Tertiary Institution Digital Centers (TIDC) Project is one of the initiatives of the Universal Service Provision Fund aimed at facilitating bandwidth connectivity and installation of ICT devices and peripherals in selected tertiary institutions.

The TIDC project will also serve as ICT centre in each selected tertiary institution. The ICT centre will be an avenue for students to acquire and improve their ICT skills e.g. application development and web design etc. This will also give attention to technology startups that could be further trained and mentored to develop technology solutions that will be commercially viable to attract financial growth and create job opportunities for the up-coming generation.


TIDC is designed to promote ICT in teaching and learning at tertiary institutions and their immediate communities. It is considered strategic to the overall objective of Connectivity for Development (C4D) and a catalyst for deepening broadband penetration.


Service Model

Similar to other Access Projects, TIDC is fully funded by the USPF, although the beneficiary institutions are required to provide suitable space for the tools. Implementers are engaged through open competitive bidding to deploy the facility on behalf of the USPF.


The following are some benefits of TIDC:

    • Personalised learning
    • Enhanced research
    • Better student-teacher engagement
    • Access to remote learning resources

TIKCSouth EastMichael Okpara University Of AgricultureUmuahiaAbia2009
TIKCSouth EastAbia State College Of EducationArochukwuAbia2008
TIKCSouth EastMicheal Okpara University UmudikeUmuahiaAbia2008
TIKCSouth EastAbia State UniversityUturuAbia2007
TIKCSouth EastAbia State PolytechnicAbaAbia2007
TIKCNorth EastAdamawa State UniversityMubiAdamawa2018
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of AgricultureAdamawaAdamawa2010
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of Legal StudiesYolaAdamawa2010
TIKCNorth EastFederal University Of TechnologyYolaAdamawa2008
TIKCNorth EastFederal Polytechnic Mubi AdamawaMubiAdamawa2008
TIKCNorth EastAdamawa State UniversityMubiAdamawa2007
TIKCNorth EastAdamawa State PolytechnicYolaAdamawa2007
TIKCSouth SouthAkwa Ibom State College Of Arts & ScienceNung UkimAkwa Ibom2009
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of Education Afaha NsitAkwa Ibom2008
TIKCSouth SouthAkwa-Ibom State PolytechnicIkot OsuruaAkwa Ibom2007
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of UyoUyoAkwa Ibom 2007
TIKCSouth EastNwarfor Orizu College Of EducationAwkaAnambra2010
TIKCSouth EastIyi-Enu School Of Nursing & MidwiferyOgidiAnambra2010
TIKCSouth EastAnambra State University Of Science And TechnologyUliAnambra2008
TIKCSouth EastCollege Of Education UmunzeAnambra2008
TIKCSouth EastFederal PolytechnicOko AguataAnambra2007
TIKCSouth EastNnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwkaAnambra 2007
TIKCNorth EastBauchi State UniversityGadau AzareBauchi2016
TIKCNorth EastFederal PolytechnicBauchiBauchi2009
TIKCNorth EastSchool Of Nursing & MidwiferyBauchiBauchi2009
TIKCNorth EastAbubarka Tatari Ali PolyBauchiBauchi2008
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of Islamic StudiesMisauBauchi2008
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of EducationAzareBauchi2007
TIKCNorth EastTafawa Balewa UniversityBauchiBauchi 2007
TIKCSouth SouthFederal University OtuokeBayelsa 2018
TIKCSouth SouthSchool Of Health TechnologyBayelsaBayelsa 2010
TIKCSouth SouthNiger-Delta UniversityWilberforceBayelsa 2007
TIKCSouth SouthFederal PolytechnicEkoweBayelsa 2007
TIKCNorth CentralBenue State UniversityMarkudiBenue 2018
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationOjuBenue 2010
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationKatsina- AlaBenue 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of AgricultureMakurdiBenue 2007
TIKCNorth CentralBenue State PolytechnicUgbokoloBenue 2007
TIKCNorth EastKashim Ibrahim College Of EducationMaiduguriBorno2009
TIKCNorth EastSchool Of Nursing And MidwiferyMaiduguriBorno2009
