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The following is a listing of USPF projects in the states of the South Eastern geopolitical region of Nigeria i.e. Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States.

  • ACC: e-Accessibility Project
  • BTS: Accelerated Mobile Phone Expansion (Base Transceiver Station)
  • CRC: Community Resource Centres
  • HLTH: e-Health Project
  • IRC: Information Resource Centres (e-Library)
  • LCD: Local Content Development
  • RUBI: Rural Broadband Initiative
  • SKC: School Knowledge Centres
  • TIKC: Tertiary Institution Knowledge Centres

LCDSouth EastUmuezeukwu Community Sec. School, Umuezeukwu,Isiala Ngwa NorthAbia2020
LCDSouth EastOkporoenyi Comm. Secondary School,OkporoenyiAbia2020
RUBISouth EastOhafiaOhafiaAbia2020
LCDSouth EastIgbere Sec Sch. Onu Ibina IgbereBendeAbia2019
LCDSouth EastMbutu Ngwa Sec. Sch. Isiala NgwaIsiala Ngwa SouthAbia2019
LCDSouth EastComprehensive Coll. Amiyi ObinohiaIsikwuatoAbia2019
RUBISouth EastAbribaAbribaAbia2019
ACCSouth EastSpecial School For The Blind, AfaraUmuahiaAbia2018
HLTHSouth EastGeneral HospitalOkpuala Ngwa, Isiala NgwaAbia2018
LCDSouth EastAbam High School, OzuAbam ArochukAbia2018
LCDSouth EastOsusu Community Sec. Sch. OsusuIsiala Ngwa NorthAbia2018
RUBISouth EastAbaAbaAbia2018
ACCSouth EastSchool Of The BlindUmuahiaAbia2017
LCDSouth EastOtodo High SchoolAsaga OhafiaAbia2016
LCDSouth EastIgboji Secondary SchoolAlayi BendeAbia2015
LCDSouth EastOtodo Girl'S Secondary SchoolAsaga OhafiaAbia2015
LCDSouth EastOkporo Ahaba Sec. School, Isiala NgwaNgwa SouthAbia2015
LCDSouth EastIsuochi Model Secondary SchoolUmunneochiAbia2015
SKCSouth EastComprehensiver Secondary School,Egbede UrattaOsisiomaAbia2013
SKCSouth EastIsuochi Model Secondary School UmunneochiUmunneochiAbia2013
SKCSouth EastIgboji Secondary School. AlayiBendeAbia2013
SKCSouth EastFederal Govt. College OhafiaOhafiaAbia2013
SKCSouth EastOkporo Ahaba Sec. Sch. Isiala NgwaNgwa SouthAbia2013
SKCSouth EastOtodo High Sch., Asaga OhafiaOhafiaAbia2013
SKCSouth EastOsusu Secondary School OsusuIsilangwaAbia2011
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School NdibeOhafiaAbia2011
SKCSouth EastOzuitem Secondary School, OzuitemBendeAbia2011
SKCSouth EastAnglican College OwerrintaIsialangwa SouthAbia2011
SKCSouth EastRapid College Secretraiat Studies Secondary SchoolIkwuanoAbia2011
SKCSouth EastNational High School AzumiriUkwa EastAbia2011
IRCSouth EastFederal Science And Technical CollegeAhonsoAbia2010
IRCSouth EastNational LibraryUmahiaAbia2010
SKCSouth EastAggrey Memorial Secondary SchoolArochukwuAbia2010
SKCSouth EastOhafia Community Secondary School OhafiaAbia2010
SKCSouth EastEvangel High School OldUmuahia SouthAbia2010
SKCSouth EastNgwa High School AbaAbaAbia2010
SKCSouth EastIheorji Secondary School IheorjiIheorji AbaAbia2010
SKCSouth EastGovernment College UmuahiaUmuahiaAbia2010
SKCSouth EastAfaraukwu Secondary Tech School AfaraukwuUmuahia NorthAbia2010
SKCSouth EastMethodist Colleg UzuakoliBendeAbia2010
SKCSouth EastAdventist Secondary Technical College (Astec)Owerenta AbiaAbia2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Obokwe Asa Ukwa WestAbia2010
TIKCSouth EastMichael Okpara University Of AgricultureUmuahiaAbia2009
SKCSouth EastCommunity Girls' Secondary School Umungasi AbaAba SouthAbia2009
SKCSouth EastNnamdi Azikiwe Model Secondary School, Eziama AsaAsa Ukwa WestAbia2009
SKCSouth EastGirl'S Technical College Ogbor HillObingwaAbia2009
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School ItumbauzoBendeAbia2009
SKCSouth EastIbeku High School UmuahiaIkwuanoAbia2009
SKCSouth EastCoronata Secondary AgagaOhafiaAbia2009
SKCSouth EastMary Slessor Technical SchoolArochukuwuAbia2009
SKCSouth EastIhie Snr School IhieIhie MbawsiAbia2009
TIKCSouth EastAbia State College Of EducationArochukwuAbia2008
TIKCSouth EastMicheal Okpara University UmudikeUmuahiaAbia2008
SKCSouth EastAsa High School AsaAsa Ukwa WestAbia2008
SKCSouth EastOsokwa Community Secondary OsokwaOsoskwa Osisioma AbiaAbia2008
SKCSouth EastOvom Girls Secondary School, OvomObingwaAbia2008
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School NdiolumbeNdiolumbe IsialangwaAbia2008
SKCSouth EastOboro Secondary School OboroOboro IkwuanoAbia2008
SKCSouth EastUmuopara Community Secondary UmuoparaUmuopara AbiaAbia2008
SKCSouth EastUtutu Secondary School ArochukwuUtutu-ArochukwuAbia2008
SKCSouth EastBende Grammer School BendeBendeAbia2008
SKCSouth EastUturu Secondary School Uturu OkigweIsuikwuatoAbia2008
SKCSouth EastIsieke Community Secondary School IsiekeIsieke Umuahia NorthAbia2008
TIKCSouth EastAbia State PolytechnicAbaAbia2007
TIKCSouth EastAbia State UniversityUturuAbia2007
SKCSouth EastAkanu Ohafia Secondary SchoolAkanu OhafiaAbia2007
SKCSouth EastModel Secondary School UzuaakoliUzuaakoliAbia2007
SKCSouth EastOvuokwa/Omoba Secondary School OvuokwaOvuokwaAbia2007
CRCSouth EastOhafiaOhafiaAbia
CRCSouth EastUmudikeUmudikeAbia
IRCSouth EastFederal Science Technical College Library, AhonsoAhonsoAbia
TIKCSouth EastAbia State PolytechnicAbaAbia
TIKCSouth EastAbia State UniversityUturuAbia
LCDSouth EastCommunity Boys High SchoolOgbunike,OyiAnambra2020
LCDSouth EastGovt. Tech. College, UmuchuUmuchuAnambra2020
ACCSouth EastBasden Memorial Special Education CentreIsuloAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastOkongwu Memorial Grammar SchoolNnewi NorthAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastUnity Comprehensive Secondary School. OkpokoOgbaruAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastGirls Sec. Sch. UgaOrumba NorthAnambra2019
