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The following is a listing of USPF projects in the states of the South West geopolitical region of Nigeria i.e. Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo States.

  • ACC: e-Accessibility Project
  • BTS: Accelerated Mobile Phone Expansion (Base Transceiver Station)
  • CRC: Community Resource Centres
  • HLTH: e-Health Project
  • IRC: Information Resource Centres (e-Library)
  • LCD: Local Content Development
  • RUBI: Rural Broadband Initiative
  • SKC: School Knowledge Centres
  • TIKC: Tertiary Institution Knowledge Centres

LCDSouth WestOdo Oro Community High SchoolIkole EkitiEkiti2020
LCDSouth WestOde Ekiti High SchoolOde EkitiEkiti2020
HLTHSouth WestFederal Medical CentreAdo EkitiEkiti2019
RUBISouth WestEfon AlayeEfon AlayeEkiti2019
LCDSouth WestAdo Grammar School Ado EkitiAdoEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestMuslim College, Ado EkitiAdo EkitiEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestC.A.C Grammar Sch. EponEfonEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestCommunity High Sch. Igbara Odo EkitiEkiti S/WEkiti2018
LCDSouth WestOgotun High Sch. OgotunEkiti South WestEkiti2018
ACCSouth WestEkiti State Government Special School For The BlindIkereEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestIjanmodu Grammar School, Ijan EkitiGbonyinEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestSt. Louis Girls Grammar School Ikere EkitiIkereEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestIlupeju High Sch. IlupejuIlupejuEkiti2015
LCDSouth WestOmuo-Oke Grammar SchoolOmuo-OkeEkiti2015
SKCSouth WestSt. Louis Girls Grammar School Ikere EkitiIkereEkiti2013
SKCSouth WestIjanmodu Grammar School, Ijan EkitiGbonyinEkiti2013
SKCSouth WestIlupeju High Sch. IlupejuIlupejuEkiti2013
SKCSouth WestOmuo-Oke Grammar SchoolOmuo-OkeEkiti2013
SKCSouth WestOkemesi Grammar School OkemesiEkiti WestEkiti2013
SKCSouth WestIpoti Grammar School IpotiIjeroEkiti2013
BTSSouth WestAaye (Formerly Ewu)Do-OsiEkiti2011
BTSSouth WestIpawoIkoleEkiti2011
SKCSouth WestMoba Grammer School MobaEkiti2011
SKCSouth WestEso-Obe High SchoolIjeroEkiti2011
SKCSouth WestEkameta Community High SchoolEpeEkiti2011
SKCSouth WestEdu High School Erio EkitiIjeroEkiti2011
SKCSouth WestOrija High School Emure EkitiEmureEkiti2011
SKCSouth WestAisegba Community Junior High Sce IjanGbonyinEkiti2011
IRCSouth WestUniversity Of Ado- Ekiti Library,AdoEkiti2010
IRCSouth WestFederal Technical College LibraryUsi EkitiEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestOrin High School Orin EkitiOrin EkitiEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestEgbeoba High School Ikole EkitiIkole EkitiEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestAre/ Afao Comprehensive High School Are/AfaoAre/ AfaoEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestDoherty Memorial Grammer School Ijero EkitiIjero EkitiEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestAsiegba Comprehensive High School Asiegbu EkitiAsiegbe EkitiEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestIse Comprehensive High School Ise EkitiIse EkitiEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestIpoti High School Ipoti EkitiIjeroEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestAmoye Grammer School IkereIkereEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestFiyintola High School Oke AyedunEkiti IkoleEkiti2010
SKCSouth WestAnsarudeen High School, Ire-EkitiOyeEkiti2010
TIKCSouth WestAdeyemi College Of EducationIkereEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestUrhonigbe Grammer School UrhonogbeOrhionmwanEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestEyemote Comprehensive High School Iyin-EkitiIrepodun/IfelodunEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestOniwe Comprehensive High School Ilawe-EkitiEkiti South WestEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestChrist School Ado-EkitiAdo EkitiEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestAnswar Nu-Udeedn Comprehensive School Ado-EkitiAdo EkitiEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestApostle Babalola Memiorial College, AlaayeEfonEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestAnnounciation College( Grammer), Ikere-EkitiIkereEkiti2009
