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, KutaKuta Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, BidaBida Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, KutigiKutigi Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School, EnagiEdati Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondarysch, KontagoraKontagora Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School GbaraLavun Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, ShiroroShiroro Niger2009
SKCNorth CentralZarumai Model School MinnaChanchaga Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralDendo Secondary School AgaieAgaie Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Katamba BologiEdati Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Technical College, Eyagi-BidaBida Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School ErenaShiroro Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School MaikunkeleBosso Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls Secondary School Kafin KoroPaikoro Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School BabanaBorgu Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralEmirate Secondary School MasheguMashegu Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralComprehensive Secondary School IbetoMagama Niger2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science College Bosso-MinnaBosso-Minna Niger2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School MokwaMokwa Niger2007
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School New Bussa New Bussa Niger2007
TIKCNorth CentralNiger State College Of AgricultureMokwaNiger 2018
BTSNorth CentralBabana BorguNiger 2010
IRCNorth CentralThe National Library, No A39 Mu'Azu Mohammed Road, MinnaNiger 2010
IRCNorth CentralFederal College Of Education, Fce RoadKontagoraNiger 2010
TIKCNorth CentralFederal University Of TechnologyMinnaNiger 2009
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicBidaNiger 2008
TIKCNorth CentralIbrahim Babangida UniversityLapaiNiger 2007
TIKCNorth CentralNiger State PolytechnicZungeruNiger 2007
BTSNorth CentralLafiaji LafiajiNiger 2008
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Comprehensive Secondary SchoolDungung, KankePlateau2020
LCDNorth CentralUnited Faith Tebernacle Col.Jarawan KogiJost EastPlateau2019
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. Daffo BokkosDaffo BokkosPlateau2019
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, LambaWasePlateau2019
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School DengiKankePlateau2019
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, GudusWasePlateau2019
BTSNorth CentralSabon LayiLangtang NorthPlateau2018
BTSNorth CentralSabon GidaLagtang SouthPlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralGanaka Memorial Girls College, KwalKankePlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralCommunity Comprehensive Secondary SchoolDungung, KankePlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KabwirKankePlateau2018
LCDNorth CentralHigher College Angwan Rimi, JosBassa/Jos North,Plateau2018
LCDNorth CentralGovt.Science Sec. Sch. MangunManguPlateau2018
SKCNorth CentralGovt Sec. Sch. MbarBokkisPlateau2018
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Bashar, WaseWasePlateau2018
SKCNorth CentralMuhammed Abdullahi Wase Memorial Secondary School, WaseWasePlateau2018
ACCNorth CentralNakam Memorial Secondary SchoolPanyamPlateau2016
LCDNorth CentralBethany Academy Barkin LadiBarkin LadiPlateau2016
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KabwirKankePlateau2016
SKCNorth CentralSchool For Higher Islamic Studies Angan Remi JosBassa/Jos NorthPlateau2016
SKCNorth CentralGovt.Science Sec. Sch. MangunManguPlateau2016
ACCNorth CentralPlateau School For The DeafBassaPlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralDalo Memorial High School, Foron, Barkin LadiBarkin LadiPlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Dawaki, KankeKankePlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralNigerian Army Signals Training School JosJos SouthPlateau2015
LCDNorth CentralSt. Theresa GirlS College JosJos NorthPlateau2015
SKCNorth CentralUnited Faith Tebernacle Col. Jarawan KogiJos EastPlateau2015
SKCNorth CentralGovt.Sec.Sch.Daffo BokkosDaffo BokkosPlateau2015
SKCNorth CentralGanaka Memorial Girls College, KwalKankePlateau2015
SKCNorth CentralCommunity Comprehensive Secondary SchoolDungung KankePlateau2015
SKCNorth CentralLankuk Memorial Sec. Sch., PankshinPankshinPlateau2014
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. KapwisBarakin LadiPlateau2014
SKCNorth CentralMangu Secondary School (M.S.S)ManguPlateau2014
SKCNorth CentralNakam Memorial Sec. Sch. PanyamManguPlateau2014
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Kara BisichiBisichiPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralGirls High School GindiriManguPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College Jos,JosPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, Dawaki, KankeKankePlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralNigerian Army Signals Training School JosJos SouthPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralSt. Theresa GirlS College JosJos NorthPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralBethany Academy Barkin LadiBarkin LadiPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralGovt. Sec. Sch. WokkosPanshinPlateau2013
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, JingPankshin Plateau2011
SKCNorth CentralFatima Girls School JosJos Plateau2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Pil-GaniL/NorthPlateau2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Day Secondary School WaseWasePlateau2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School ShaBokkosPlateau2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Tutung KanamPlateau2011
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, ManguMangu Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, WaseWase Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralGanaka International School, JosJos North Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralBrendans Secondary School Fogul- KwaQuaan Pan Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralMwaghavul Community Secondary School KerangMangu Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralSt Louis College, JosJos Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralKing Sentinery College ShendamShendam Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralCollege Of Arts & Science KurgwiKwande Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralCollege Of Mary Immaculate ZawanJos South Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralSt Murumba College JosJos Plateau2010
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School Riyom JosRiyom Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralJohn Vianney Secondary School Barkin LadiBarkin Ladi Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, JengreBassa Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, KwaQua'An Pan Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School,FusaJos East Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralSt Paul Academy JosJos North Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralSt Joseph Secondary School VomJos South Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School, FajulLantang South Plateau2009
SKCNorth CentralLocal Auth Primary School LongevLongev Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School LangtangLantang Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School ShendamShendam Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College JengreJengre Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralSardauna Memorial College, JosJos Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment College Senior PankshinPankshin Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Secondary School, Kuru- JosKuru-Jos Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Secondary School,Gyang Kanke-Kanke Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Girls' College, BokkosBokkos Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralGovernment Science Secondary School WaseWase Plateau2008
SKCNorth CentralIslamiya Pilot Primary School JosJos North PlateaPlateau2007
SKCNorth CentralCommunity School MiangoMiango Plateau2007
SKCNorth CentralNyemdung Community Secondary School ManguMangu Plateau2007
TIKCNorth CentralFederal College Of EducationPankshinPlateau 2019
TIKCNorth CentralNational Institute Of Policy And Strategic StudiesKuru, JosPlateau 2016
IRCNorth CentralThe National Library, Yakubu Gowan WayJosPlateau 2010
IRCNorth CentralPlateau State Polytechnic, Birkin-Ladi, Along Airport RoadHeipangPlateau 2010
TIKCNorth CentralPlateau State UniversityBokkosPlateau 2010
TIKCNorth CentralPlataeu State College Of EducationPankshinPlateau 2008
TIKCNorth CentralPlateau State PolytechnicBarkin LadiPlateau 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of JosJosPlateau 2007
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationGindiriPlateau 2007