RUBISouth EastNnewiNnewiAnambra2019
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec. School, AchinaAguataAnambra2018
LCDSouth EastWashington Mem. Grammar Sch. OnitshaOnitsha NorthAnambra2018
ACCSouth EastSpecial Education CentreUmuchuAnambra2016
LCDSouth EastGirls Sec. Sch. UkporNnewi SouthAnambra2016
HLTHSouth EastGeneral HospitalOnitshaAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastNneoma Girls Secondary NiboAwka SouthAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastMaria Regina High School NnewiNnewi NorthAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastNew Era Girls Secondary School OnitshaOnitsha NorthAnambra2015
LCDSouth EastSt Raphel'S Sec. Sch. AwkuzuOyiAnambra2015
RUBISouth EastOnitchaOnitchaAnambra2015
BTSSouth EastAtani, Delta StateOgbaruAnambra2013
BTSSouth EastObagwe, Delta StateOgbaruAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School AguluezechukwuAguataAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastMaria Regina High School NnewiNnewi NorthAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastNneoma Girls Secondary NiboAwka SouthAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastNew Era Girls Secondary School OnitshaOnitsha NorthAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Sec.Sch.AwkuzuOyiAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastGirls Sec. Sch. UkporNnewi SouthAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastGirls Sec. Sch. OzbuluEkwusigoAnambra2013
SKCSouth EastBoys Secondary School , UkpoDunukofiaAnambra2011
SKCSouth EastJosphine Memorial Secondary School Akili Ozizor OgbaruAnambra2011
SKCSouth EastEzeike High School NiboAwka SouthAnambra2011
SKCSouth EastOgbaru High School OgbakubaOgbaruAnambra2011
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School Adazi-NnukwuAnaochaAnambra2011
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School Enugwu AgidiNjikokaAnambra2011
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School NankaAguataAnambra2011
IRCSouth EastAnambra State Library, Ichidi StreetAwkaAnambra2010
IRCSouth EastAnambra State University Library Uli Ihiala, L. G. AUliAnambra2010
TIKCSouth EastNwarfor Orizu College Of EducationAwkaAnambra2010
TIKCSouth EastIyi-Enu School Of Nursing & MidwiferyOgidiAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastFederal Government Girls College OnitshaOnitsha NorthAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastIde Girls Secondary School Enugu UkwuAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastUnion Secondary School Amawabia (Boy'S Secondary School)Awka SouthAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastNnewi Girls Secondary School Uruagu NnewiNnewi SouthAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastIgwebuike Grammer School AwkaAwka SouthAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School NnokwaIdemili SouthAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastOjiako Memorial Secondary School Adazi-AniAnaochaAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastChrist The Way Secondary School Akwuegbo, Uruagu NnewiNnewi NorthAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastAdo Girls Secondary School OnitshaOnitshaAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School AmawbiaAmawbiaAnambra2010
SKCSouth EastCaptial City Secondary School AwkaAwka SouthAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastBoys Secondary School , UkporNnewi NorthAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastUli High School, UliIhialaAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastOgidi Boys Secondary School, IdemiliIdemili NorhtAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastSt John Of God Secondary School Awka Awka SouthAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Isuofio AguataAguataAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastBmgs Adazi NnukwuAnaochaAnambra2009
SKCSouth EastGirls' High School AguluAnaochaAnambra2009
TIKCSouth EastAnambra State University Of Science And TechnologyUliAnambra2008
TIKCSouth EastCollege Of EducationUmunzeAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Umueze Anambra WestAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastSt John Secondary School AlorAlorAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastGirls High School Nkwelle Ezunaka OyiAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastHoly Child Convent, AmichiNnewi SouthAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School NawfiaOrumba SouthAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastOraifite Girls Secondary School OraifiteEkwusigoAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastNanka Girls Secondary School NankaNankaAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastNri Community Boys Secondary School NriAnaochaAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School MbaukwuMbaukwuAnambra2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Ukwulu AwkaDunukofiaAnambra2008
TIKCSouth EastNnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwkaAnambra2007
TIKCSouth EastFederal PolytechnicOko AguataAnambra2007
SKCSouth EastAkpu-Abagana Primary School Enugwu AgidiNjikokaAnambra2007
SKCSouth EastOkija Grammer SchoolOkijaAnambra2007
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School OraifiteOraifiteAnambra2007
CRCSouth EastOrafiteEkwusigoAnambra
CRCSouth EastOgbaruOgbaruAnambra
HLTHSouth EastGeneral HospitalOnitshaAnambra
IRCSouth EastAnambra State Library, AwkaAwkaAnambra
IRCSouth EastAnambra State University Library, UliUliAnambra