TIKCNorth EastRamat PolytechnicMaiduguriBorno2008
TIKCNorth EastBorno State College Of Legal And Islamic StudiesMaiduguriBorno2008
TIKCNorth EastUniversity Of MaiduguriMaiduguriBorno2007
TIKCNorth EastEl-Kanemi College Of EducationBamaBorno2007
TIKCSouth SouthCross River University Of TechnologyCalabarCross River2020
TIKCSouth SouthSchool Of MidwiferyOjoja-MonaiyaCross River2009
TIKCSouth SouthCross River State University Of Science & TechnologyOburaCross River2009
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of Education AkankpaCross River2008
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of CalabarCalabarCross River2008
TIKCSouth SouthCross River State UniversityCalabarCross River2007
TIKCSouth SouthMaritime Academy Of NigeriaOronCross River2007
TIKCSouth SouthFederal College Of EducationObuduCross River
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOgwashi UkuDelta2016
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOtefe-OgharaDelta2010
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationAgborDelta2008
TIKCSouth SouthPetroleum Training InstituteEffurunDelta2007
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOgwashi UkuDelta2007
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State College Of EducationIkwoEbonyi 2019
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State School Of NursingUburu OhaozaraEbonyi 2010
TIKCSouth EastFederal College Of AgricultureIshiaguEbonyi 2008
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State UniversityAbakilikiEbonyi 2007
TIKCSouth EastAkanu Ibiam Federal PolytechnicUnwana AfikpoEbonyi 2007
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationAbuduEdo 2017
TIKCSouth SouthNational Institute For Construction Technology UromiEdo 2015
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of Physical EducationAfuzeEdo 2010
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of AgricultureIguorhiakhiEdo 2010
TIKCSouth SouthAmbrose Ali UniversityEkpomaEdo 2008
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of BeninBeninEdo 2007
TIKCSouth SouthFederal PolytechnicAuchiEdo 2007
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationEkiadialorEdo
TIKCSouth WestAdeyemi College Of EducationIkereEkiti2009
TIKCSouth WestFederal PolytechnicEkitiEkiti2008
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of Ado EkitiEkitiEkiti2007
TIKCSouth WestState College Of EducationEkitiEkiti2007
TIKCSouth EastEnugu State PolytechnicIwolloEnugu2018
TIKCSouth EastAgwu Study Centre (National Open University Of Nig.)Orie AgwuEnugu2015
TIKCSouth EastCollege Of TechnologyOjiEnugu2010
TIKCSouth EastInstitute Of Management And Technology (Imt)EnuguEnugu2008
TIKCSouth EastUniversity Of NigeriaNsukkaEnugu2008
TIKCSouth EastEnugu State Univeristy Of Sci. & TechEnuguEnugu2007
TIKCSouth EastFederal College Of EducationEha-AmufuEnugu2007
TIKCNorth CentralDefense Intelligence CollegeKaruFCT 2017
TIKCNorth CentralAfrican University Of Science & TechnologyGaladimawaFCT 2015
TIKCNorth CentralNigerian Law SchoolBwariFCT 2010
TIKCNorth CentralNational Mathematics Centre FctFCT 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of AbujaGwagwaladaFCT 2007
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of Education BilliriGombe 2019
TIKCNorth EastFederal College Of HorticultureDadin KowaGombe 2016
TIKCNorth EastFederal College Of HorticultureDadin KowaGombe 2009
TIKCNorth EastSchool Of Basic StudiesKumoGombe 2009
TIKCNorth EastGombe State UniversityGombeGombe 2007
TIKCNorth EastFederal College Of Education Tech. GombeGombe 2007
TIKCSouth EastImo State PolytechnicUmuaguImo 2009
TIKCSouth EastNiitOwerriImo 2009
TIKCSouth EastFederal University Of EducationOwerriImo 2008
TIKCSouth EastAlvan Ikoku College Of EducationOwerriImo 2008
TIKCSouth EastImo State UniversityOwerriImo 2007
TIKCSouth EastFederal PolytechnicNekedeImo 2007
TIKCNorth WestCollege Of Legal StudiesJigawaJigawa 2009
TIKCNorth WestJigawa State College Of EducationJigawaJigawa 2009
TIKCNorth WestFederal Polytechnic JigawaJigawaJigawa 2008