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Mpape Municipal FCT
Lafiaji Lafiaji Kwara
Awulu Ankpa Kogi
Agwanda   Nassarawa
Ara   Nassarawa
Ekye   Nassarawa
Maroa   Nassarawa
Babana   Niger


Community Resource Centres (CRC)

Odulu Odulu Kogi
Adankolo Adankolo Kogi
Anyingba Anyingba Kogi
Iyara Ijumu Kogi
Okene Okene Kogi
Oke-Oyi Oke-Oyi Kwara
Malete Malete Kwara
Oro Edu Kwara
Oloje Oloje Kwara
Nasarawa Nasarawa Nasarawa
Keffi Keffi Nasarawa
Karu Karu Nasarawa
Rijau Rijau Niger
Lavun Lavun Niger
Lapai Lapai Niger


Information Resource Centres (IRC)

National Library, GarkiMunicipalFCT
University of Abuja Library, Gwagwalada Gwagwalada FCT
State Library, Makurdi Makurdi Benue
State Polytechnic Library, Ugbokolo Ugbokolo Benue
State Library, Lokoja Lokoja Kogi
Federal Polytechnic Library, Idah Idah Kogi
National Library, Ilorin Ilorin Kwara
Federal Plytechnic Library, Offa Offa Kwara
National Library, Lafia Lafia Nasarawa
State University Library, Keffi Keffi Nasarawa
National Library, Minna Minna Niger
Federal College of Education Library, Kontagora Kontagora Niger
National Library, Jos Jos Plateau
State Polytechnic Library, Bokkos Bokkos Plateau


School Knowledge Centres (SKC)