TIKCSouth EastNnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwkaAnambra
TIKCSouth EastFederal PolytechnicOko AguataAnambra
LCDSouth EastFederal Govt. College Okposi,OhaozaraEbonyi2020
HLTHSouth EastGeneral HospitalUburuEbonyi2019
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec Sch EkwetekweEzza NorthEbonyi2019
LCDSouth EastImoha Comprehensive Sec. Sch. AchiaguEzza NorthEbonyi2019
LCDSouth EastFederal Govt. Girls College EzzamgboOhaukwuEbonyi2019
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State College Of EducationIkwoEbonyi2019
IRCSouth EastEbonyi State University LibraryAbakilikiEbonyi2018
LCDSouth EastJunior Sec. Sch. Ndiagu IgbuduIkwoEbonyi2018
LCDSouth EastComprehensive High UkanaUdiEbonyi2018
RUBISouth EastAfikpoAfikpoEbonyi2018
ACCSouth EastOur Lady Of Compassion S - Special School For Deaf & DumbAbakalikiEbonyi2017
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec.Sch. UmuezeokohaEzza NorthEbonyi2016
LCDSouth EastCommand Secondary School AbakilikiAbakilikiEbonyi2015
LCDSouth EastUgbala Memorial Secondary School, Amudo Ezeta SouthEzza SouthEbonyi2015
LCDSouth EastGirls Secondary School Ndulo NgboOhaukwuEbonyi2015
LCDSouth EastOnicha Secondary Technical School OnichaOnichaEbonyi2015
RUBISouth EastAbakalikiAbakalikiEbonyi2015
SKCSouth EastUgbala Memorial Secondary School, Amudo Ezeta SouthEzza SouthEbonyi2013
SKCSouth EastCommand Secondary School AbakilikiAbakilikiEbonyi2013
SKCSouth EastOnicha Secondary Technical School OnichaOnichaEbonyi2013
SKCSouth EastGirls Second.Ary School Ndulo NgboOhaukwuEbonyi2013
SKCSouth EastNduruku Amagu Community Secondary SchoolAbakalikiEbonyi2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Sec.Sch. UmuezeokohaEzza NorthEbonyi2013
SKCSouth EastIsi Okposi High School Ohaozara OhaozaraEbonyi2011
SKCSouth EastIzzikworo High School UkometaEzza SouthEbonyi2011
SKCSouth EastUnion Comprehensive Secondary School ObeaguIshieluEbonyi2011
SKCSouth EastArmy Day Secondary School NkwaguAbakalikiEbonyi2011
SKCSouth EastEffium High School EffiumOhaukwuEbonyi2011
SKCSouth EastOnicha Community Secondary School Onicha, EunkwoOnichaEbonyi2011
SKCSouth EastUgwulangwu Secondary School UgwulangwuOhaozaraEbonyi2011
IRCSouth EastState LibraryAbakalikiEbonyi2010
IRCSouth EastAkanu Ibiam Federal Poly LibraryAfikpoEbonyi2010
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State School Of NursingUburu OhaozaraEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School Azuiyi Okwu AbakalikiAbakilikiEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastModel Comprehensive Girls Secondary School Uguachara,Uguachara EbonyiEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Ndiagu Echara Ikwo,IkwoEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Boys Secondary School AkaezeIvoEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastGirls Model Secondary School EbuanwanaAfikpo SouthEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastSir Franciss Ibiam Grammermer School Afikpo, Afikpo NorthEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastIshiagu High School IshiaguIvoEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastUnity Secondary School IshiaguIvoEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School AmaezeIvoEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastUrban Secondary School IshiaguIvoEbonyi2010
SKCSouth EastUburu Secondary School UburuOhaozaraEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastIgbo Jimba Grammer School OzizzaAfikpo NorthEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastSecondary Technical College, Amangwu EddaAfikpo SouthEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Ndufu AlikeIkwoEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastLocal Government Secondary School YammediEzza NorthEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastSt Theresa'S Secondary School OkpaugwuEbonyiEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastPlato Vocational Secondary School EzzamgboOhaukwuEbonyi2009
SKCSouth EastPremier Secondary School EzilloIshieluEbonyi2009
BTSSouth EastOtuekeOgbiaEbonyi2008
BTSSouth EastOnichaOnichaEbonyi2008
TIKCSouth EastFederal College Of AgricultureIshiaguEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastGovernment Technical College, AbakalikiAbakalikiEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Mbeke IshiekeEbonyiEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastHoly Child Secondary School SharonIzziEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Okposhi Eheku OhaukwuEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastIkwo High School AgubiaIkwo Ebonyi2008
SKCSouth EastSt AidanS Secondary School UmuezeokaEzza NorthEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastEzza High School AmuzuEzza SouthEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastGovernment Secondary School AfikpoAhaukwuEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastGovernment Secondary School OkposiOhaozaraEbonyi2008
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School IshiaguIvo Ebonyi2008
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State UniversityAbakilikiEbonyi2007
TIKCSouth EastAkanu Ibiam Federal PolytechnicUnwana AfikpoEbonyi2007
SKCSouth EastIzi High School Idembia IdembiaEbonyi2007
SKCSouth EastAmankwo/Amaobolobo Community Primary School AfikpoAfikpoEbonyi2007
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School OhafiaOhafiaEbonyi2007
BTSSouth EastOnuekeEbonyi SouthEbonyi
BTSSouth EastOnichaOnichaEbonyi
CRCSouth EastIkwoIkwoEbonyi