TIKCNorth WestHussaini Adamu PolytechnicKazuareJigawa 2007
TIKCNorth WestCollege Of EducationGumelJigawa 2007
TIKCNorth WestAir Force Institute Of Technology Air Force BaseKadunaKaduna 2020
TIKCNorth WestKaduna PolytechnicKadunaKaduna 2010
TIKCNorth WestKaduna State UniversityKadunaKaduna 2010
TIKCNorth WestAhmadu Bello UniversityZariaKaduna 2009
TIKCNorth West320 Technical Training GroupKadunaKaduna 2008
TIKCNorth WestNuhu Bamali PolytechnicKadunaKaduna 2008
TIKCNorth WestFederal College Of EducationZariaKaduna 2008
TIKCNorth WestNigerian Defence AcademyKadunaKaduna 2007
TIKCNorth WestCollege Of AgricultureZokwaKaduna 2007
TIKCNorth WestSaAdatu Rimi College Of EducationKumbotsoKano 2019
TIKCNorth WestNorthwest UniversityKanoKano 2015
TIKCNorth WestFederal College Of EducationKanoKano 2009
TIKCNorth WestBayero UniversityKanoKano 2008
TIKCNorth WestKano State PolytechnicKanoKano 2008
TIKCNorth WestKano State University Of TechWudilKano 2007
TIKCNorth WestKankia Iro School Of TechnologyKankiaKatsina 2020
TIKCNorth WestKatsina State Institute Of Management & Tech.KatsinaKatsina 2017
TIKCNorth WestSchool Of Basic And Remedial Studies FuntuaKatsina 2015
TIKCNorth WestSchool Of Health TechnologyKankiaKatsina 2009
TIKCNorth WestKatsina State UniversityKatsinaKatsina 2008
TIKCNorth WestFederal College Of EducationKatsinaKatsina 2008
TIKCNorth WestHassan Usman Katsina PolytechnicKatsinaKatsina 2007
TIKCNorth WestIsa Kaita College Of EducationDutsin-MaKatsina 2007
TIKCNorth WestFederal UniversityBirnin KebbiKebbi 2015
TIKCNorth WestCollege Of EducationArgunguKebbi 2009
TIKCNorth WestSchool Of Health TechnologyJegaKebbi 2009
TIKCNorth WestWaziri Umaru PolytechnicBirnin KebbiKebbi 2007
TIKCNorth WestCollege Of AgricultureZuruKebbi 2007
TIKCNorth CentralNational Open UniversityJiyara IjumuKogi 2010
TIKCNorth CentralSchool Of Nursing & MidwiferyEgbeKogi 2009
TIKCNorth CentralKogi State UniversityAnyigbaKogi 2008
TIKCNorth CentralFederal College Of Education OkeneKogi 2008
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of AgricultureKabbaKogi 2007
TIKCNorth CentralFederal Polytechnic IdahKogi 2007
TIKCNorth CentralKwara College Of Arabic And Islamic StudiesIlorinKwara 2015
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationOroKwara 2009
TIKCNorth CentralKwara State UniversityMoleteKwara 2009
TIKCNorth CentralKwara State College Of Health TechnologyOffaKwara 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of IlorinIlorinKwara 2008
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicOffaKwara 2007
TIKCNorth CentralKwara State Polytechnic IlorinKwara 2007
TIKCSouth WestAdeniran Ogunsoya College Of EducationIjanikinLagos 2009
TIKCSouth WestFederal College Of Education TechnicalAkokaLagos 2009
TIKCSouth WestLagos State PolytechnicIkoroduLagos 2009
TIKCSouth WestLagos State UniversityOjoLagos 2008
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of Lagos Faculty Of LawYabaLagos 2008
TIKCNorth CentralSchool Of Health TechnologyKeffiNasarawa2009
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of AgricultureLafiyaNasarawa2009
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationAkwangaNasarawa2008
TIKCNorth CentralNassarawa State UniversityKeffiNasarawa2007
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicNassarawaNasarawa2007
TIKCNorth CentralNiger State College Of AgricultureMokwaNiger 2018
TIKCNorth CentralFederal University Of TechnologyMinnaNiger 2009
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicBidaNiger 2008
TIKCNorth CentralIbrahim Babangida UniversityLapaiNiger 2007
TIKCNorth CentralNiger State PolytechnicZungeruNiger 2007
TIKCSouth WestAbraham Adesanya Polytechnic Ijebu IgboIjebu IgboOgun 2018
TIKCSouth WestFederal Polytechnic Ilaro Ogun StateIlaroOgun 2016
TIKCSouth WestOlabisi Olabanjo UniversityAgo-IwoyeOgun 2009
TIKCSouth WestMoshood Abiola PolytechnicAbeokutaOgun 2009
TIKCSouth WestCovenant UniversityOttaOgun 2008
TIKCSouth WestTai Solarin University Of Ogun StateIjebu OdeOgun 2008
TIKCSouth WestRedemmerS UniversityIbafoOgun 2008