SKCSouth WestCommunity Grammermer School Orun-EkitiIse/OrunEkiti2009
TIKCSouth WestFederal PolytechnicAdo-EkitiEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestGovernment College Efon -AlaayeEfon-AlaayeEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestMethodist Girls High School Ifiaki-EkitiIfiaki-EkitiEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestOgunire Comprehensive Ire-EkitiIre-EkitiEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestGovernment Science College Ayerde-EkitiAyerde-EkitiEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestGovernment College, Oye-EkitiOyeEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestGovernment College Ikere- EkitiIkere-EkitiEkiti2008
SKCSouth WestOrun Community Grammer School Orun-EkitiIse/OrunEkiti2008
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of Ado EkitiAdo EkitiEkiti2007
TIKCSouth WestState College Of EducationIkere EkitiEkiti2007
SKCSouth WestMary Immaculate Grammer School Ado-EkitiAdo-EkitiEkiti2007
SKCSouth WestEkiti Government College Ado -EkitiAdo-EkitiEkiti2007
SKCSouth WestIjero High School IjeroIjero-EkitiEkiti2007
BTSSouth WestOdo OwaAdoEkiti
BTSSouth WestAayeIdo-OsiEkiti
BTSSouth WestAgesinIkereEkiti
BTSSouth WestIpawoIkoleEkiti
CRCSouth WestEmureEmureEkiti
IRCSouth WestUniversity Of Ado € Ekiti Library, Ado EkitiAdo EkitiEkiti
IRCSouth WestFederal Technical College Library, Usi - EkitiUsi - EkitiEkiti
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of Ado EkitiAdo EkitiEkiti
TIKCSouth WestState College Of EducationIkere EkitiEkiti
LCDSouth WestGovt. Senior College Eric MoreSurulereLagos2020
ACCSouth WestPacilli School For Blind ChildrenSurulereLagos2019
IRCSouth WestNational Museum LibraryOnikanLagos2018
LCDSouth WestMushin Olese Jmr Sec. Sch. Egbe IdimuAlimoshoLagos2018
LCDSouth WestOlomu Community Sec. Sch. AjahEti-OsaLagos2018
LCDSouth WestOto Awori Grammar Sch. Oto Town Km 28 Badagry Exp. WayOjoLagos2018
LCDSouth WestGbaja Girls Sec. Sch. SurulereSurulereLagos2018
ACCSouth WestChildren Developmental Centre LagosSurulereLagos2016
LCDSouth WestMaryland Comprehensive Secondary School, MarylandKosofe L.G.ALagos2016
ACCSouth WestDown Syndrome FoundationSurulereLagos2015
HLTHSouth WestGeneral HospitalLagosLagos2015
LCDSouth WestEpe Snr Grammar School, EpeEpeLagos2015
LCDSouth WestNigerian Army School Of Signals Apapa-LagosEti-OsaLagos2015
LCDSouth WestFagba Grammar School FagbaIfako-IjayeLagos2015
LCDSouth WestAngus School, Igbobi, SomoluSomoluLagos2015
SKCSouth WestNigerian Army School Of Signals Apapa-LagosEti-OsaLagos2013
SKCSouth WestMaryland Comprehensive Secondary School, Maryland, Kosofe L.G.ALagos2013
SKCSouth WestOgunmodede High School Papa Via EpeEpeLagos2013
SKCSouth WestOke Magba High SchoolEpeLagos2011
SKCSouth WestGovernment Junior High SchoolAgegeLagos2011
SKCSouth WestAkinyele Alakuko Junior Secondary School AlakokoIfako IjaiyeLagos2011
SKCSouth WestEpe Snr Grammar School, EpeEpeLagos2011
SKCSouth WestAngus School, Igbobi, SomoluSomoluLagos2011
SKCSouth WestFagba Grammar School FagbaIfako-IjayeLagos2011
IRCSouth WestLagos State University Library Ojo, Ojo LgaOjoLagos2010
IRCSouth WestNational Library, 227, Herbert Macaulay WayYabaLagos2010
SKCSouth WestOjo Senior High School OjoOjoLagos2010
SKCSouth WestOreyo Senior Grammer School Oreyo OreyoLagos2010
SKCSouth WestDolphin High School Ebute ElefunElefunLagos2010
SKCSouth WestEpetedo High School EpetedoEpetedoLagos2010
SKCSouth WestPatrick Speech Learning School Ikeja GraIkejaLagos2010
SKCSouth WestMethodist Girls High School, YabaMainlandLagos2010
SKCSouth WestIlasan Grammer School Eti-OsaEti-OsaLagos2010
SKCSouth WestEpetedo Junior Secondary School Hawley StL/IslandLagos2010
SKCSouth WestAje Comprehensive High SchoolYabaLagos2010
SKCSouth WestOnike Girls High SchoolYabaLagos2010
