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The following is a listing of USPF projects in the states of the South South geopolitical region of Nigeria i.e. Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Edo and Rivers States.

  • ACC: e-Accessibility Project
  • BTS: Accelerated Mobile Phone Expansion (Base Transceiver Station)
  • CRC: Community Resource Centres
  • HLTH: e-Health Project
  • IRC: Information Resource Centres (e-Library)
  • LCD: Local Content Development
  • RUBI: Rural Broadband Initiative
  • SKC: School Knowledge Centres
  • TIKC: Tertiary Institution Knowledge Centres

ACCSouth SouthSt. Louise's Inclusive SchoolIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2020
RUBISouth SouthEketEketAkwa Ibom2020
RUBISouth SouthOku-IbokuOku-IbokuAkwa Ibom2019
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Ikot Ese-Etim.Abaietim Ekpo/IkaAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. Ediene AbakAbakAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthSt Francis Sec. Sch. Ikot AtakuEketAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthLutheran Snr Science Sec. Sch, IbakachiIbakachi IkonoAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthIbiono Community High Sch. Edem UruaIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthSt.Columbanus Sec. Sch. IkwenObot AkaraAkwa Ibom2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Compr. Sec. Sch. Four Towns UyoUyoAkwa Ibom2018
ACCSouth SouthSpecial Education Centre For Children With Special NeedsUyoAkwa Ibom2017
LCDSouth SouthComprhensive High Sch. Ntak AfahaUkanafunAkwa Ibom2016
LCDSouth SouthSt. Augustine Secondary School, Urua InyangIkaAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth SouthSt. Vincent Secondary SchoolItioro, OkoboAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School. EyosungOdung UkoAkwa Ibom2015
LCDSouth SouthNorthern Annang Secondary School (Nasco)Utu, Etim EkpoAkwa Ibom2015
BTSSouth SouthOkoro InyongEastern OboloAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkoEketAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthNditia, Akwa Ibom StateEketAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthKwa IboIbenoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthUpenekang, Akwa Ibom StateIbenoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthAfuaIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIbiono AwuroIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthOdoro IkpeIkonoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkot AbasiIkot AbasiAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthEwangIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthOkopediOkoboAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkot AkpatekOnnaAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthIkot EtimUkanafunAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthOrukoUrue-Offong/OrukoAkwa Ibom2013
BTSSouth SouthMbukpo OduoboOkoboAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthComprhensive High Sch. Ntak AfahaAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School. EyosungAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthSt. Augustine Secondary School, Urua InyangAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthSt. Vincent Secondary SchoolOti OronAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthNorthern Annang Secondary School (Nasco)Utu Etim EkpoAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthSecondary Commercial SchoolNdon IdeAkwa Ibom2013
SKCSouth SouthSt Kizito Comprehensive Secondary School AdiasimAkwa Ibom2011
SKCSouth SouthSecondary School Itu Mbon UsoIniAkwa Ibom2011
SKCSouth SouthUkpaubong Community Secondary ItuUkpaubongAkwa Ibom2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Mkana EninMkana EninAkwa Ibom2011
SKCSouth SouthOdu College Ebighi Edu OkoboOkoboAkwa Ibom2011
SKCSouth SouthComprehensiver Secondary School NkanaEtinanAkwa Ibom2011
SKCSouth SouthApostolic Church Secondary School, Ikot Oku NsitUyoAkwa Ibom2011
BTSSouth SouthAbakAbakAkwa Ibom2010
BTSSouth SouthIkot AkpabioAbakAkwa Ibom2010
BTSSouth SouthIkot UboAbakAkwa Ibom2010
IRCSouth SouthAkwa Ibom State Polythenic Library, Uyo RoadIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2010
IRCSouth SouthUniversity Of Uyo Library, Nwaniba Road UyoUyoAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Afia Nsit Urua NkoNsit IbomAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthState College Ikot EkpeneIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary Schoolikot Usakong EkotIkot Usakong EkotAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthUyo High SchoolUyoAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthOnna PeopleS High School Abat Onna EketAbat Onna EketAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthHoly Family College Abat Ikot EkpeneAbak Ikot EkpeneAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthOvils High School Ikot Ibok EketIkot Ibok EketAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthMethodist BoyS High School OronOronAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthEaster Okobo Secondary School ObufiOkoboAkwa Ibom2010
SKCSouth SouthEtinan InstituteEtinanAkwa Ibom2010
TIKCSouth SouthAkwa Ibom State College Of Arts & ScienceNung UkimAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthBillson Secondary School, Afaha EketEketAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthSt Francis Secondary School Ikot AtakuEketAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthOron Boys High School OronOronAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthComprehensive High School EdemayaIkot AbasiAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthIndependence High School UkanaEssien UdimAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthArchibong Memorial Secondary School, UkpomIkonoAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthIka Secondary Commercial School Ikot OsukpongIkaAkwa Ibom2009
SKCSouth SouthIbiaku Issiet Secondary School Uruan UruanAkwa Ibom2009
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationAfaha NsitAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthSt Andrews Prim School AbakAbakAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthItam Secondary School Obong ItamItuAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Ikot EbaEtim EkpoAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthStella Maris Girls College, UkanfunUkanafunAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthCollege Of Science, UyoUyoAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthMary Slessor Int School, Use Ikot OkuIbiono IbomAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Okon, EssienEssien UdimAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthImmaculate Conception College, ItakIkonoAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthAkama Catholic Girls High School Esene TownIkot AbasiAkwa Ibom2008
SKCSouth SouthIni Secondary School Ikpe Ikot NkonIniAkwa Ibom2008
TIKCSouth SouthAkwa-Ibom State PolytechnicIkot OsuruaAkwa Ibom2007
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of UyoUyoAkwa Ibom2007
SKCSouth SouthMary Haney Girls Secondary School OronOronAkwa Ibom2007
SKCSouth SouthUda Community Secondary School MboMboAkwa Ibom2007
BTSSouth SouthAbakAbakAkwa Ibom
BTSSouth SouthIkot AkpabioAbakAkwa Ibom
BTSSouth SouthIkot UboAbakAkwa Ibom
CRCSouth SouthAbakAbakAkwa Ibom
CRCSouth SouthAkpanpanAkpanpanAkwa Ibom
CRCSouth SouthNung UdoeIbesikpo AsutanAkwa Ibom
CRCSouth SouthIkot EkpeneIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom
CRCSouth SouthOronOronAkwa Ibom
IRCSouth SouthAkwa Ibom State Polytechnic Library, Ikot EkpeneIkot EkpeneAkwa Ibom
IRCSouth SouthUniversity Of Uyo Library, UyoUyoAkwa Ibom
TIKCSouth SouthAkwa-Ibom State PolytechnicIkot OsuruaAkwa Ibom
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of UyoUyoAkwa Ibom
ACCSouth SouthBayelsa State Children School With Special NeedsOpoloBayelsa2019
RUBISouth SouthYenagoaYenagoaBayelsa2019
BTSSouth SouthEgbediamaEkeremorBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. Aleibiri TownAleibiri TownBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. AghoroEkeremorBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthSampou Grammar Sch. SampouKolokumaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthOwema Comm. Comp. Sec. Sch. OtakemaOgbiaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthSt. Charles Borromeo Minor Sec Sch BorromeoOgbiaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthOgu Grammar OguYenaogoaBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthComm. Sec. Sch. IgbogeneYenogoaBayelsa2018
TIKCSouth SouthFederal UniversityOtuokeBayelsa2018
LCDSouth SouthRiver Nun Grammar Sch. Agbere-OdoniSagbamaBayelsa2016
LCDSouth SouthJunior Basic Sec. Sch Twon-BrassBrassBayelsa2015
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Sec Sch. OkpoamaBrassBayelsa2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Ologama, NembeNembeBayelsa2015
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Oruma, OgbiaOgbiaBayelsa2015
ACCSouth SouthBayelsa State Comprehensive School For The HandicappedYenogoaBayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthOzezebiri Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern IjawBayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthIkuromogbene, Bayelsa StateSouthern IjawBayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthIpirigbene Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern IjawBayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthDiebu Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern Ijaw.Bayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthOfornigbene Community, Bayelsa StateSouthern Ijaw.Bayelsa2013
BTSSouth SouthAyama Community, Bayelsa StateYenegoaBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Oruma, OgbiaOgbiaBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Ologama, NembeNembeBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthJunior Basic Sec. Sch Twon-BrassBrassBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthGovt. Sec Sch. OkpoamaBrassBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthRiver Nun Grammar Sch. Agbere-OdoniSagbamaBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthComm. Sec. Sch. Onuebum OgbiaBayelsa2013
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School OrumoOgbiaBayelsa2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School OkoromaNembeBayelsa2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School BomoundiYenogoaBayelsa2011
SKCSouth SouthOgboin Grammer School AmatolaAmatolaBayelsa2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School TrofaniSagabamaBayelsa2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School OgbotoboEkeremorBayelsa2011
IRCSouth SouthFederal Science And Technical College LibraryTungboBayelsa2010
IRCSouth SouthState Library, Yenogoa. SwaliYenogoaBayelsa2010
TIKCSouth SouthSchool Of Health TechnologyBayelsaBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School AmassomaIjaw SouthBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School OpuamaIjaw SouthBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthOpokuma Grammer School Kolokuma-OpokumaKolokuma-OpokumaBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, PeretorugbenePeretorugbeneBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School , EkeremorEkeremorBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Junior Secondary School OtuekeOgbiaBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Famgbe, YenegoaBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthEkowe Secondary School EkoweSouthern IjawBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School SaganaBrassBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School Odi (Junior)KolokumaBayelsa2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School Odi OdiBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Boys Secondary School BassambiriNembeBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School OtuokeOgbiaBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School EgbopuloamaSagbamaBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School EmeyaNimbeBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School OtuanIjaw SouthBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School IgbogeneIgbogeneBayelsa2009
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School UkubieIjaw SouthBayelsa2009
BTSSouth SouthSabagreiaKolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa2008
BTSSouth SouthIgbediKolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa2008
BTSSouth SouthEniwariSouthern IjawBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthSt Jude Girls Secondary School Amarata, YenagoYenegoaBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthEkpetiama Comprehensive High School, TombiaYenegoaBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthBishop Dimeari Grammer School YenegoaYenegoaBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthOloibiri Grammer School OloibiriOgbiaBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthNembe National Grammermer SchoolNembeBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthSouthern Ijaw Secondary School OporomaSouth IjawBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Girls Secondary School, KaiamaKolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, SagbamaSagbamaBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School, EkeremorEkeremorBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School, Twon BrassBrassBayelsa2008
SKCSouth SouthAsoama Grammer School Sabagriea (Okoluba)Kolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa2008
TIKCSouth SouthFederal PolytechnicEkoweBayelsa2007
TIKCSouth SouthNiger-Delta UniversityWilberforceBayelsa2007
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School OgbiaOgbiaBayelsa2007
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School AdagbabiriAdagbabiriBayelsa2007
SKCSouth SouthImgbela Prim School OdiOdiBayelsa2007
ACCSouth SouthBayelsa State Comprehensive School for the HandicappedYenogoaBayelsa
BTSSouth SouthSabagreiaKolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa
BTSSouth SouthIgbediKolokuma/OpokumaBayelsa
BTSSouth SouthEniwariSouthern IjawBayelsa
CRCSouth SouthNembeNembeBayelsa
CRCSouth SouthYenagoaYenagoaBayelsa
IRCSouth SouthFederal Science Technical College Library, TungboTungboBayelsa
IRCSouth SouthState Library, YenegoaYenegoaBayelsa
TIKCSouth SouthFederal PolytechnicEkoweBayelsa
TIKCSouth SouthNiger-Delta UniversityWilberforceBayelsa
TIKCSouth SouthCross River University Of Technology (Ongoing)CalabarCross River2020
RUBISouth SouthOgojaOgojaCross River2019
ACCSouth SouthSpecial Education Secondary School, Ikom LayoutCalabarCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthDanareBokiCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthBokulumBokiCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthBokulumBokiCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthKundeneObanikiluCross River2018
BTSSouth SouthApiapumtetObubraCross River2018