IRCSouth EastState Library, AbakalikiAbakalikiEbonyi
IRCSouth EastAkanu Ibiam Fed. Poly.Library, AfikpoAfikpoEbonyi
TIKCSouth EastEbonyi State UniversityAbakalikiEbonyi
TIKCSouth EastAkanu Ibiam Federal PolytechnicUnwana AfikpoEbonyi
ACCSouth EastSpecial School Nsukka Enugu State (Academic And Vocational Training For Special Needs Children)NsukkaEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity Sec. Sch. Awkunanaw, EnuguEnugu SouthEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastSpecial Science Boys Secondary School Agbani, Nkanu WestNkanu East/WestEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity High School, Ajuonah-Obimo,NsukkaEnugu2020
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School EgedeUdiEnugu2020
ACCSouth EastGovernment Secondary SchoolOgbeteEnugu2019
RUBISouth EastAgbaniAgbaniEnugu2019
LCDSouth EastComm. Sec. Sch. Uda, Enugu EzikeIgbo Eze NorthEnugu2018
LCDSouth EastCommunity High Sch. Ajuonah-ObimoNsukkaEnugu2018
RUBISouth EastOgruteOgruteEnugu2018
TIKCSouth EastEnugu State PolytechnicIwolloEnugu2018
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Ugbo, AwguAwguEnugu2016
HLTHSouth EastGeneral HospitalAgbani EnuguEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastGirls Secondary School, NnenweAninriEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Ohafia Oduma.AninriEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Okpo, Enugu-Ezike, Igbo Eze NorthIgbo Eze NorthEnugu2015
LCDSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Akpawfu, Nkana EastNkanu EastEnugu2015
RUBISouth EastNsukkaNsukkaEnugu2015
TIKCSouth EastAgwu Study Centre (National Open University Of Nig.)Orie AgwuEnugu2015
ACCSouth EastEvami Special Education SchoolEnuguEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Ohafia Oduma.AninriEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Okpo, Enugu-Ezike, Igbo Eze NorthIgbo Eze NorthEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Akpawfu, Nkana EastNkanu EastEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Ugbo, AwguAwguEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastHoly Cross Secondary School, Eha-Amufu, Isi-UzoIsi-UzoEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastAgbachara High Sch. Agbachara NdeabohAninriEnugu2013
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School ObeNkanu WestEnugu2011
SKCSouth EastSt Vincent Secondary School AgbaoguguAwguEnugu2011
SKCSouth EastRosary High School AwguAwguEnugu2011
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, UmuidaIgbo-Eze NorthEnugu2011
SKCSouth EastUzo Uwani Secondary School AdaniUzo UwaniEnugu2011
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School, NnenweAninriEnugu2011
IRCSouth EastEnugu State Library, Amachara Mpu. Aninri L.G.A.Amachara MpuEnugu2010
IRCSouth EastNational Library, Nta Road, Beside Esbs Junction,EnuguEnugu2010
TIKCSouth EastCollege Of TechnologyOjiEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastBoys Secondary School Ovoko, Igboeze SouthIgboeze SouthEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastSt PatrickS Secondary School EmeneEnugu EastEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastModel Comprehensive Secondary School AgbaniNkanu WestEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastModel Secondary OloEzeaguEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Aguenyi MpuAninriEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Ohebebim Igbo-EtitiEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastSt Theresa,S College NsukkaNsukkaEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School AgbuduUdiEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastIheaka Girls Secondary School IheakaIgo Eze SouthEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastIsi-Uzo Girls Sec. School, Ikem-NekeIsi UzoEnugu2010
SKCSouth EastCity Girls' Snr Secondary School, EnuguEnugu North Enugu2009
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, UdiUdi Enugu2009
SKCSouth EastPremier Secondary School UkeheIgbo Etiti Enugu2009
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School, Obollp AforUdenu Enugu2009
SKCSouth EastSt Theresa Snr Secondary School, AborUdi Enugu2009
SKCSouth EastBoys Secondary School, Amansiodo OgheEzeagu Enugu2009
SKCSouth EastUrban Secondary School Oji RiverOrji RiverEnugu2009
SKCSouth EastCommunity Sec. School NdeaborAninrEnugu2009
BTSSouth EastUzo UwaniUzo UwaniEnugu2008
TIKCSouth EastInstitute Of Management And Technology (Imt)EnuguEnugu2008
TIKCSouth EastUniversity Of NigeriaNsukkaEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastBoys Senior Secondary School NaraNkanu EastEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastUnion Secondary School Eha-Amufu Isi-UzoEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastGirls Senior Secondary School Abakpa-NikeEnugu EastEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastCollege Of Immaculate Conception EnuguEnugu SouthEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastIgboeze Senior Secondary School EnuguIgboeze NorthEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Senior Secondary School Ezimo-UnoUdenuEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastUrban Girls Secondary School NsukkaNsukkaEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastModel Secondary School MpuAninriEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastComprehensive High School Udi-AbiaUdiEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastAguobo Owa High School AguoboEzeaguEnugu2008
SKCSouth EastUwani Secondary School, UwaniEnugu South Enugu2008