TIKCSouth WestFederal College Of Education TechnicalAkokaLagos2009
TIKCSouth WestAdeniran Ogunsoya College Of EducationIjanikinLagos2009
TIKCSouth WestLagos State PolytechnicIkoroduLagos2009
SKCSouth WestLagos State Senior Model School Agbowa- IkosiEpeLagos2009
SKCSouth WestBaptist Academy, ObanikoroSomoluLagos2009
SKCSouth WestNew Era, Girls Secondary School StadiumSurulereLagos2009
SKCSouth WestIloro Junior Grammer School, AgegeAgegeLagos2009
SKCSouth WestIfako Comprehensive Senior High SchoolSomoluLagos2009
SKCSouth WestOrimedu Junior High School, Ibeju/LekkiIbeku/LekkiLagos2009
SKCSouth WestJibowu High School YabaMainlandLagos2009
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of Lagos, Faculty Of LawYabaLagos2008
TIKCSouth WestLagos State UniversityOjoLagos2008
SKCSouth WestCentral Senior High School Okota Oshodi/ IsoloLagos2008
SKCSouth WestImmaculate Heart Senior Secondary School Maryland Ikeja LagosLagos2008
SKCSouth WestGovernment Senior College, IkoroduIkoroduLagos2008
SKCSouth WestEpe Girls Senior High School EpeEpeLagos2008
SKCSouth WestMethodist Boys High School ViVictoria IslandLagos2008
SKCSouth WestSanya Grammer School Mile 2 Oshodi ExpresswaySurulere 11Lagos2008
SKCSouth WestHerbert Macaulay Senior Girls High School YabaSabo- YabaLagos2008
SKCSouth WestAunty Ayo Girls High School Obalende, IkoyiEti-OsaLagos2008
SKCSouth WestCms Grammer School BarigaBarigaLagos2008
SKCSouth WestAbesan High School, Abesan Housing Estate School 1, AlimoshoAlimoshoLagos2008
SKCSouth WestAwori College ,OjoOjoLagos2008
SKCSouth WestZamuratual Islamiyyah Grammer School, IgbogboIkoroduLagos2008
SKCSouth WestAgidingbi Senior Grammer School IkejaIkejaLagos2007
SKCSouth WestAnwar-Ul Islam College AgegeAgegeLagos2007
SKCSouth WestImoye Senior High School Amuwo OdofinAmuwo-Odofin Lagos2007
CRCSouth WestOkokomaiko-OjoOkokomaiko-OjoLagos
CRCSouth WestPoka EpePoka EpeLagos
CRCSouth WestSabo, YabaSabo, Yaba LcdaLagos
HLTHSouth WestGeneral HospitalLagosLagos
IRCSouth WestNational Library, YabaMainlandLagos
IRCSouth WestState University Library, OjoOjoLagos
TIKCSouth WestLagos State UniversityOjooLagos
TIKCSouth WestYaba College Of TechnologyYabaLagos
ACCSouth WestSchool For Children With Special NeedsIlaroOgun2020
LCDSouth WestBaptist Boys High SchoolOke-Saja AbeokutaOgun2020
HLTHSouth WestGeneral HospitalIjebu IgboOgun2018
LCDSouth WestIkija High School, Iberikodo, AbeokutaAbeokuta NorthOgun2018
LCDSouth WestAyepe Compr. High Sch.AyepeAbeokuta SouthOgun2018
LCDSouth WestIganmode Grammar Sch. OtaAdo-Odo/OtaOgun2018
LCDSouth WestOgbogbo Baptist Grammar Sch.OgbogboOgun2018
LCDSouth WestRemo Sec. Sch.ShagamuOgun2018
TIKCSouth WestAbraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu IgboIjebu IgboOgun2018
ACCSouth WestAde Okubanjo Model School For Visually ChallengedIjebu IgboOgun2017
LCDSouth WestMayflower School IkenneIkenneOgun2016
TIKCSouth WestFederal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun StateIlaroOgun2016
ACCSouth WestDaniel Akintonde Model School For The Handicapped ChildrenAbeokutaOgun2015
LCDSouth WestMethodist High Sch. Ago IwoyeIjebu NorthOgun2015
LCDSouth WestChrist Church High School Sabo, MolodeIjebu-OdeOgun2015
LCDSouth WestChrist Apostolic School Iperu-RemoIkenneOgun2015
LCDSouth WestSt. Mary'S Grammar School IwoIwoOgun2015
RUBISouth WestIjebu-OdeIjebu-OdeOgun2015
SKCSouth WestSt. MaryS Grammar School IwoIwoOgun2013
SKCSouth WestMethodist High Sch. Ago IwoyeIjebu NorthOgun2013
SKCSouth WestMayflower School IkenneIkenneOgun2013
BTSSouth WestWasinmi (Fomerly Ilushin/Abigi)EwekoroOgun2011
BTSSouth WestIgbo-Ora (Fomerly Alo)Ibarapa CentralOgun2011
BTSSouth WestOrita J4Ijebu EastOgun2011
BTSSouth WestKila/Orile/IlugunOdedaOgun2011
SKCSouth WestIjebu Ode Grammer School Ijebu OdeOgun2011
SKCSouth WestAbusi Edumare Academy Ijebu NorthOgun2011
SKCSouth WestLocal Government Secondary School AtanAdo/Odo OtaOgun2011
SKCSouth WestNazareth High SchoolImeko/AfonOgun2011
SKCSouth WestChrist Apostolic School Iperu-RemoIkenneOgun2011
SKCSouth WestChrist High School,Sabo, Molode, Ijebu OdeIjebu OdeOgun2011