IRCSouth SouthState LibraryOgojaCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sch. Akam-IkomAkam-IkomCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthFederal Govt. Girls College CalabarCalabar MuniCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthWest African Peoples' Secondary Institute (Wapi) Diamond Hill CalabarCalabar MunicipalCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthGovernment Sec. Sch. Duke TownCalabar SouthCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Sc. Sec, IpongObuduCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthNtol Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Ndok, OgojaOgojaCross River2018
LCDSouth SouthComprehensive Secondary School NkoYakurr L.G.ACross River2018
ACCSouth SouthGood Shepherd Centre For The DisabledMoniaya, OgojCross River2016
LCDSouth SouthEra Care Community Secondary School OkukuYalaCross River2016
HLTHSouth SouthGeneral HospitalCalabarCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthCommand Secondary School Akim BarracksCalabar MuniCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthSt. Brenda'S Secondary School, Iyamoyong ObubraObubraCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthGovernment Girls Secondary School ObuduObuduCross River2015
LCDSouth SouthUgaga Community Secondary SchoolUgagaCross River2015
BTSSouth SouthAkamkpa Town,AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAningeje Town,AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAking/Osomba,AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAko,AkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthIfunkpa/Awai Cluster, Cross Rivers StateAkamkpaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthAgoi Efut, Cross Rivers StateBiaseCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthBetem Mainroad, Cross Rivers StateBiaseCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthIkpai, Cross Rivers StateIkpaiCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthNjok Ika VillageNkunayaCross River2013
BTSSouth SouthNkunaya/Nsan Cluster, Cross Rivers StateNkunayaCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School Edem OdoAkpabuyoCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthUbaghara High School IkunBiaseCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthSt. BrendaS Secondary School, Iyamoyong ObubraObubraCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Girls Secondary School ObuduObuduCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthCommand Secondary School Akim BarracksCalabar MuniCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthUgaga Community Secondary SchoolUgagaCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthEra Care Community Secondary School OkukuYalaCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthModel Secondary School OkpomaYalaCross River2013
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Katchuan IrruanBokiCross River2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School UgboroBekwaraCross River2011
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Technical College NyanyaBekwaraCross River2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School IjeguYalaCross River2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School ItigidiAbiCross River2011
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School UgepYakurrCross River2011
IRCSouth SouthNational Library Calabar. 2 Otop Abasi St,CalabarCross River2010
IRCSouth SouthFederal Science College,OgojaCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthPolice Secondary School CalabarCalabar MunicipalityCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthMathias Offbore College OkukuOkukuCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School Creek-Town Creek-Town OdukpaniCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthPope John Paul Secondary SchoolyalaYalaCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthRegina Pacis Modern Secondary School ObubraObubraCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthGovernmentsc School IshiboriOgojaCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthAkparabong Com Secondary School IkomIkomCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthAjassor Tech College EtungEtungCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthComprehensive Secondary School Idum-MbubeOgojaCross River2010
SKCSouth SouthMbube West Secondary School Ekmtak MbubeOgojaCross River2010
TIKCSouth SouthCross River State University Of Science & TechnologyOburaCross River2009
TIKCSouth SouthSchool Of MidwiferyOjoja-MonaiyaCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthHoly Child Secondary School Marian Hill, CalabarCalabar SouthCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Ikot EwaAkpabuyoCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthMargaret Ekpo Secondary School CalabarCalabar MunicipalityCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School AkampkaAkampkaCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthGirls Secondary School UgepYakurrCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthMbembe Comprehensive Secondary School ObubraObubraCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthBekwarra Secondary School AbuochicheBekwarraCross River2009
SKCSouth SouthClement Ebri Community Secondary School Ukpiriyen UtuguagObuduCross River2009
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationAkankpaCross River2008
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of CalabarCalabarCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthSt Thomas College Ogoja (Now Government Secondary School Igoli)OgojaCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School ApiapumObubraCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthComprehensive Secondary School EkoriYakurrCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Sc Secondary School EffrayaEtungCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School ObuduObuduCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Sc School, Kukare-Basang EastObanlikuCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Secondary School IkomIkomCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthHope Wadell Training Institute, CalabarCalabar MunicipalCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, EsighiAkpabuyoCross River2008
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Urugbam Erei BaiseBaiseCross River2008
TIKCSouth SouthCross River State UniversityCalabarCross River2007
TIKCSouth SouthMaritime Academy Of NigeriaOronCross River2007
SKCSouth SouthEdanea Secondary School EdibaEdibaCross River2007
SKCSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School Old Netim Old NetimCross River2007
SKCSouth SouthMary Knoll College, YalaC/RiverCross River2007
CRCSouth SouthEkoreEkoreCross River
CRCSouth SouthItigidiItigidiCross River
CRCSouth SouthObudu Cattle RanchObuduCross River
HLTHSouth SouthGeneral HospitalCalabarCross River
IRCSouth SouthNational Library CalabarCalabarCross River
IRCSouth SouthFederal Science College, OgojaOgojaCross River
TIKCSouth SouthCross River State UniversityCalabarCross River
TIKCSouth SouthFederal College Of EducationObuduCross River
TIKCSouth SouthMaritime Academy Of NigeriaOronCross River
ACCSouth SouthAlderstown Schools For The DeafWarriDelta2020
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State UniversityAbrakaDelta2019
ACCSouth SouthDon Domigos Special SchoolWarriDelta2018
BTSSouth SouthAshamaAniocha SouthDelta2018