SKCSouth EastGirls' Science School, AkwunanawEnugu Enugu2008
TIKCSouth EastFederal College Of EducationEha-AmufuEnugu2007
TIKCSouth EastEnugu State Univeristy Of Sci. & TechEnuguEnugu2007
SKCSouth EastObe Boys High School OzallaOzallaEnugu2007
SKCSouth EastOzalla High School OzallaOzallaEnugu2007
SKCSouth EastGovernment Technical College, NsukkaNsukkaEnugu2007
ACCSouth EastEvami Special Education SchoolEnuguEnugu
BTSSouth EastUzo UwaniUzo UwaniEnugu
CRCSouth EastUkanaAnimriEnugu
CRCSouth EastIshi-OzallaNkanu WestEnugu
HLTHSouth EastGeneral HospitalEnuguEnugu
IRCSouth EastNational Library, EnuguEnuguEnugu
IRCSouth EastEnugu State Library, Amachara MpuMpuEnugu
TIKCSouth EastFederal College Of EducationEha-AmufuEnugu
TIKCSouth EastEnugu State Univerist Of Sc. & TechEnuguEnugu
HLTHSouth EastSpecialist HospitalOwerriImo2020
RUBISouth EastOrluOrluImo2020
LCDSouth EastMaster Ecclesiae Seminary, NguruAboh-MbaiseImo2019
LCDSouth EastSecondary Technical College, Obodoukwu, IdeatorIdeatoImo2019
LCDSouth EastBonus Pastor Seminary OsinaIdeatoImo2019
LCDSouth EastNational High Sch. ArondizuoguIdeato NorthImo2019
LCDSouth EastIsiekenesi High Sch. IsiekenesiIdeato NorthImo2019
LCDSouth EastIhitenansa Sec. School OrsuOrlu/Orlu EastImo2019
RUBISouth EastMbaiseMbaiseImo2019
ACCSouth EastAkpodim Rehabilitation CentreMbaiseImo2018
LCDSouth EastUzunorji Community Sec. Sch.AmuzuAboh MbaiseImo2018
LCDSouth EastSt Mary'S Seminary UmuowaOrluImo2018
RUBISouth EastOkigweOkigweImo2018
LCDSouth EastPater Noster Sec. Sch. EkwereazuAhiazu MbaiseImo2016
LCDSouth EastHandmaid Holy Child Juniorate Amumara EzinihitteAboh MbaiseImo2015
LCDSouth EastEzegbogu Sec. Sch. EzegboguEzinihitteImo2015
LCDSouth EastSt. Kiziko Umuchima, Ideato SouthIdeato SouthImo2015
LCDSouth EastSt. Mary'S Seminary UmuowaOrluImo2015
RUBISouth EastOwerriOwerriImo2015
ACCSouth EastSpecial Education CentreOrluImo2013
SKCSouth EastUboma Secondary School/Ikperejere Secondary School Ikperejere Ikperejere ImoImo2013
SKCSouth EastHandmaid Holy Child Juniorate Amumara EzinihitteAboh MbaiseImo2013
SKCSouth EastSt. Kiziko Umuchima, Ideato SouthIdeato SouthImo2013
SKCSouth EastEzegbogu Sec. Sch. Ezegbogu EzinihitteImo2013
SKCSouth EastSt. MaryS Seminary UmuowaOrluImo2013
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School Amauburu UbomiriMbaitoliImo2013
SKCSouth EastPater Noster Sec. Sch. EkwereazuAhiazu MbaiseImo2013
SKCSouth EastIfe Grammer School IfeEzinihitte MbaiseImo2011
SKCSouth EastSt Saviours Secondary School, Umuaka NjabaNjaba ImoImo2011
SKCSouth EastEkwe Secondary School IsuIsu ImoImo2011
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School AmuziAhiaze-Mbaise ImoImo2011
SKCSouth EastMbutu Secondary School MbutuAbo Mbaise ImoImo2011
SKCSouth EastUmuduru Egbeaguru Community Secondary School OnuimoOnimo Imo Imo2011
IRCSouth EastTechnical Skill Acquisition Center Library, Orlu. Pmb 2OrluImo2010
IRCSouth EastNational Library Owerri. Ph Road,OwerriImo2010
SKCSouth EastSt Peter Claver Seminary OkpalaNgo OkpalaImo2010
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Awo IdemiliOrsuImo2010
SKCSouth EastOke Ovoro Secondary School Uvuru Aboh MbaiseAboh Mbaise ImoImo2010
SKCSouth EastAquinas Secondary School UmunachiMbano Imo2010
SKCSouth EastAgaja Secondary School, Ehime MbanoEhime MbanoImo2010
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School Obiangwu,Ngor OkpalaImo2010
SKCSouth EastAhiara Tech College AhiazuAhiazu ImoImo2010
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School UbuluOru WestImo2010
SKCSouth EastSecondary Commercial School Osina,Ideator NorthImo2010
SKCSouth EastSecondary Commercial School AcharaObowoImo2010
TIKCSouth EastNiitOwerriImo2009
TIKCSouth EastImo State PolytechnicUmuaguImo2009
SKCSouth EastGirls Secondary School IkenanziziObowoImo2009
SKCSouth EastComprehensive Secondary School AmaifekeOrluImo2009
SKCSouth EastEhunachi Comprehensive Secondary SchoolObowoImo2009
SKCSouth EastGirl'S Secondary School OkigweOkigweImo2009
SKCSouth EastEmekuku High School Owerri NorthImo2009
SKCSouth EastUbomiri Girl'S Secondary School UbomiriMbaitoliImo2009
SKCSouth EastSecondary Commercial School ObiangwaNgor OkpalaImo2009
SKCSouth EastEnyiogugu Secondary School Aboh MbaiseAboh MbaiseImo2009
TIKCSouth EastFederal University Of EducationOwerriImo2008
TIKCSouth EastAlvan Ikoku College Of EducationOwerriImo2008
SKCSouth EastMbieri Community Secondary School MbieriImo2008
SKCSouth EastOkohia Secondary School Isiala MbanoIsiala Mbano ImoImo2008
SKCSouth EastDick Tiger Memorial Secondary School AmaigboImo2008
SKCSouth EastUmutanze Secondary School Umutanze Orlu0Imo2008
SKCSouth EastMbaise Secondary School, Aboh MbaiseAboh MbaiseImo2008
SKCSouth EastFederal Government Girls College OwerriOwerri WestImo2008
SKCSouth EastAmanze Comprehensive Secondary School ObowoObowoImo2008
SKCSouth EastOkpala Secondary School, Ngor OkpalaNgor OkpalaImo2008
SKCSouth EastAkatta Secondary School OrluOrluImo2008
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School OkigweOkigweImo2008
TIKCSouth EastFederal PolytechnicNekedeImo2007
TIKCSouth EastImo State UniversityOwerriImo2007
SKCSouth EastCommunity Primary School Ihitte UbiIhitte UbiImo2007
SKCSouth EastCommunity Secondary School Iyu EzinhifiteIyu EzinhifiteImo2007
SKCSouth EastSecondary Technical School AwoomamaOruImo2007
ACCSouth EastSpecial Education CentreOrluImo
IRCSouth EastTechnical Skills Acquisition Centre Library, OrluOrluImo
IRCSouth EastNational Library, OwerriOwerriImo
TIKCSouth EastFederal PolytechnicNekedeImo
TIKCSouth EastImo State UniversityOwerriImo