IRCSouth WestNational Library, Abeokuta. No85 Ijemo Agbadu Rd., Wasimi AkeAbeokutaOgun2010
IRCSouth WestOlabisi Onabanjo University Library Ago- IwoyeAgo-IwoyeOgun2010
SKCSouth WestPremier Grammer School Lasenwa Abeokuta NorthOgun2010
SKCSouth WestEgba Owode Grammer School Owode EgbaObafemi OwodeOgun2010
SKCSouth WestGovernment Science & Technical College Ijebu-OdeIjebu- OdeOgun2010
SKCSouth WestSagamu High School SagamuSagamuOgun2010
SKCSouth WestSango-Ota High School OtaAdo-Odo/OtaOgun2010
SKCSouth WestAlaye High School AyetoroYewa NorthOgun2010
SKCSouth WestEgba Odeda Grammer School Odeda AbeokutaOgun2010
SKCSouth WestAgo-Iwoye Secondary School Ago-IwoyeIjebu NorthOgun2010
SKCSouth WestOde-Remo High School Ode-RemoRemo-NorthOgun2010
SKCSouth WestGov'T Science & Technical College Idi Aba, AbeokutaAbeokuta SouthOgun2010
SKCSouth WestEgba Obafemi Owede Grammar Sch. Egba Obafemi OwodeAbeokutaOgun2010
TIKCSouth WestMoshood Abiola PolytechnicAbeokutaOgun2009
TIKCSouth WestOlabisi Olabanjo UniversityAgo-IwoyeOgun2009
SKCSouth WestGovernment Science & Technical Collge AjegunleIpokiaOgun2009
SKCSouth WestSocial Training Institute Shasha Iperu-RemoIkenneOgun2009
SKCSouth WestMuslim College Ijebu OdeIjebu OdeOgun2009
SKCSouth WestEgbad College IlaroYewa SouthOgun2009
SKCSouth WestMultilateral Grammer School Okun OwaOdogboluOgun2009
SKCSouth WestMolusi College, Ijebu-IgboIjebu NorthOgun2009
SKCSouth WestLantoro High School Lantoro Abeokuta SouthOgun2009
BTSSouth WestKajolaKajolaOgun2008
TIKCSouth WestRedemmer'S UniversityIbafoOgun2008
TIKCSouth WestTai Solarin University Of Ogun StateIjebu OdeOgun2008
TIKCSouth WestCovenant UniversityOttaOgun2008
SKCSouth WestOwode Secondary School OwodeYewa SouthOgun2008
SKCSouth WestAjoda High School AjodaYewa NorthOgun2008
SKCSouth WestIko Gateway Grammer School IpokiaIpokiaOgun2008
SKCSouth WestAiyepe Comprehensive High School IlankaOdogboluOgun2008
SKCSouth WestOgbogbo Baptist Grammer School OdogboluIjebu North EastOgun2008
SKCSouth WestAdeola Odutola Comprehensive High School Ijebu -OdeIjebu-OdeOgun2008
SKCSouth WestAbeokuta Girls Grammer SchoolAbeokuta SouthOgun2008
SKCSouth WestOrile_Igbor Grammer School AjuraObafemi/OwodeOgun2008
SKCSouth WestBaptist High School AbeokutaAbeokuta SouthOgun2008
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of AgricultureAbeokutaOgun2007
TIKCSouth WestMko Abiola PolytechnicObafemi OwodeOgun2007
SKCSouth WestOwode High School Obafemi/OwodeObafemi/OwodeOgun2007
SKCSouth WestMethodist High School EwekoroEwekoroOgun2007
SKCSouth WestNawair-Ud-Deen Grammer School ObantokoAbeokutaOgun2007
BTSSouth WestItori-WasimiAbeokuta SouthOgun
BTSSouth WestIgbo-OraIbarapa NorthOgun
BTSSouth WestOrita J4Ijebu EastOgun
BTSSouth WestKajolaKajolaOgun
BTSSouth WestOrile-Ilugun-KilaOdedaOgun
CRCSouth WestAiyetoroAiyetoroOgun
CRCSouth WestIjebu IgboIjebu WestOgun
CRCSouth WestOrta IlaroIpokiaOgun
CRCSouth WestIsaboIsaboOgun
CRCSouth WestOsieleShagamuOgun
IRCSouth WestNational Library, AbeokutaAbeokutaOgun
IRCSouth WestOlabisi Onabanjo University Library, Ago - IwoyeAgo - IwoyeOgun
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of AgricultureAbeokutaOgun
TIKCSouth WestMKO Abiola PolytechnicObafemi OwodeOgun
LCDSouth WestAjowa Comm. Grammer SchoolAjowa AkokoOndo2020
LCDSouth WestAnsar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High SchoolIkareOndo2020
RUBISouth WestOwoOwoOndo2020
ACCSouth WestSchool For The DeafAkureOndo2019
RUBISouth WestAkureAkureOndo2019
LCDSouth WestOkeede Comm. High Sch. SupareAkoko SouthOndo2018
LCDSouth WestMary Queen Of Angels Catholic Girls Sec. Sch. AhureAkureOndo2018
LCDSouth WestGbeleju Loda High Sch, GbelejuIreleOndo2018
LCDSouth WestBaptist Grammar Sch. Ode-AyeOkitipupaOndo2018
LCDSouth WestNew Church Grammar Sch. OwoOwoOndo2018
LCDSouth WestAjuwa Grammar School Okeagbe, Akoko North/WestAkoko North WestOndo2016
LCDSouth WestSt. Patrick Secondary School AkokoAkoko South/West.Ondo2015
LCDSouth WestAcquinas College AkureAure SouthOndo2015
LCDSouth WestMethodist High School IdanreIdanreOndo2015
LCDSouth WestThe Apostolic High School Ilara-MokinIfedoreOndo2015