Govt Sec Sch Alu Alu Benue
Ikyobo Community Sec Sch Aku-Ikyobo Aku-Ikyobo Benue
Govt Sec Sch (Model) Otukpo Otukpo Benue
Govt. Secondary School, Koti, Shangev-Ya Kwande Benue
Govt. Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugba Logo Benue
Govt. Secondary School, Lessel Lessel Benue
Girls Sec. Sch. Makurdi Makurdi Benue
Govt. Comprehensive Secondary School, Udei Guma Benue
Mount St. Michael's Secondary School, Alaide Gwer Benue
Adum Comprehensive Secondary School, Adum-East, Obi Obi Benue
Weslsey High School, Utokpo Otukpo Benue
Govt Sc. & Tech. Col., Anyiin , Logo Benue
Govt Coll., katsina Ala Kastina-Ala Benue
Govt Sc. & Tech col. Garagboughul Buruku Benue
Special Sc.& Tech.Co., North Bank, Makurdi Makurdi Benue
Methodist High School, Igumale. Ado Benue
Ojope Community Secondary School, Efoke Apa Benue
Mbakaange High Sec. Sch, Vandeikya Vandeikya Benue
Wesley High Sch. Otukpo Otukpo Benue
Govt. sc & Tech. sch. Anyin Anyin Benue
Ito Community Sec. School Okpokwu Okpokwu Benue
Otha Feghe Mem Sec Sch Zaki Ibiam Ukum Benue
Abutu sec sch Mbaishor Vandeikya Benue
Gss Buruku Buruku Benue
Notre Dame Sec Mkar Gboko Benue
Govt College Obagoji Agatu Benue
Mero Memorial College Okwungaga Okpokwu Benue
GSS Kuje Kuje FCT
Govt Secondary School, Kubwa Municipal FCT
Govt Secondary School, Bwari Bwari FCT
Junior Secondary School, Pai, Kwali Kwali FCT
Govt Secondary Sch. Abaji Abaji FCT
Govt Secondary School, Gwagwalada Gwagwalada FCT
Govt. Secondary School, Rubochi Kuje FCT
Govt.Sec. Sch Dangara Kwali FCT
Govt. Junr Sec. School Jabi Abuja Municipal FCT
GGSS Dukpa Gwagwalada FCT
GSS Gawu Abaji FCT
Junior sec school Usman Dam Bwari FCT
Govt Sec Sch Yagonji Kwali FCT
Community Sec Sch Osara Osara Kogi
Govt Girls Sci College Okaba Okaba Kogi
Iyara Anglican Science School Iyara Iyara Kogi
Iyara Muslim College Ijumu Kogi
Alu Comm High Sch Yagba West Kogi
Jamat Nasril Islam Comp High Sch Yagba-East Kogi
Army Day Sec School Lokoja Lokoja Kogi
Lennon Memorial Col, Ageva Ageva Kogi
Ebira CSS Ogaminana Ogaminana Kogi
Igah Community College Ikeje Olamaboro Kogi
Ochaja Boys Sci Sec Sch Ochaja Ochaja Kogi
Dickson Memorial Sec Sch Idah Idah Kogi
Govt Sec Sch, Adogo -Ajaokuta Adogo -Ajaokuta Kogi
Ihima Coom Sec Sch, Obeba, Ihima Okehi Kogi
Govt Sec Sch, Ogaminama Adavi Kogi
Govt Sec Sch, Ogori?Magongo Ogori/Magongo Kogi
Community Sec. Sch Oganaji Dekina Kogi
Govt Sci . Sec Abejukola Omala Kogi
Baptist High Sch. Ekinrin- Adde Ijumu Kogi
Govt Sci Sec Sch,Koton Karfe Kogi Kogi
Titcombe College, Egbe Yagba East Kogi
Imane Comm. Sec. Imane Olamaboro Kogi
Our Lady of Sch. Anyigba Dekina Kogi
Ecwa Secondary School, Mopa Mopa/Muro Kogi
St Augsitine Coll. Kabba Kabba- Bunu Kogi
Community Sec. Sch. Ikuehi Ihima Okehi Kogi
Govt Sec. Sch. Okene Okene Kogi
Comm. Sec. School Iyara Ijumu Kogi
Ome Community Sec. Sch. Egume Dekina Kogi
Govt. Sec Sch. Akpanya Igalamel Kogi
Govt. Sec Sch. Dekina Dekina Kogi
Community Sec. Sch Iyah Gbedde Ijumu Kogi
Okehi Community Sec School, Eika Eika Kogi
LGA Secondary School, Ohiano Okene Kogi
Govt Secondary School, Aloma Ofu Kogi
Community Secondary School, Iyale Dekina Kogi
Wesley High Sch, Ere Ife Olukotun Yagba East Kogi