BTSSouth SouthOpuamaWarri NorthDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthOdiaka Mixed Sec. Sch. UkwunzuAniochaDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthAqwaewuru Secondary School, IkaIka Federal ConstituencyDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthAbbi Grammar Sch. AbbiNdokwa WestDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthAlaka Grammar Sch.OzoroDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthIkweghwu Grammar Sch. Ikweghwu Orho-AgbarhUghelli NorthDelta2018
LCDSouth SouthTsekelewu Sec. Sch. Tsekelewu, Pinakiri Zion EgbemaWarri NorthDelta2018
BTSSouth SouthAdonteAniocha SouthDelta2016
BTSSouth SouthUmehIsoko SouthDelta2016
BTSSouth SouthEdjeketaIsoko SouthDelta2016
BTSSouth SouthUwheruUghelli NorthDelta2016
BTSSouth SouthEroghorWarri SouthDelta2016
LCDSouth SouthOtibio Grammar Sch. OtibioIsoko NorthDelta2016
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOgwashi UkuDelta2016
HLTHSouth SouthGeneral HospitalEkpan WarriDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthZapa Mixed Secondary School(1)AsabaDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthAsagba Secondary SchoolAsabaDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthOwerre-Olubor Secondary School Owerre-Olubor, Ika North/EastIka North/EastDelta2015
LCDSouth SouthBasic Sec. Sch. IllahOshimilliDelta2015
RUBISouth SouthAsabaAsabaDelta2015
ACCSouth SouthMadonna Special Needs SchoolOkpanamDelta2013
BTSSouth SouthEwuruIka SouthDelta2013
BTSSouth SouthErovie, Delta StateIsoko NorthDelta2013
BTSSouth SouthOkogbele, Delta StateOshimili SouthDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthOwerre-Olubor Secondary School Owerre-Olubor, Ika North/East Ika North/EastDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthZapa Mixed Secondary School(1), AsabaAsabaDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthAsagba Secondary School, AsabaAsabaDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthBasic Sec. Sch. IllahOshimilliDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthEmu Sec. Sch. Emu-Uno, KwaleKwaleDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthOtibio Grammar Sch. OtibioIsoko NorthDelta2013
SKCSouth SouthOviri-Okpe Secondary School Oviri-OkpeOkpeDelta2011
SKCSouth SouthNana Model College Ii, WarriWarri SouthDelta2011
SKCSouth SouthSt George Grammer School ObinombaUkwaniDelta2011
SKCSouth SouthIbrede Grammer School IbredeNdokwa EastDelta2011
SKCSouth SouthKokori Girls Grammer SchoolEthiopeDelta2011
SKCSouth SouthSt Patrick'S College AsabaNnebisi Rd AsabaDelta2011
IRCSouth SouthDelta State University Library, Along Agbor RoadAbrakaDelta2010
IRCSouth SouthState Library,Dennis Osadebeyi Road Near Grand HotelAsabaDelta2010
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOtefe-OgharaDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthEni Grammer School EvwreniEvwreni DeltaDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthAmai Commercial Secondary Grammer School AmaiAmaiDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthIgbide Grammer School IgbideIgbide DeltaDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthAzagba Mixed Seniorr Secondary School Issele-AzagbaIssele-Azagba DeltaDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthComprehensive Secondary School, Idumuje-UgbokoAniocha NorthDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthNdemili Grammer School, NdemiliNdokwa WestDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthKpakiama Secondary School BomadiBomadiDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthJames Welch Grammer School EmevorEmevorDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthUgiliamai Secondary School UgiliamaiNdokwa WestDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthAdeje Secondary School AdejeOkpeDelta2010
SKCSouth SouthTuomo Grammer School TuomoBurutuDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthMein Grammer School KiagbodoBurutuDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthOgbeh Secondary School EffurunUvwieDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthOkpara Grammer School Okpar Water SideEthiope EastDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthOkelate Comprehensive Secondary School Issele, NkpimeAniocha NorthDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthComprehensive High School IgbodoIka North EastDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthOwhe Grammer School Otor OwheIsoko- NorthDelta2009
SKCSouth SouthChude Girls Secondary School SapeleSapele DeltaDelta2009
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State UniversityAbrakaDelta2008
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationAgborDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthIdumuje Unor Secondary School IdumujeAniocha NorthDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthIllah Mixed Grammer School IllahOshimili NorthDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthMarta Dei Model Grammer School, AshakaNdokwa EastDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthSt Brigids Girls Grammer School, AsabaOshimili SouthDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthEmiye Girls Grammer School OlehIsoko SouthDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthChude Model Secondary School SapeleSapeleDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthOgini Grammer School OgharefeEthiope WestDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthOur Lady Model School 1, Effurun UvwieDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthGovernment College BomadiBomadiDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthUnity School AgbarhoUghelli NorthDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthUnity Grammer School AgbarhoUghelli NorthDelta2008
SKCSouth SouthHussy College, WarriDelta SouthDelta2008
TIKCSouth SouthPetroleum Training InstituteEffurunDelta2007
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOgwashi UkuDelta2007
SKCSouth SouthMartins College Isele Uku Isele UkuDelta2007
SKCSouth SouthAkpugeno Grammer School Akpugeno AkpugenoDelta2007
SKCSouth SouthGovernment Boys College UgheliUgheliDelta2007
ACCSouth SouthMadonna Special Needs SchoolOkpanamDelta
HLTHSouth SouthGeneral HospitalEkpan WarriDelta
IRCSouth SouthDelta State University Library, AbrakaAbrakaDelta
IRCSouth SouthState Library, AsabaAsabaDelta
TIKCSouth SouthPetroleum Training InstituteEffurunDelta
TIKCSouth SouthDelta State PolytechnicOgwashi UkuDelta
RUBISouth SouthOkadaOkadaEdo2020
ACCSouth SouthBenin School For The BlindUkhegieEdo2019
RUBISouth SouthAuchiAuchiEdo2019
BTSSouth SouthIgbenatuAkoko EdoEdo2018
BTSSouth SouthUneme UzanuEtsako- EastEdo2018
IRCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationIguebenEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthAfuda Sec. Sch. AfudaEsan CentralEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthUneah Sec. Sch. IboreEsan CentralEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthFed. Sci. & Tech. College, UromiEsan NorthEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthUhiele Grammar Sch. Uhiele-EkpomaEsan WestEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthWestern Boys High School(Airewele) Ikpoba HillIkpoba,Edo2018
LCDSouth SouthEre-Nolomi Sec. Sch. Ere-NolomiOvia WestEdo2018
LCDSouth SouthEdeki Grammar School, Otuo, Owan EastOwan East/WestEdo2018
ACCSouth SouthSpecial Education Unit, Ihogbe CollegeBenin CityEdo2017
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationAbuduEdo2017
LCDSouth SouthEsan Grammar School Uromi,Esan North EastEdo2016
LCDSouth SouthLilydion International SchoolAjele Rd. Eguare, UbiajaEdo2015