ACCSouth WestOndo State School Of The BlindOwoOndo2013
SKCSouth WestLaragusin Grammer School IyansanIreleOndo2013
SKCSouth WestAcquinas College AkureAure SouthOndo2013
SKCSouth WestMethodist High School IdanreIdanreOndo2013
SKCSouth WestSt. Patrick Secondary School AkokoAkoko South/West.Ondo2013
SKCSouth WestThe Apostolic High School Ilara-MokinIfedoreOndo2013
SKCSouth WestAjuwa Grammar School Okeagbe, Akoko North/WestAkoko North WestOndo2013
SKCSouth WestVictor College IkareAkoko North EastOndo2013
SKCSouth WestOla-Oluwa Grammar School Oka-AkokoAkoko South WestOndo2013
BTSSouth WestAlaade/IdanreIdanreOndo2011
BTSSouth WestOke-Alafia/RamonIle-Oluji/ OkeigboOndo2011
BTSSouth WestIrele/OnisekereIreleOndo2011
BTSSouth WestJagunOdedaOndo2011
SKCSouth WestIgbotako Community Grammer School OkitipupaOkitipupaOndo2011
SKCSouth WestIle Mopo Comprehensive High School, Irun Akoko Akoko NorthOndo2011
SKCSouth WestSt John/Mary Unity Secondary School OwoOwoOndo2011
SKCSouth WestAfrican Church Grammer School OkaOndo NorthOndo2011
SKCSouth WestAnglican Grammer School Igbara-OkeOndo StateOndo2011
SKCSouth WestMethodist High School OkitipupaOkitipupaOndo2011
IRCSouth WestAdekunle Ajasin University LibraryAgunba AkokoOndo2010
IRCSouth WestNational Library Oda Road (Opposite Ondo State Law Commission)AkureOndo2010
RUBISouth WestAkure (Pilot)Akure (Pilot)Ondo2010
SKCSouth WestMore High School AfoOseOndo2010
SKCSouth WestSt Hellen Unity SchoolOndo WestOndo2010
SKCSouth WestFiwasaye Government College School AkureAkureOndo2010
SKCSouth WestSt Francis Government College School Ile-OlujiIle-Oluji /OkeigboOndo2010
SKCSouth WestIgasi Community Grammer School EritiAkoko NorthOndo2010
SKCSouth WestCommunity Grammer School AkotogboIreleOndo2010
SKCSouth WestAkunu Comprehensive Grammer School Akunu-AkokoAkunu-Akoko NeOndo2010
SKCSouth WestAjowa Comprehensive High School AjowaAkoko North EastOndo2010
SKCSouth WestOwo High School OwoOwoOndo2010
SKCSouth WestOlofin Snr Grammer School IdanreIdanreOndo2010
TIKCSouth WestOndo State University Of Science & TechnologyOkiti PupaOndo2009
SKCSouth WestAjuta High School, OgbaiAkoko North West LgOndo2009
SKCSouth WestAfrican Church, Grammer School AkokoAkoko South WestOndo2009
SKCSouth WestIpenmen Community Secondary School, IpemenOwoOndo2009
SKCSouth WestPolice Secondary School, AkureAkureOndo2009
SKCSouth WestSt Joseph'S College OndoOndo WestOndo2009
SKCSouth WestFederal Government Girls College AkureAkure SouthOndo2009
SKCSouth WestStella Maris College OkitipupaOkitipupaOndo2009
SKCSouth WestIlaje Grammer School AtijereIlajeOndo2009
TIKCSouth WestAdekunle Ajasin UniversityAkumgbaOndo2008
SKCSouth WestCommunity Secondary School OkoOko North-CentralOndo2008
SKCSouth WestAkoko Anglican Grammer School ArigidiArigidi AkokoOndo2008
SKCSouth WestIdoani Grammer School IdoaniIdoaniOndo2008
SKCSouth WestArmy Comprehensive High School AkureAkureOndo2008
SKCSouth WestAyo Grammer School IpogunIpogunOndo2008
SKCSouth WestOwena Community Grammer School OwenaOwenaOndo2008
SKCSouth WestFagunwa Memorial Grammer School Igbo OlodumareIgbo OlodumareOndo2008
SKCSouth WestOlofin Jnr Grammer School IdanreOndo2008
SKCSouth WestUnited Grammer School Ode IreleOde IreleOndo2008
SKCSouth WestCommunity Grammer School IwamimoIwamimoOndo2008
TIKCSouth WestFederal University Of TechnologyAkureOndo2007
TIKCSouth WestOndo State PolytechnicOwoOndo2007
ACCSouth WestOndo State School of the BlindOwoOndo
BTSSouth WestAlade IdanreIdanreOndo
BTSSouth WestIpogunIfedoreOndo
BTSSouth WestOke AlafiaIle-Oluji/OkeIgboOndo
BTSSouth WestOde IreleIreleOndo
IRCSouth WestAdekunle Ajasin University Library, Akungba AkokoAkungba AkokoOndo
IRCSouth WestNational Library, AkureAkureOndo
TIKCSouth WestFederal University Of TechnologyAkureOndo
TIKCSouth WestOndo State PolytechnicOwoOndo
ACCSouth WestSchool For Special NeedsIkirumOsun2020
HLTHSouth WestGeneral HospitalOsogboOsun2020
LCDSouth WestIma High SchoolIma OlobuOsun2020
LCDSouth WestInisha Grammar SchoolInishaOsun2020
RUBISouth WestEjigboEjigboOsun2020
RUBISouth WestIleshaIleshaOsun2019