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Onicha Onicha Ebonyi
Onueke Ebonyi South Ebonyi
Uzo Uwani Uzo Uwani Enugu


Community Resource Centres (CRC)

Ohafia Ohafia Abia
Umudike Umudike Abia
Orafite Ekwusigo Anambra
Ogbaru Ogbaru Anambra
Ikwo Ikwo Ebonyi
Ukana Animri Enugu
Ishi-Ozalla Nkanu West Enugu


Information Resource Centres (IRC)

National Library, Umuahia Umuahia Abia
Federal Science Technical College Library, Ahonso Ahonso Abia
Anambra State Library, Awka Awka Anambra
Anambra State University Library, Uli Uli Anambra
State Library, Abakaliki Abakaliki Ebonyi
Akanu Ibiam Fed. Poly.Library, Afikpo Afikpo Ebonyi
National Library, Enugu Enugu Enugu
Enugu State Library, Amachara Mpu Mpu Enugu
National Library, Owerri Owerri Imo
Technical Skills Acquisition Centre Library, Orlu Orlu Imo


School Knowledge Centres (SKC)

Akanu Ohafia Secondary School, Akanu Ohafia Ohafia Abia
Model Secondary School, Uzuakoli Uzuakoli Abia
Ovuokwa/Omoba Secondary School, Ovuokwa Ovuokwa Abia
Isieke Comm Sec School Umuahia North Umuahia Abia
Oboro Sec Sch, Ikwuano Abia Oboro Ikwuano Abia
Asa High School, Aba Asa Ukwa West Abia
Ovom Girls Girls High , Aba Obingwa Abia
Comp Sec Sch Ndiolumbe Ndiolumbe Isialangwa Abia
Bende Grammar Sch, Bende Bende Abia
Uturu Sec Sch Isuikwato Isuikwuato Abia
Ututu Sec Sch Arochukwu Ututu-Arochukwu Abia
Umuopara Comm Sec Sch Umuopara Abia
Osakwa Comm Sec School,Abia Ososkwa Osisioma Abia
Community Secondary School, Aba Aba South Abia
Nnamdi Azikiwe Model Secondary School, Asa Ukwa West Abia
Comprehensive Secondary School, Umunkiri Obingwa Abia
Community Secondary School, Hiembauzo, Ndiwo Bende Abia
Community Secondary School Ntalakwu Oboro Ikwuano Abia
Coronata Secondry Agaga Ohafia Abia
Mary Slessor Technical School Arochukuwu Abia
Adventist High School, Ihie Mbawsi Isiala-Ngwa North Abia
Aggrey Memorial Model College Arochukwu Arochukwu Abia
Ohafia Model High School Ohafia Abia
Evangel High. Sch Old Umuahia Umuahia South Abia
Ngwa High School Aba Aba Abia
Iheorji Sen. Sec. Sch. Aba Abia
Gov't College Umuahia Umuahia North Abia
Afaraukwu Sec. Tech. School Umuahia North Abia
Methodist College Uzuakoli Bende Abia
Adventist Sec. Technical College (ASTEC) Owerenta Abia
Community Sec. Sch. Obokwe Asa Ukwa West Abia
Osusu Sec School, Osusu Isilangwa Abia
Comm Sec Sch Sch Ndibe Ohafia Abia
Ozuitem Sec Sch, Ozuitem Bende Abia
Girls Sec School Owerrinta Isialangwa South Abia
Rapid College Secretraiat Studies Sec sch,Ikwuano Ikwuano Abia
National High School Azumiri Ukwa east Abia
Compr Sec Sch,Egbede, Uratta Osisioma Abia
Akpu-Abagana Primary School, Enugwu Agidi, Njikoka LGA Njikoka Anambra
Okija Grammar School, Okija Okija Anambra
Girls Secondary School, Oraifite Ekwusigo Anambra
CSS Ukwulu Awka- Dunukofia Anambra
Girl's High School Nkwelle Oyi Anambra
Community Sec Sch Mbaukwu Mbaukwu Anambra
Holy Child Conv.Amichi Nnewi South Anambra
Nri Com Boy's Sch Anaocha Anaocha Anambra
Comm Sec Sch Nawfia Orumba South Anambra
St John Sec Sch Alor Alor Anambra
Comm Sec Sch Umunze Anambra West Anambra
Nanka Girls Sec School Nanka Nanka Anambra
Orifite Girls' Sec Sch. Ekwusigo Anambra
Captial City Sec Sch Awka South Anambra