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of AgricultureAbeokutaOgun 2007
TIKCSouth WestMko Abiola PolytechnicObafemi OwodeOgun 2007
TIKCSouth WestOndo State University Of Science & TechnologyOkiti PupaOndo 2009
TIKCSouth WestAdekunle Ajasin UniversityAkumgbaOndo 2008
TIKCSouth WestFederal University Of TechnologyAkureOndo 2007
TIKCSouth WestOndo State PolytechnicOwoOndo 2007
TIKCSouth WestOsun State College Of EducationIlesaOsun2009
TIKCSouth WestOsun State PolytechnicIreeOsun2009
TIKCSouth WestOsun State UniversityIwoOsun2007
TIKCSouth WestFederal PolytechnicEdeOsun2007
TIKCSouth WestEmmanuel Alayande College Of Education (Ongoing)IbadanOyo 2020
TIKCSouth WestNigerian Institute Of Social & Economic Research (Niser)IbadanOyo 2019
TIKCSouth WestTechnical University (Tech-U) IbadanIbadanOyo 2018
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of IbadanIbadanOyo 2010
TIKCSouth WestEmmanuel Alayonde College Of EducationOyoOyo 2010
TIKCSouth WestFederal College Of EducationOyoOyo 2008
TIKCSouth WestLadoke Akintola Univ. Of Tech.OgbomoshoOyo 2007
TIKCNorth CentralFederal College Of EducationPankshinPlateau 2019
TIKCNorth CentralNational Institute Of Policy And Strategic StudiesKuru JosPlateau 2016
TIKCNorth CentralPlateau State UniversityBokkosPlateau 2010
TIKCNorth CentralPlataeu State College Of EducationPankshinPlateau 2008
TIKCNorth CentralPlateau State PolytechnicBarkin LadiPlateau 2008
TIKCNorth CentralUniversity Of JosJosPlateau 2007
TIKCNorth CentralCollege Of EducationGindiriPlateau 2007
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of Education RumolumeniRumolumeniRivers 2010
TIKCSouth SouthSchool Of Health TechnologyPort-HarcourtRivers 2010
TIKCSouth SouthRivers State University Of Science And TechnologyPort HarcourtRivers 2008
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of Port-HarcourtPort HarcourtRivers 2007
TIKCSouth SouthRivers State PolytechnicBoriRivers 2007
TIKCNorth WestSokoto State UniversitySokotoSokoto 2015
TIKCNorth WestSchool Of Nursing And MidwiferySokotoSokoto 2010
TIKCNorth WestSokoto State PolytechnicSokotoSokoto 2008
TIKCNorth WestUsman Danfodiyo UniversitySokotoSokoto 2007
TIKCNorth WestShehu Shagari College Of EducationSokotoSokoto 2007
TIKCNorth EastFederal Universty WukariTaraba 2018
TIKCNorth EastTaraba State UniversityJalingoTaraba 2010
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of EducationJalingoTaraba 2008
TIKCNorth EastFederal PolytechnicBaliTaraba 2008
TIKCNorth EastTaraba State PolytechnicWukariTaraba 2007
TIKCNorth EastCollege Of Agriculture JalingoTaraba 2007
TIKCNorth EastYobe State College. Of Health Science & Technology NguruYobe 2016
TIKCNorth EastFederal University GashuaYobe 2015
TIKCNorth EastMai Idris Alooma PolytechnicGeidamYobe 2010
TIKCNorth EastFederal PolytechnicDamaturuYobe 2008
TIKCNorth EastFederal College Of Education Tech.PotiskumYobe 2007
TIKCNorth WestFederal College Of Education TechnicalGusauZamfara 2018
TIKCNorth WestFederal UniversityGusauZamfara 2015
TIKCNorth WestAbdu Gusau PolytechnicTalatta MafaraZamfara 2010
TIKCNorth WestFederal College Of Education ZamfaraGusauZamfara 2008
TIKCNorth WestFederal PolytechnicKaura NamodaZamfara 2007
TIKCNorth WestZamfara State College Of Education Maru GusauZamfara 2007
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State UniversityAbrakaDelta2019
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State UniversityAbrakaDelta2008
TIKCNorth WestAudu Bako College Of AgricultureDanbattaKano 2016
TIKCNorth WestAudu Bako College Of AgricultureDanbattaKano 2007
TIKCSouth WestThe PolytechnicIbadanOyo 2007
TIKCSouth WestThe PolytechnicIbadanOyo 2016
TIKCNorth CentralFederal PolytechnicNasarawaNasarawa2021
TIKCNorth EastMohammed Lawan College of AgricultureMaiduguriBorno2021
TIKCNorth WestKatsina State School of MidwiferyMalumfashiKatsina2021
TIKCSouth EastAkanu Ibiam Federal PolytechnicUnwanaEbonyi2021
TIKCSouth SouthAkwa Ibom State University Obio-Akpa CampusOruk AnamAkwa Ibom2021
TIKCSouth WestFederal College of Education (Special)OyoOyo 2021