LCDSouth SouthEwoiyi Secondary School, UromiEsan NorthEdo2015
LCDSouth SouthOtaru Grammar School, Auchi, Estako WestEstako WestEdo2015
LCDSouth SouthEbelle Secondary School IgubenIgubenEdo2015
TIKCSouth SouthNational Institute For Construction TechnologyUromiEdo2015
SKCSouth SouthLilydion International School Ajele Rd. EguareEdo2013
SKCSouth SouthEbelle Secondary School IgubenIgubenEdo2013
SKCSouth SouthOtaru Grammar School, Auchi, Estako West Estako WestEdo2013
SKCSouth SouthEsan Grammar School Uromi,Esan North EastEdo2013
SKCSouth SouthAkoko Edo Grammar SchoolUneme-Nekua Akoko-EdoEdo2013
SKCSouth SouthIdeal Secondary School IrruaEsan Central Edo2011
SKCSouth SouthEgba Grammer SchoolEdo NorthEdo2011
SKCSouth SouthEkugbe Secondary SchoolAkoko EdoEdo2011
SKCSouth SouthEhor Grammer School Ehor ( Minister)UhumwondeEdo2011
SKCSouth SouthAmedokhian Secondary School UromiEsan NorthEdo2011
SKCSouth SouthEwoiyi Secondary School, Uromi, Esan North East, Edo CentralEsan North EastEdo2011
IRCSouth SouthNational Library,BeninBeninEdo2010
IRCSouth SouthAmbrose Ali University LibraryEkpoma.Edo2010
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of Physical EducationAfuzeEdo2010
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of AgricultureIguorhiakhiEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthNiger College BeninBenin CityEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthGirls Model Secondary SchoolAbuduEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthAmbrose Ali Demonstration Secondary School, EkpomaEsan WestEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthEdo College Benin CityOredoEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthUrhonigbe Grammar SchoolUrhonogbeEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthEdaiken Grammar SchoolEdaike OkhuaiheEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthWestrn Boys High SchoolBenin CityEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthFederal Girls Government College BeninOredoEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthIrrua Grammer School, Irrua (Annuciation Cathlic College Irrua)Esan CentralEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthAgba Grammer School UromiEsan North EastEdo2010
SKCSouth SouthEliaho Grammer School EguaholoUhunmwondeEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthJattu Grammer School Jattu Etsako WestEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthMakeke Secondary School MakekeAkoko EdoEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthIyamo Grammer School IyamoEtsako WestEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthImmaculate Conception College (Icc), Benin CityIkpoba-OkhaEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthBoys Model (St JohnS College) FugarFugarEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthHoly Trinity Grammer School Sabogidda OraSabogidda OraEdo2009
SKCSouth SouthEguare Secondary SchoolEkpomaEdo2009
TIKCSouth SouthAmbrose Ali UniversityEkpomaEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthOhunora Grammer School OhunoraOwan WestEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthIhivbe Secondary School IhivbeOwan EastEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthAkpekpe Junior School AkpekpeEtsako WestEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthIruekpen GirlS Grammer School IruekpenEsan WestEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthEdekholor Grammer School UbiajaEsan South EastEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthArue Junior School Arue UromiEsan N/EastEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthIguobazua Grammer School IguobazuaOvia South WestEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthOzolua Grammer School OhogboIkpoba OkhaEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthIgbanke Mixed Junior School IgbankeOrhionmwonEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthIdia College, Benin CityOredoEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthEkpon Grammer School IguebenIguebenEdo2008
SKCSouth SouthIruekpen Grammer School EkpomaEsan WestEdo2008
TIKCSouth SouthFederal PolytechnicAuchiEdo2007
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of BeninBeninEdo2007
SKCSouth SouthAzama College OtuoOtuoEdo2007
SKCSouth SouthEmokpae Model Primary School BeninBeninEdo2007
SKCSouth SouthOpoji Grammermer School Egwuare-OpojiEgwuare-OpojiEdo2007
CRCSouth SouthAfuzeAfuzeEdo
CRCSouth SouthEgorEgorEdo
CRCSouth SouthEkpoma WestEkpoma WestEdo
CRCSouth SouthAuchiEtsako WestEdo
CRCSouth SouthIrruaIrruaEdo
CRCSouth SouthOkadaOkadaEdo
IRCSouth SouthNational Library, BeninBeninEdo
IRCSouth SouthAmbrose Ali University Library, EkpomaEkpomaEdo
TIKCSouth SouthFederal PolytechnicAuchiEdo
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of BeninBeninEdo
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of EducationEkiadialorEdo
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, RunuaparaPort HarcourtRivers2020
ACCSouth SouthThe Child Special SchoolPort HarcourtRivers2019
HLTHSouth SouthGeneral HospitalOkomoko, EtcheRivers2019
BTSSouth SouthEgbelubiEteheRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthKing'S College Of Commerce Buguma, Asari-ToruAkuku-Toru/Asari-ToruRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Sec. Sch. Ngo-AndoniAndoniRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthSt Paul Compr. College BonnyBonnyRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Sec. Sec. AbalamabieBonnyRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthR.C.G.S.S. Omofo/EgaminiEmohuRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Girls Sech. Sch. Okporowo-OgbakiriEmohuaRivers2018
LCDSouth SouthG.T.T.C.OkehiEtcheRivers2018
IRCSouth SouthRivers State UniversityPortharcourtRivers2017
ACCSouth SouthObioma Cheshire HomePort HarcourtRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthEgbolomAbua/OdualRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthUbeta 5Ahoada EastRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthAse NdoniNdokwa EastRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthElukuAbua/OdualRivers2016
BTSSouth SouthAkinimaAhoada WestRivers2016
LCDSouth SouthBonny National Grammer Sch. BonnyBonnyRivers2016
LCDSouth SouthCommunity Secondary School, Tombia, DegemaDegemaRivers2015
LCDSouth SouthModel Secondary School, EmohuaEmohuRivers2015
LCDSouth SouthGovt. Girls Sec. Sch. RumuokwutaPhRivers2015
LCDSouth SouthCommand Secondary School. Port HarcourtPort HarcourtRivers2015
BTSSouth SouthEmagoAbua/OdualRivers2010
BTSSouth SouthIdamaIdamaRivers2010
IRCSouth SouthState Polytechnic LibraryBoriRivers2010
IRCSouth SouthRivers State LibraryPortharcourtRivers2010
TIKCSouth SouthSchool Of Health TechnologyPort-HarcourtRivers2010
TIKCSouth SouthCollege Of Education RumolumeniRumolumeniRivers2010
BTSSouth SouthEmelegoAbua/OdualRivers2008
TIKCSouth SouthRivers State University Of Science And TechnologyPort HarcourtRivers2008
TIKCSouth SouthRivers State PolytechnicBoriRivers2007
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of Port-HarcourtPort HarcourtRivers2007
BTSSouth SouthEmelegoAbua/OdualRivers
BTSSouth SouthEmagoAbua/OdualRivers
BTSSouth SouthIdamaAkuru ToruRivers
CRCSouth SouthDegemaDegemaRivers
CRCSouth SouthEtcheEtcheRivers
CRCSouth SouthBori TownKhanaRivers
IRCSouth SouthState Polytechnic Library, BoriBoriRivers
IRCSouth SouthState Library, Port HarcourtPort HarcourtRivers
TIKCSouth SouthRivers State PolytechnicBoriRivers
TIKCSouth SouthUniversity Of Port-HarcourtPort HarcourtRivers