ACCSouth WestSchool For The HandicappedIwoOsun2018
IRCSouth WestOsun State Polytechnic LibraryIreeOsun2018
LCDSouth WestIjebu-Ijesha Grammar Sch. Ijebu-IjeshaIjeshaOsun2018
LCDSouth WestOoni Girls High Sch. Ile IfeIle IfeOsun2018
LCDSouth WestAmere Jnr & Snr Sec. Sch. IwoIwoOsun2018
LCDSouth WestEsa Oke Grammar Sch. Esa OkeObukunOsun2018
LCDSouth WestIlase Community Grammar Sch. IlaesaObukunOsun2018
LCDSouth WestLocal Authority Grammar School IwoIwoOsun2016
ACCSouth WestSchool For The HandicappedOsogboOsun2015
LCDSouth WestSt. Patrick Grammar School GboganAiyedaadeOsun2015
LCDSouth WestEde Muslim Grammar School EdeEde NorthOsun2015
LCDSouth WestIkinyinwa Senior Secondary School, Ikinyinwa, ObokunObokunOsun2015
LCDSouth WestSt. Charles Grammar School, OsogboOsogboOsun2015
RUBISouth WestOsogboOsogboOsun2015
BTSSouth WestAdaBoripeOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIfeIfe CentralOsun2013
BTSSouth WestYakoyo, Osun StateIfe NorthOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIpetumoduIfe NorthOsun2013
BTSSouth WestAkinlaluIfe NorthOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIkirunIfelodunOsun2013
BTSSouth WestIbaOdo OtinOsun2013
SKCSouth WestFatima CollegeAyedireOsun2013
SKCSouth WestSt. Charles Grammar School, OsogboOsogboOsun2013
SKCSouth WestIkinyinwa Senior Secondary School, Ikinyinwa, ObokunObokunOsun2013
SKCSouth WestSt. Patrick Grammar School GboganAiyedaadeOsun2013
SKCSouth WestEde Muslim Grammar School EdeEde NorthOsun2013
SKCSouth WestLocal Authority Grammar School IwoIwoOsun2013
SKCSouth WestLaarosin Grammar School IlobuOke-ImaOsun2013
BTSSouth WestAgesin (Formerly Agbagbara) LagesinAiyedireOsun2011
BTSSouth WestEti-OniAtakunmosa EastOsun2011
BTSSouth WestSongbeEjigboOsun2011
BTSSouth WestIlobu Haleluyah (Former Ly Edemosi)IrepodunOsun2011
BTSSouth WestOba-IfeOlorundaOsun2011
SKCSouth WestSt John Grammer School Oke-Aton Ile IfeIfe EastOsun2011
SKCSouth WestOra Grammer School Ora IfederalayoOsun2011
SKCSouth WestOrolu Community Girls School SnrOroluOsun2011
SKCSouth WestIlesa Grammer School Ilesa Ilesa EastOsun2011
SKCSouth WestEbenezer Girls School IjedaOriadeOsun2011
SKCSouth WestBaptist High School IwoIwoOsun2011
IRCSouth WestObafemi Awolowo University LibraryIle-IfeOsun2010
IRCSouth WestState LibraryOsogboOsun2010
RUBISouth WestOsogbo (Pilot)Osogbo (Pilot)Osun2010
SKCSouth WestOyinlola Comprehensive High School OkukuOdo -Otin OsunOsun2010
SKCSouth WestFakunle Comprehensive High School OsogboGbongan-Ibadan Rd Osogbo OsunOsun2010
SKCSouth WestObokun High School IlesaIlesaOsun2010
SKCSouth WestSt Davids Grammer School Ile-IfeIle-IfeOsun2010
SKCSouth WestAgbonran School Sc EdeEdeOsun2010
SKCSouth WestUnity School IkireIkireOsun2010
SKCSouth WestBiladu Ogunmokun Grammer School IlesaIlesa EastOsun2010
SKCSouth WestSt Davis Grammer School OdeomuAyedadeOsun2010
SKCSouth WestUnited Methodist High IwoIwoOsun2010
SKCSouth WestOkeila Grammer School Okeila OrangunIlaOsun2010
TIKCSouth WestOsun State College Of EducationIlesaOsun2009
TIKCSouth WestOsun State PolytechnicIreeOsun2009
SKCSouth WestOba Laoye Grammer School Ede South EdeEdeOsun2009
SKCSouth WestIfe Girls High School Ile-IfeIle-IfeOsun2009
SKCSouth WestLurther King'S College IleogboAiyedireOsun2009
SKCSouth WestCommunity Grammer School, Temdire IjesaAtakunmosa EastOsun2009
SKCSouth WestOyan Grammer School Oyan OsunOyan Osun WestOsun2009
SKCSouth WestSchool Of Science IragbijiBoripeOsun2009
SKCSouth WestAdc Grammer School ApomuEde NorthOsun2009
SKCSouth WestLocal Authority Secondary Grammer School, EjigboEjigboOsun2009
BTSSouth WestOde-OmuAiyedadeOsun2008
BTSSouth WestSekonaEde SouthOsun2008
SKCSouth WestOdo Otin Grammer School OkukuOdo OtinOsun2008
SKCSouth WestIla Grammer School Ila OrangunIlaOsun2008
SKCSouth WestAkinorun Grammer School IfelodunIfelodunOsun2008
SKCSouth WestOduduwa College, Ile-IfeIfe CentralOsun2008
SKCSouth WestIbokum Grammer (High) School ObukunObukunOsun2008
SKCSouth WestModakeke High School ModakekeModakekeOsun2008
SKCSouth WestGbongan/Odeomu Anglican School Of ScienceGbonganOsun2008