Boys Sec. School , Ukpo Dunukofia Anambra
Uli High Sch, Uli Ihiala Anambra
Ogidi Boys Sec Sch, Idemili Idemili Norht Anambra
Girls Sec. School, Ekwulobia Aguata Anambra
Comm Sec Schisuofio Aguata Anambra
Bmgs Adazi Nnukwu Anaocha Anambra
Girls' High School, Agulu Anaocha Anambra
Federal Government Girls’ college, Onitsha Onitsha North Anambra
Community Sec School, Amawbia Awka South Anambra
Ide Sec. School Enigi Ukwu Njikoka Anambra
Nnewi Girls Sec. Sch. Uruagu Nnewi Nnewi South Anambra
Igwebuike Grammar School Awka Awka South Anambra
Comm. secondary school, Nnokwa Idemili South Anambra
Ojiako Memorial secondary school Adazi-Ani Anaocha Anambra
Boys Sec. Sch. Ukpo Awka South Anambra
Ado girls sec sch. Onisha Onitsha Anambra
Community sec sch. Amawbia Amawbia Anambra
Christ The Way Sec. Sch. Nnewi Nnewi Anambra
Josephine Memorial Sec Sch Akill Ozizor Ogbaru Anambra
Ogbaru High School Ogbakuba Ogbaru Anambra
Girls Sec sch,Adazi Nnukwu Anaocha Anambra
Girls sec Sch, Enugwu agidi Njikoka Anambra
Comm Sec Sch, Nanka Aguata Anambra
Community Sec Sch , Aguluezechukwu Aguata Anambra
Izi High School, Idembia Idembia Ebonyi
Amankwo/Amaobolobo Community Primary School, Afikpo Afikpo Ebonyi
Community Secondary School, Ohafia Ohafia Ebonyi
Govt Sec Sch Okposi Ohaozara Ebonyi
CSS Mbeke Ebonyi Ebonyi
Holy Child Ec Sch Sharon,Abakiliki Izzi Ebonyi
Ezza High Sch Amuzu Ezza South Ebonyi
Ikwo High School Agubia- Ikwo Ebonyi
Govt Secondary School .Afikpo Ahaukwu Ebonyi
Girls' Sec Sch, Isiagu- Ivo Ebonyi
Government Tech College, Abakiliki Abakaliki Ebonyi
Comm Sec Sch, Okposhi Ohaukwu Ebonyi
St.Aidan's Sec Sch,Umuezeoka Ezza North Ebonyi
Uburu Secondary School, Uburu Ohaozara Ebonyi
Igbo Jimba Grammar School, Ozizza Afikpo North Ebonyi
Sec. Technical College, Amangwu Edda Afikpo South Ebonyi
Community Secondary School, Ndufu Alike Ikwo Ebonyi
Local Govt. Secondary School, Yammedi Ezza North Ebonyi
St. Theresa's Secondary School, Okpaugwu Ebonyi Ebonyi
Plato Vocational Secondary School, Ezzamgbo Ohaukwu Ebonyi
Premier Secondary School, Ezillo Ishielu Ebonyi
Isi Okposi High Sch. Ohaozara Ohaozara Ebonyi
Model Compre. Girls’ Sec. Sch.Uguachara, Ebonyi Ebonyi
Community sec. sch. Ndiagu Echara Ikwo, Ikwo Ebonyi
Akaeze Compre. Sec. Sch. Ivo Ebonyi
Girls Model Sec. Sch. Ebuanwana Afikpo South Ebonyi
Sir Franciss Ibiam Grammer Sch. Afikpo Afikpo North Ebonyi
Ishiagu High Sch. Ishiagu Ivo Ebonyi
Unity Sec Sch. Ishiagu Ivo Ebonyi
Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Amaeze Ivo Ebonyi
Urban Sec. Sch Ishiagu Ivo Ebonyi
Girls High School Azuiyi Okwu Abakaliki Ebonyi
Izzikworo High School Ukometa Ezza South Ebonyi
Union Comprehensive Sec School, Obeagu Ishielu Ebonyi
Army Day Sec Sch Nkwagu Abakaliki Ebonyi
Effium High Sch Effium Ohaukwu Ebonyi
Onicha Comm Sec Sch Onicha Ebonyi
Ugwulangwu Sec Sec Ugwulangwu Ohozara Ebonyi
Obe Boys High School, Ozalla Ozalla Enugu
Ozalla High School, Ozalla Ozalla Enugu
Govt Technical College, Nsukka Nsukka Enugu
Union Sec Sch Eha Amufu Isi-Uzo Enugu
Urban Girls' Sec Nsukka Nsukka Enugu
Aguobu-Owa High, Aguobu-Owa Ezeagu Enugu
MSS Mpu Aninri Enugu
College Of Immaculate Conception Enugu South Enugu