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Abak Abak Akwa Ibom
Ikot Akpabio Abak Akwa Ibom
Ikot Ubo Abak Akwa Ibom
Eniwari Southern Ijaw Bayelsa
Sabagreia Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
Igbedi Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
Emelego Abua/Odual Rivers
Idama Akuru Toru Rivers
Emago Abua/Odual Rivers


Community Resource Centres (CRC)

Oron Oron Akwa Ibom
Nung Udoe Ibesikpo Asutan Akwa Ibom
Akpanpan Akpanpan Akwa Ibom
Abak Abak Akwa Ibom
Ikot Ekpene Ikot Ekpene Akwa Ibom
Obudu Cattle Ranch Obudu  Cross Rivers
Yenagoa Yenagoa Bayelsa
Nembe Nembe Bayelsa
Ekore Ekore Cross Rivers
Itigidi Itigidi Cross Rivers
Auchi Etsako West Edo
Irrua Irrua Edo
Okada Okada Edo
Ekpoma West Ekpoma West Edo
Egor Egor Edo
Afuze Afuze Edo
Bori Town Khana Rivers
Etche Etche Rivers
Degema Degema Rivers


Information Resource Centres (IRC)

University of Uyo Library, Uyo Uyo Akwa Ibom
Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic Library, Ikot Ekpene Ikot Ekpene Akwa Ibom
State Library, Yenegoa Yenegoa Bayelsa
Federal Science Technical College Library, Tungbo Tungbo Bayelsa
National Library Calabar Calabar Cross River
Federal Science College, Ogoja Ogoja Cross River
State Library, Asaba Asaba Delta
Delta State University Library, Abraka Abraka Delta
National Library, Benin Benin Edo
Ambrose Ali University Library, Ekpoma Ekpoma Edo
State Library, Port Harcourt Port Harcourt Rivers
State Polytechnic Library, Bori Bori Rivers


School Knowledge Centres (SKC)