SKCSouth WestAyedaade Grammer School IkireIkireOsun2008
SKCSouth WestIwo Grammer School IwoIwoOsun2008
SKCSouth WestOsogbo Grammer School OsogboOsogboOsun2008
TIKCSouth WestFederal PolytechnicEdeOsun2007
TIKCSouth WestOsun State UniversityIwoOsun2007
BTSSouth WestOde-OmuAyedaadeOsun
BTSSouth WestSekonaEde SouthOsun
BTSSouth WestTooto-SongbeEjigboOsun
BTSSouth WestYakoyoIfe NorthOsun
BTSSouth WestIpetu ModuIfe NorthOsun
BTSSouth WestAkinlaluIfe NorthOsun
BTSSouth WestIfeIfe NorthOsun
BTSSouth WestIpetu ModuIfe NorthOsun
BTSSouth WestIkirunIfelodunOsun
BTSSouth WestAdaIfelodunOsun
BTSSouth WestIbaIfelodunOsun
BTSSouth WestIlobu-HalelluyahIrepodunOsun
BTSSouth WestOba IleOlorundaOsun
BTSSouth WestIkeji/Eti OniOriadeOsun
IRCSouth WestObafemi Awolowo University Library, Ile IfeIle IfeOsun
IRCSouth WestState Library, OsogboOsogboOsun
TIKCSouth WestFederal PolytechnicEdeOsun
TIKCSouth WestOsun State UniversityIwoOsun
LCDSouth WestIgangan High School IganganIbarapaOyo2020
RUBISouth WestOtuOtuOyo2020
TIKCSouth WestEmmanuel Alayande College Of Education (Ongoing)IbadanOyo2020
RUBISouth WestSaki/IsenyinSaki/IsenyinOyo2019
TIKCSouth WestNigerian Institute Of Social & Economic Research (Niser)IbadanOyo2019
LCDSouth WestSt. Brigid'S Convent Sch. MokolaIbadan NorthOyo2018
LCDSouth WestBapist Sec. Sch. Oke Ado, IbadanIbadan South WestOyo2018
LCDSouth WestAud High School Odo-Omu IseyinIseyinOyo2018
LCDSouth WestOkere Grammar Sch.Sannho SakiSaki WestOyo2018
LCDSouth WestBaptist High Sch. 1 SakiSaki WestOyo2018
TIKCSouth WestTechnical University (Tech-U) IbadanIbadanOyo2018
ACCSouth WestCheshire High SchoolIbadanOyo2017
IRCSouth WestOyo State Library Board BodijaIbadanOyo2017
ACCSouth WestBasic School For Special ChildrenOkebolaOyo2016
LCDSouth WestChesire High School IbadanIbadan CentralOyo2016
TIKCSouth WestThe PolytechnicIbadanOyo2016
HLTHSouth WestGeneral HospitalOyoOyo2015
LCDSouth WestOlivert Grammar Sch. OyoAtibaOyo2015
LCDSouth WestNew Eruwa High School EruwaIbarapa EastOyo2015
LCDSouth WestLagbulu Memorial High School Kisi, IrepoIrepoOyo2015
LCDSouth WestIkoyi Ile Grammar School, OgbomosoOgbomosho NorthOyo2015
RUBISouth WestOyoOyoOyo2015
ACCSouth WestFederal College Of Education (Special)OyoOyo2013
SKCSouth WestIkoyi Ile Grammar School, OgbomosoOgbomosho NorthOyo2013
SKCSouth WestLagbulu Memorial High School Kisi, IrepoIrepoOyo2013
SKCSouth WestNew Eruwa High School EruwaIbarapa EastOyo2013
SKCSouth WestOlivert Grammar Sch. OyoAtibaOyo2013
SKCSouth WestChesire High School IbadanIbadan CentralOyo2013
SKCSouth WestSchool Of Science Okeho, KajolaKajolaOyo2013
BTSSouth WestOlorunda/Ola-DeleLageluOyo2011
BTSSouth WestAdafilaOri IreOyo2011
BTSSouth WestTewureOri IreOyo2011
BTSSouth WestIresa-AduSurulereOyo2011
SKCSouth WestCommunity Grammer School Akanran Ona -AraOyo2011
SKCSouth WestOba Akinyele Memorial SchoolIbadan NorthOyo2011
SKCSouth WestIgbojaye Community High School IgbojayeItesiwajuOyo2011
SKCSouth WestOgbomoso High SchoolOgbomosoOyo2011
SKCSouth WestIbarapa Central Ayelogun Grammer School IdereIbarapa CentralOyo2011
SKCSouth WestAkolu Grammer School EruwaIbarapa EastOyo2011
IRCSouth WestNational Library Ibadan. Plot 774 Iyaganku, DugbeIbadanOyo2010
IRCSouth WestLadoke Akintola UniversityOgbomosoOyo2010
TIKCSouth WestUniversity Of IbadanIbadanOyo2010
TIKCSouth WestEmmanuel Alayonde College Of EducationOyoOyo2010
SKCSouth WestIgboora High School, IgbooraIbarapa CentralOyo2010
SKCSouth WestElekuro High School Ogbere IbadanOna-AraOyo2010
SKCSouth WestSchool Of Science, OyoOyoOyo2010
SKCSouth WestSchool Of Science OgbomosoOgbomosoOyo2010
SKCSouth WestIrepo Grammer School IgbohoOorelopeOyo2010
SKCSouth WestIbadan Grammer School IbadanIbadanOyo2010
SKCSouth WestIgbo-Elerin Grammer School IbadanIbadanOyo2010
SKCSouth WestOkaka Community Grammer School OkakaOkaka ItesiwajuOyo2010
SKCSouth WestLoyola College IbadanOluyoleOyo2010
SKCSouth WestKomu- Babaode High School KomuItesiwajuOyo2010
SKCSouth WestIbadan City Academy IbadanIbadan South EastOyo2009
SKCSouth WestMethodist Grammer School IbadanIbadan NorthOyo2009