Girls Snr Sec Sch Abakpa Nike Enugu East Enugu
Comp High Sch Udi /Abia Udi Enugu
Boys' Snr Sec Sch Nara Nkanu East Enugu
Igboeze Snr Sec Igboeze North Igboeze North Enugu
Comm Snr Sec Sch, Ezimouno Udenu Enugu
Uwani Sesc Ssch, Uwani Enugu South Enugu
Girls' Sc Sch, Akwunanaw Enugu Enugu
City Girls' Snr Sec Sch, Enugu Enugu North Enugu
Comm Sec Sch, Udi Udi Enugu
Premier Secondary School,Ukehe Igbo Etiti Enugu
Comm Sec Sch, Obollp Afor Udenu Enugu
St. Theresa Snr Sec Sch, Abor Udi Enugu
Boys Sec Sch, Amansiodo Oghe Ezeagu Enugu
Urban Secondary School Oji River Orji River Enugu
Community Sec. School Ndeabor Aninri Enugu
Boys Sec School Ovoko Igboeze South Enugu
St Patrick's Sec. Sch. Emene Enugu East Enugu
Model Comp.Sec. Sch. Agbani Nkanu West Enugu
Model Sec. Olo Ezeagu Enugu
Community Sec. Sch. Mpu Aninri Enugu
Community Sec. Sch. Ohebe-Dim Igbo-Etiti Enugu
St. Theresa,s College Nsukka Nsukka Enugu
Community Sec. Sch Agbudu Udi Enugu
Ihiaka Girls Sec. Sch. Iheaka Igo Eze South Enugu
Rosary High School Agwu Enugu
Girls Sec Sch Obe Nkanu West Enugu
St Vincent Secondary School, Agbaogugu Awgu Enugu
ISU-UZO TECH. COLLEGE Enugu State Ugbonabo Enugu
Community Sec Sch,Umuida Igbo-Eze North Enugu
Uzo Uwani Sec School, Adani Uzo Uwani Enugu
Community Primary School, Ihitte Ubi Ahiazu Mbaise Imo
Community Secondary School, Itu Ezinihitte Ezinnihitte-Mbaise Imo
Secondary Technical School, Awo-Omama Oru East Imo
Mbieri Com Sec Sch ,Mbieri Mbaitoli Imo
Okohia Sec Sch Isiala Mbano Isiala Mbano Imo
Dick Tiger Mem Sec Sch Amaigbo Amaigbo Orlu Imo
Umutanze Sec Sch Orlu Imo
Mbaise Sec Sch,Aboh Mbaise Aboh Mbaise Imo
FGGC Owerri Owerri Imo
Amanze Comp Sec Sch Obowo Obowo Imo
Okpala Sec Sch, Ngor Okpala Ngor Okpala Imo
Akatta Sec Sch Orlu, Orlu, Imo
Comm Sec Sch Okigwe Okigwe Imo
Girls Secondary School, Ikenanzizi Obowo Imo
Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaifeke Orlu Imo
C.K.C. Obike Ngor Okpala Imo
Girl's Secondary School, Okigwe Okigwe Imo
Mbaise Girl's Secondary School Ezinihite Imo
Ubomiri Girl's Secondary School, Ubomiri Mbaitoli Imo
Sec. Commercial School, Obiangwa Ngor Okpala Imo
Enyiogugu Secondary School Aboh Mbaise Imo
St. Peter Claver Seminary Okpala Ngo Okpala Imo
Comm. Sec. sch. Awo Idemili Orsu Imo
Oke Ovoro Sec. Sch Uvuru Aboh Mbaise Imo
St. Aquinas Sec. Sch. Umunachi Ehime Mbano Imo
Agaja Sec. Sch., Ehime Mbano Ehime Mbano Imo
Comp. Sec. Sch. Obiangwu, Ngor Okpala Imo
Ahiara Tech. College Ahiazu Ahiara Imo
Comp. Sec. Sch. Ubulu Oru West Imo
Sec. Commercial Sch. Osina, Ideator North Imo
Secondary Commercial School Achara Obowo Imo
Ife Grammar School, Ife Ezinihitte Mbaise Imo
St Saviours Sec Sch, Umuaka Njaba Njaba Imo
Ekwe Sec Sch. Isu Isu Imo
Community Sec Sch Amuzi Ahiaze-Mbaise Imo
Mbutu Sec Sch Mbutu Abo Mbaise Imo
Umuduru Egbeaguru Comm Sec Sch Onuimo Onimo Imo
Uboma Sec Sch/Ikperejere Sec Sch Ikperejere Ikperejere Imo


Rural Broadband Initiative (RUBI)

Aba Metropolis Abia


University Inter Campus Connectivity (UnICC)

Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka Anambra
University of Nigeria Nsukka Nsukka Enugu

Projects at a Glance

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