Mary Haney Girls Sec. Sch. Oron Oron Akwa Ibom
Uda Community Sec. Sch. Mbo Mbo Akwa Ibom
St. Andrews Prim school Abak Abak Akwa Ibom
Itam Secondary School, Obong Itam Itu Akwa Ibom
Community Sec. Sch. Ikot Eba Etim Ekpo Akwa Ibom
Stella Maris Girls College, Ukanfun Ukanafun Akwa Ibom
College Of Science, Uyo Uyo Akwa Ibom
Mary Slessor Int. Sch., Use Ikot Oku Ibiono Ibom Akwa Ibom
Community Sec. School, Okon, Essien Essien Udim Akwa Ibom
Immaculate Conception College, Itak Ikono Akwa Ibom
Akama Catholic Girls High School, Esene Town Ikot Abasi Akwa Ibom
Ini Secondary School, Ikpe Ikot Nkon Ini Akwa Ibom
Billson Sec. Sch., Afaha Eket Eket Akwa Ibom
St Francis Secondary School, Ikot Ataku Eket Akwa Ibom
Oron Boys High School Oron Oron Akwa Ibom
Comprehensive High School, Edemaya Ikot Abasi Akwa Ibom
Independence High School, Ukana Essien Udim Akwa Ibom
Archibong Memorial Secondary School, Ukpom Ikono Akwa Ibom
Ika Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Osukpong Ika Akwa Ibom
Ibiaku Issiet Secondary School Uruan Uruan Akwa Ibom
Community Secondary School, Afia Nsit Urua Nko Nsit Ibom Akwa Ibom
State College Ikot Ekpene Akwa Ibom
Community Sec Sch. Ikot Usakong Eket Akwa Ibom
Uyo High School Uyo Akwa Ibom
Onna People’s High School, Abat Ona Eket Akwa Ibom
Holy Family College Abak Ikot Ekpene Akwa Ibom
Kizito Compr. High School Adiasim Adiasim Akwa Ibom
Methodist Boy’s High Sch. Oron Oron Akwa Ibom
Etinan Institute Etinan Etinan Akwa Ibom
Eastern Okpobo High School Obufi Okobo Ikono Akwa Ibom
Girls High School , Ikot Ibiok Eket Akwa Ibom
Sec Sch Itu Mbon Uso Ini Akwa Ibom
Ukpaubong Comm Sech Itu Ukpaubong Akwa Ibom
Comm Sec Sch Mbata Enin Mbata Enin Akwa Ibom
Odu College Ebighi Okobo Akwa Ibom
Compr Sec Sch Nkana Etinan Akwa Ibom
Apostolic Church Sec Sch, Ikot Oku Nsit Uyo Akwa Ibom
Govt Sec Sch Ogbia Ogbia Bayelsa
Community Sec Sch Adagbabiri Adagbabiri Bayelsa
Imgbela Prim Sch Odi Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
St. Jude Girls' Sec Sch, Amarata, Yenagoa Yenegoa Bayelsa
Ekpetiama Comp High Sch, Tombia, Yenogoa Yenegoa Bayelsa
Bishop Dimeari Grammar School, Yenogoa Yenegoa Bayelsa
Oloibiri Grammar, Oloibiri, Ogbia Ogbia Bayelsa
Nembe National Grammar Sch, Nembe Nembe Bayelsa
Southern Io Sec Sch Oporoma, South Ijaw South Ijaw Bayelsa
Govt. Girls' Sec Sch,Kaiama Kolokuma/Opokuma Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
Community Sec Sch, Sagabama Sagbama Bayelsa
Govt Sec Sch Ekeremor Ekeremor Bayelsa
Govt Sec Sch, Twon Brass Brass Bayelsa
Asoama Grammar School, Sabagriea (Okoluba) Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
Govt. Sec. School Odi Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
Comm. Boys Secondary School, Bassambiri Nembe Bayelsa
Community Secondary School, Otuoke Ogbia Bayelsa
C.C.S.S., Egbopuloama Sagbama Bayelsa
Community Secondary School, Emeya Nimbe Bayelsa
Community Secondary School, Otuan Ijaw South Bayelsa
Govt. Secondary School, Igbogene Igbogene Bayelsa
GSS Ukubie Ijaw South Bayelsa
GSS Amassoma Ijaw South Bayelsa
GSS Opuama Ijaw South Bayelsa
Opokuma Grammar Sch. Kolokuma-Opokuma Bayelsa
Community Sec Sch, Peretorugbene Peretorugbene Bayelsa
Govt Sec Sch , Ekeremor Ekeremor Bayelsa
Community Sec. Sch. Otueke Ogbia Bayelsa
Community Sec. Sch. Famgbe, Yenegoa Bayelsa
Ekowe Sec. Sch Ekowe Southern Ijaw Bayelsa
Community Sec. Sch Sagana Brass Bayelsa
Govt. Sec. Sch. Odi Kolokuma/Opokuma Bayelsa
Comm Sec Sch Orumo Ogbia Bayelsa
Comm Sec Sch Okoroma Nembe Bayelsa
CSS Bomadi Yenogoa Bayelsa
Ogboin Grammar Sch Amatola Amatola Bayelsa
Community Sec Sch Trofani Sagabama Bayelsa
C S S Ogbotobo Ekeremor Bayelsa
Edanea Sec Sch Ediba Ediba Cross River
Community Sec sch Old Netim Old Netim Cross River
Mary Knoll College C/River Cross River
St Thomas college Ogoja (Now Govt. Sec. Sch. Igoli, Ogoja) Ogoja Cross River
Community Secondary School, Apiapum Obubra Cross River
Comprehensive Sec. School, Ekori Yakurr Cross River
Govt Sc. Sec. Sch. Effraya Etung Cross River
Govt. Sec. Sch. Obudu Obudu Cross River
Govt. Sc. Sch., Kukare-Basang East Obanliku Cross River
Govt. Sec. School, Ikom Ikom Cross River
Hope Wadell Training Uinstitute, Calabar Calabar Municipality Cross River
Community Sec. Sch, Esighi Akpabuyo Cross River
Community Sec. Sch, Urugbam Erei Baise Baise Cross River
Holy Child Sec. Sch, Marian Hill, Calabar Calabar South Cross River
Community Secondary School, Ikot Ewa Akpabuyo Cross River
Margaret Ekpo Secondary School Calabar Calabar Municipal Cross River
Govt. Secondary School, Akamkpa Akamkpa Cross River
Girls Secondary School, Ugep Yakurr Cross River
Mbembe Comprehensive Secondary School, Obubra Obubra Cross River
Bekarra Secondary School, Abuochiche Bekwarra Cross River
Clement Ebri Community Secondary School, Ukpiriyen Utuguag Obudu Cross River
Police Secondary School, Calabar Calabar Municipality Cross River
Mathias Offbore, Okuku Okuku Cross River
Community Sec. Sch. Ugboro Bekwara Cross River
Govt. Sec.Sch, Yala Creek-Town Odukpani Cross River
Pope JohnPaul Sec. Sch. Yala Cross River
Regina Pacis Modern Sec. Sch Obubra Cross River
Govt.Sc. Sch. Ishibori Ogoja Cross River
Akparabong Com. Sec Sch Ikom Ikom Cross River
Ajassor Tech. College Etung Etung Cross River
Comp. Sec. Sch Idum-mbube Ogoja Cross River
Mbube West Sec. Sch. Ekmtak Mbube Ogoja Cross River
Community Sec. Sch. Katchuan Irruan Boki Cross River
Govt Tech College Nyanya Bekwara Cross River
Community Sec Sch Ijegu Yala Cross River
Community Sec Sch Itigidi Abi Cross River