St Kizito College Isanlu Yagba East Kogi
Govt. Sec. Sch. Omu-Aran Irepodun Kwara
Patigi Sec. Sch. Patigi Patigi Kwara
Govt. Sec. Sch. Ilorin Ilorin Kwara
Mount Carmel College Oloje Ilorin South Kwara
Baptist Gramm Sch. Okuta Okuta Kwara
Offa Grammar School Offa Kwara
Oke-Ode Grammar Sch (Unity) Oke-ode Kwara
Ansarul Islam Grammar Sch, Oro Irebodun oro irepodun Kwara
Lafiagi Sec Sch , Lafiagi Lafiagi Kwara
Ipee Baptist Gramm Sch. Ipee Ipee Kwara
Sheikhn Abdulkadir College, Ilorin West Kwara
Agbeku Comm.Sec Sch,Ifelodun- Ifelodun Kwara
Govt (Unity) Sec Sch, Kaima Kaima Kwara
GSS Yashikira Yashikira Kwara
UMCA Comprehensive High Sch, Jebba Jebba Kwara
Oyelagbawo Grammar Sch, Iiala Near Omupo Iiala Kwara
GSS Ilorin Ilorin Kwara
Barakat Comm Sec Sch, Ilorin Ilorin Kwara
Comm Sec Schm Ganmo Ganmo Kwara
Omupo Muslim College Omupo Ifeolodun Kwara
Oyun Baptist High Sch, Ijagbo Ijagbo Kwara
Ansar-ud-deen Islamic High School, Ipee Ipee-Oyun Kwara
Erin-ile- Secondary School, Erin-ile Erin-Ile Kwara
GDSS Illorin Illorin Kwara
Omupo Grammar School, Omupo Ifelodun L. G. A. Kwara
Esie-Iludun Grammar Sch. Esie-Iludun Irepodun Kwara
Igosun Grammar sch, Igosun Oyun Kwara
Model Sec Sch, Oro Irepodun Kwara
Ansaru Islam Sec. Sch. Ilorin Ilorin Kwara
GDSS Karumo Karumo Kwara
Baboko Secondary School, Ilorin Ilorin Kwara
Okelele Secondary School, Okelele Ilorin Kwara
Govt Secondary School, Gwanara Baruten Kwara
Govt Sec Sch Kugiji Kiama Kwara
Govt Day Sec Sch, Amule Ilorin East Kwara
Govt Girls Sec Sch Pakata Ilorin West Kwara
Anglican college of commerce, Offa Offa Kwara
Govt Technical College, Erin Ile Oyun Kwara
Azare North. Pry Sch. Azare Azare Nasarawa
Govt. Girls Coll. Wamba Wamba Nasarawa
Comm. Sec. Sch. Nassarawa Nassarawa Nasarawa
GSS Nassarawa Eggon Nassarawa Eggon Nasarawa
GSS Akwanga Akwanga Nasarawa
Govt Sc Sec New Karu New Karu Nasarawa
Gss Shafa Abakpa Toto Nasarawa
Govt Junior Sec Sch, Agwatashi Obi Nasarawa
Government College, Obi, Odobu Obi Nasarawa
GSS Barkin Abdullahi Lafia Nasarawa
Govt Day Sec Sch Akiri Awe Nasarawa
GSS Wamba Wamba Nasarawa
GSS Bassa Karu/Keffi Nasarawa
GSS Loko Nasarawa Nasarawa
GGSS , Doma Doma Nasarawa
GSS Angwa Pah Eggon Nasarawa
Government Sci Sch Obi Obi Nasarawa
Govt Sec School,Panda Nasarawa West Nasarawa
Com Sec Sch Eggon Akwanga Nasarawa
Government Sec Sch, Angwan Zaria Akwanga Nasarawa
Govt Sec Sch, Doka Doma Nasarawa
Govt Sec Schm Gunduma Karu Nasarawa
Govt Sec Sch, Aloshi Keana Nasarawa
Govt Sec Sch Sabon Gida Keffi Nasarawa
Govt Sec Sch, Burum-Burm Nassarawa Eggon Nasarawa
Govt Sec Sch, Aridi Lafia Nasarawa
Govt Sec Sch, Kanta Nassarawa Nasarawa
GSS Agwatashi, Obi, Obi Nasarawa
Govt. Tech. College Assakio Lafia Nasarawa
GSS Keffi Wambai Lafia Nasarawa
Mada Community Sec. Sch. Andaha Akwanga Nasarawa
GSS Wakama Nasarawa-Eggon Nasarawa
Our Lady of Apostolic College(Ola) Akwanga Nasarawa-Eggon Nasarawa
Govt. Girls Sec. Sch. Karmo Wamba Nasarawa
GSS Mararaba Odege Nassarawa Nasarawa
GSS Kube Karu Nasarawa
St Peters’ College Garaku Kokona Nasarawa
Govt. Sec. Sch. Mada Station Doma Nasarawa
Govt Science College Bosso-Minna Minna Niger
Govt Sec Sch Mokwa Mokwa Niger
Govt Sec Sch New Bussa New Bussa Niger
