Wednesday May 18, 2022

Access Programme

Projects under the Access Programme are implemented through grants and are designed to create demand and promote usage of ICTs in unserved and underserved communities and groups. The projects involve the provision of end-user devices to complement the telecommunication infrastructure that are deployed under the Connectivity Programme.

Tertiary Institution Knowledge Center (TIKC) Project is one of the initiatives of the Universal Service Provision Fund aimed at facilitating bandwidth connectivity and installation of ICT devices and peripherals in selected tertiary institutions.

The TIKC project will also serve as ICT centre in each selected tertiary institution. The ICT centre will be an avenue for students to acquire and improve their ICT skills e.g. application development and web design etc. This will also give attention to technology startups that could be further trained and mentored to develop technology solutions that will be commercially viable to attract financial growth and create job opportunities for the up-coming generation.