Community Sec School Ugep Yakurr Cross River
Govt Sec Sch Edem Odo Akpabuyo Cross River
Ubaghara High Sch Ikun Biase Cross River
Martins College Isele Uku Isele Uku Delta
Akpugeno Grammar Sch Akpugeno Akpugeno Delta
Govt Boys College Ugheli Ughelli Delta
Idumuje Mixed Secondary School Idumoje Idumoje Delta
Illah Grammar School Illah Illah Delta
Marta Dei Model Grammar Sch., Asaba Asaba Delta
St Brigids Girls Gram Sch, Asaba Asaba Delta
Emiye Girls Gram Sch. Oleh Oleh Delta
Chude Model Secondary School, Sapele Sapele Delta
Ogini Grammar School, Ogharefe Ogharefe Delta
Our Lady Model School 1, Effurun Effurun Delta
Government College Bomadi, Bomadi Delta
Unity School, Agbarho Agbarho Delta
Unity Grammar School, Agbarho Ughelli North Delta
Hussy College, Warri Warri South Delta
Tuomo Grammar School, Tuomo Burutu Delta
Mein Grammar School, Kiagbodo Burutu Delta
Ogbeh Secondary School, Effurun Uvwie Delta
Okpara Grammar School, Okpar Water Side Ethiope East Delta
Okelate Comprehensive Secondary School, Issele, Nkpime Aniocha North Delta
Comprehensive High School, Igbodo Ika North East Delta
Owhe Grammar Sch. Otor Owhe Isoko- North Delta
Chude Girls Sec. Sch. Sapele Sapele Delta
Eni Grammar Sch. Evwreni Evwreni Delta
Amai commercial sec grammar sch . Amai Amai Delta
Igbide Grammar Sch. Igbide Delta
Azagba Mixed Snr. S/S, Issele-Azagba Issele-Azagba Delta
Comprehensive Sec Sch, Idumuje-Ugboko Aniocha North Delta
Ndemili Grammar Sch, Ndemili Ndokwa West Delta
Kpakiama Sec Sch Bomadi Bomadi Delta
James Welch Grammar Sch Emevor Delta
Ugiliamai Sec. Sch. Ugiliamai Ndokwa West Delta
Adeje Sec Sch Adeje Okpe Delta
Oviri-Okpe Sec Sch Oviri-Okpe Okpe Delta
St George Grammar Sch Obinomba Ukwani Delta
Ibrede Grammar Sch Ibrede Ndokwa East Delta
Kokori Girls Grammaer Sch Ethiope Delta
Nana Model College Ii Warri Warri South Delta
Azama College Otuo Otuo Edo
Emokpae Model Primary Sch Benin Benin Edo
Opoji Grammer School Egwuare-Opoji Egwuare-Opoji Edo
Ohunora Grammar School Owan West Edo
Ihivbe Secondary School Owan East Edo
Akpekpe Junior School Etsako West Edo
Iruekpen Girl’s Grammar School Esan West Edo
Edekholor Grammar School, Ubiaja Esan South East Edo
Arue Junior School, Arue Uromi Esan N/East Edo
Iguobazua Grammar School Ovia South West Edo
Ozolua Grammar School, Ohogbo Ikpoba Okha Edo
Igbanke Mixed Junior School Orhionmwon Edo
Idia College, Benin City Oredo Edo
Ekpon Grammar School, Igueben Igueben Edo
Iruekpen Grammar School, Ekpoma Esan West Edo
Eliaho Grammar School, Eguaholo Uhunmwonde Edo
Jattu Grammar School, Jattu Etsako West Edo
Makeke Secondary School, Makeke Akoko Edo Edo
Iyamo Grammar School, Iyamo Etsako West Edo
Immaculate Conception College (ICC), Benin City Ikpoba-Okha Edo
Urhonigbe Grammar School, Urhonogbe Orhionmwon Edo
Boys Model School Fugar Etsako Central Edo
Holy Trinity Grammar School Sabogidda ora Edo
Eguare Secondary School Ekpoma Edo
Niger College Benin City Edo
Girls’ Model Secondary School Abudu Edo
Ambrose Ali Demonstration Sec. Sch, Ekpoma Esan West Edo
Edo College Benin City Oredo Edo
St. John’s College, Fugar Etsako Central Edo
Westrn Boys high school Benin city Edo
Edaiken Grammar School Okhuaihe Edo
Irrua Grammar sch, Irrua Esan Central Edo
Ubiaja Comm Sec Sch Esan South East Edo
Ideal Sec Sch Irrua Esan Central Edo
Egba Grammar School Edo North Edo
Ekugbe Sec Sch Akoko Edo Edo
Ehor Gramar Sch Ehor ( Minister) Uhumwonde Edo
Amedokhian Sec Sch Uromi Esan North East Edo
Govt Sec Sch Isiokpo Isiokpo Rivers
Primary Sch IV Nonwa Uwdume Nonwa Uwdume Rivers
C C G S Ikwerre Etche Etche Rivers
C S S Nkpolu- Oruworukwo Nkpolu-Oroworukwo Rivers
O G S Okirika Okrika Rivers
Nyemoni Grammar School, Abonnema,Akuku Toru Khana Akuku-Toru Rivers
D N H S Degema Degema Rivers
Finima Girls' Sec Sch, Bonny Bonny Rivers
A H S Eleme Eleme Rivers
C S S Biara Gokana Rivers
C S S Opobo Opobo/Nkoro Rivers
Archdeacon Crowther Port Harcourt- Port Harcourt Rivers
Kalabari National College, Buguma Asari-Toru Rivers
Government Seconday School, Oyingbo Oyigbo Rivers
Govt Comp. Sec Sch,Bokori PH City Rivers
Community Sec Sch, Otapha Abua/Odual Rivers
Community Sec Sch,Opkoromini Ahaoda Rivers
Community Sec Sch, Obonoma Akuku-Toru Rivers
Govt Sec Sch, Asamara Andoi Rivers
Community Sec Sch, Egbeda Emohua Rivers
Community Sec. Sch. Ubima Ubima Rivers
Community secondary sch Isiokpo Isiokpo Rivers
Community Sec. Sch. Bomu Bomu Rivers
Marian High School-Bane Khana Rivers
Community Sec. Sch, Abuloma PH City Rivers
Compr.. Sec. Sch. Umuagbai Umuagbai Rivers
Community Sec. Sch. Erema Erema Rivers
CSS Aluu Aluu Rivers
CSS Rumuapara Rumuapara Rivers
CSS Rumuekini Rumuekini Rivers
Govt Sec Sch , Eneka Obio/Akpor Rivers
Community Sec Sch Elele-Alimini Emohu Rivers
C S S Koroma-Tai Tai Rivers
CSS Kalibiama Opobo/Nkoro Rivers
Our Lady Of Fatima College, Port Harcourt Port Harcourt Rivers
C S S Ido Asari -Toru Rivers


Community Broadband Centres (CBC)

Warri Delta
Asaba Delta


Backbone Transmission Infrastructure (BRTAIN)

Yenagoa-Brass Bayelsa
Port Harcourt - Bonny Rivers
Port Harcourt-Onne Rivers


Rural Broadband Initiative (RUBI)



University Inter Campus Connectivity (UnICC)

University of Uyo Uyo Akwa Ibom
University of Calabar Calabar Cross River
University of Benin Benin Edo
University of Port Harcourt Port Harcourt Rivers

Projects at a Glance

Geopolitical Regional Map of Nigeria North East Region North West Region South West Region South South Region South East Region North Central Region

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