Zarumai Model School, Minna Chanchaga Niger
Dendo Secondary School, Agaie Agaie Niger
Government Secondary School, Katamba Bologi Edati Niger
Government Technical College, Eyagi-Bida Bida Niger
Govt. Day Secondary School, Erena Shiroro Niger
Government Day Secondary School, Maikunkele Bosso Niger
Government Girls Secondary School, Kafin Koro Paikoro Niger
Government Secondary School, Babana Borgu Niger
Emirate Secondary School, Mashegu Mashegu Niger
Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibeto Magama Niger
Police Sec Sch, Minna Minna Niger
Govt Sec Sch, Kuta Kuta Niger
Govt Sec Sch, Bida Bida Niger
Govt Sec Sch, Kutigi Kutigi Niger
Govt Day Sec Sch, Enagi Edati Niger
Govt Sec Sec, Kontagora Kontagora Niger
Govt Sec Sch Gbara Lavun Niger
Govt Sec Sch, Shirroro Shiroro Niger
Govt College Bida Bida Niger
Govt Science College Kagara Kagara Niger
Fed Govt College, Minna Minna Niger
Govt. Sc Teachers’ College Gulu Gulu Niger
Govt. Model Sch. Bida Bida Niger
Govt. Day Sec Sch Dikko Dikko Niger
Govt. Girls College, Kontagora Kontagora Niger
Govt. Girls Arabic Sec. Sch, Dikko Dikko Niger
Govt. Sec. Sch. Kaboji Kaboji Niger
Abubakar Dada Sec. Sch. Paiko Paiko Niger
Govt Sec Sch Rijau Rijau Niger
Ahmadu Attahiru Sec Kagara Rafi Niger
Govt Sec Sch Doko Lavun Niger
Govt Sec Sch Suleja Suleja Niger
Idris Lebo Sci College Lavun Kutigi Niger
Govt Sci Teachers College Bida Bida Niger
Islamiya Pilot Pry. School, Jos Jos North Plateau
Nyemdung Comm. Sec. Sch. Mangu Mangu Plateau
Local Auth. Pry. Sch. Longev Longev Plateau
Govt Sec Sch, Langtang Lantang Plateau
GGSS Shendam Shendam Plateau
Govt College Jengre Jengre Plateau
Saraduna Memorial College Jos Jos Plateau
Govt College Senior Pankshin Pankshin Plateau
Govt Sci Sec Sch. Kuru- Jos Kuru Plateau
Govt Sec Sch, Gyang Kanke Kanke Plateau
Govt Girls' College, Bokkos Bokkos Plateau
Govt Sec Sch , Wase Wase Plateau
Govt Sec Sch.Riyom-Jos Riyom Plateau
John Vianney Sec Sch Barkin Ladi Plateau
Govt Sec Ssch, Jengre Bassa Plateau
Govt Sec Sch, Kwa Qua'an Pan Plateau
Govt Sec Sch,Fwa Jos East Plateau
St.Paul Academy Jos Jos North Plateau
St. Joseph Sec. Sch. Vom Jos South Plateau
Govt Sec Sch, Fajul Lantang South Plateau
Govt Sec Sch, Mangu Mangu Plateau
Govt Sec. Sch, Wase Wase Plateau
Ganaka International Sch, Jos Jos North Plateau
St. Brendans Sec. Sch. Fogul- Kwa Quaan Pan Plateau
Mwaghavul Comm. Sec. Sch. Kerang Mangu Plateau
St Louis College, Jos Jos Plateau
King Sentinery College Shendam Shendam Plateau
College of Arts & Sc Kurgwi Kwande Plateau
College of Mary Immaculate Zawan Jos South Plateau
St Murumba College Jos Jos Plateau
Govt. Sec. Sch, Jing Pankshin Plateau
Fatima Girls Sch. Jos Jos Plateau
GSS Pil-Gani L/North Plateau
Govt Day Sec Sch, Wase Wase Plateau
GSS Sha Bokkos Plateau
Govt Sec Sch Kunkyam (Tutung) Kanam Plateau
Gss Kara Bisichi Bisichi Plateau
Gss Binch Bassa Plateau


Backbone Transmission Infrastructure (BRTAIN)

Offa-Omuaran-Egbe Kwara/Kogi
Kukwaba (Apo) - Keffi Nasarawa
Izom-Suleja Niger
Minna (Tunga)- Bida Niger


Rural Broadband Initiative (RUBI)

Makurdi Benue
Lokoja Kogi
Ilorin Kwara


University Inter Campus Connectivity (UnICC)

University of Abuja FCT
University of Ilorin Kwara