SKCSouth WestIsabatudeen Girls' Grammer School LegeluLegeluOyo2009
SKCSouth WestProspect High School AbanlaAbanlaOyo2009
SKCSouth WestOjongbodu Grammer School, OyoOyo WestOyo2009
SKCSouth WestKoso Community Grammer School, IseyinIseyinOyo2009
SKCSouth WestMuslim Secondary School, SakiSaki WestOyo2009
SKCSouth WestGovernment Secondary School Orita AperinAperinOyo2009
BTSSouth WestLanlateIbarapa EastOyo2008
BTSSouth WestAyeteIbarapa NorthOyo2008
BTSSouth WestOkakaItesiwajuOyo2008
BTSSouth WestIwere-IleIwajowaOyo2008
TIKCSouth WestFederal College Of EducationOyoOyo2008
SKCSouth WestBaptist High School OkehoOkehoOyo2008
SKCSouth WestMuslim Grammer School Modeke IgbohoOrelopeOyo2008
SKCSouth WestBaptist Academy, OgbomoshoOgbomoshoOyo2008
SKCSouth WestAnsarudeen Grammer School IbadanIbadanOyo2008
SKCSouth WestOur Lady Apostle Secondary School Mary Way Odo OnaOdo OnaOyo2008
SKCSouth WestObaseku High School EruwaEruwaOyo2008
SKCSouth WestAwe High School AweAweOyo2008
SKCSouth WestAyekale Comprehensive Junior High School IbadanIbadanOyo2008
SKCSouth WestFiditi Grammer School FiditiFiditiOyo2008
SKCSouth WestWesley School Of Science IbadanIbadanOyo2008
TIKCSouth WestThe PolytechnicIbadanOyo2007
TIKCSouth WestLadoke Akintola Univ. Of Tech.OgbomoshoOyo2007
ACCSouth WestFederal College of Education (Special)OyoOyo
BTSSouth WestAdafilaAfijioOyo
BTSSouth WestOlorundaAkinyeleOyo
BTSSouth WestLanlateIbarapaOyo
BTSSouth WestAyeteIbarapa NorthOyo
BTSSouth WestOkakaItesiwajuOyo
BTSSouth WestIwere-IleIwajowaOyo
BTSSouth WestTewureOrireOyo
BTSSouth WestIresa AduSurulereOyo
CRCSouth WestAkinmoorinAfijioOyo
CRCSouth WestAgbowoAgbowoOyo
CRCSouth WestOkuntemo OyoOkuntemo OyoOyo
HLTHSouth WestGeneral HospitalOyoOyo
IRCSouth WestNational Library, IbadanIbadanOyo
IRCSouth WestLadoke Akintola University Library, OgbomosoOgbomosoOyo
TIKCSouth WestThe PolytechnicIbadanOyo
TIKCSouth WestLadoke Akintola Univ. Of Tech.OgbomoshoOyo

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Ipawo Ikole Ekiti
Agesin Ikere Ekiti
Aaye Ido-Osi Ekiti
Odo Owa Ado Ekiti
Kajola Kajola Ogun
Orile-Ilugun-Kila Odeda Ogun
Igbo-Ora Ibarapa North Ogun
Itori-Wasimi Abeokuta South Ogun
Orita J4 Ijebu East Ogun
Alade Idanre Idanre Ondo
Ipogun Ifedore Ondo
Oke Alafia Ile-Oluji/OkeIgbo Ondo
Ode Irele Irele Ondo
Tooto-Songbe Ejigbo Osun
Ikeji/Eti Oni Oriade Osun
Oba Ile Olorunda Osun
Sekona Ede South Osun
Ode-Omu Ayedaade Osun
Ilobu-Halelluyah Irepodun Osun
Tewure Orire Oyo
Iresa Adu Surulere Oyo
Olorunda Akinyele Oyo
Adafila Afijio Oyo
Ayete Ibarapa North Oyo
Okaka Itesiwaju Oyo
Iwere-Ile Iwajowa Oyo
Lanlate Ibarapa Oyo


Community Resource Centres (CRC)

Emure Emure Ekiti
Okokomaiko-Ojo Okokomaiko-Ojo Lagos
Isabo Isabo Ogun
Aiyetoro Aiyetoro Ogun
Ijebu Igbo Ijebu West Ogun
Akinmoorin Afijio Oyo
Okuntemo Oyo Okuntemo Oyo Oyo
Agbowo Agbowo Oyo
Poka Epe Poka Epe Lagos
Sabo, Yaba Sabo, Yaba LCDA Lagos
Orta Ilaro Ipokia Ogun
Osiele Shagamu Ogun


Information Resource Centres (IRC)

University of Ado Ekiti Library, Ado Ekiti Ado Ekiti Ekiti
Federal Technical College Library, Usi - Ekiti Usi - Ekiti Ekiti
National Library, Yaba Mainland Lagos
State University Library, Ojo Ojo Lagos
National Library, Abeokuta Abeokuta Ogun
Olabisi Onabanjo University Library, Ago - Iwoye Ago - Iwoye Ogun
National Library, Akure Akure Ondo
Adekunle Ajasin University Library, Akungba Akoko Akungba Akoko Ondo
State Library, Osogbo Osogbo Osun
Obafemi Awolowo University Library, Ile Ife Ile Ife Osun
National Library, Ibadan Ibadan Oyo
Ladoke Akintola University Library, Ogbomoso Ogbomoso Oyo


School Knowledge Centres (SKC)

Mary Immaculate Grammar Sch, Ado -Ekiti Ado-Ekiti Ekiti
Ekiti Government College, Ado-Ekiti- Ado-Ekiti Ekiti
Ijero High School Ijero-Ekiti Ijero-Ekiti Ekiti
Government College Efon-Alaaye Efon-Alaaye Ekiti
Methodist Girls' High School Ifaki- Ekiti Ifaki-Ekiti Ekiti
Ogunire Comprehensive Ire- Ekiti Ire-Ekiti Ekiti
Government Science College Ayede-Ekiti Ayede-Ekiti Ekiti
Government College Oye-Ekiti Oye Ekiti
Government College Ikere_Ekiti Ikere-Ekiti Ekiti
Orun Community Grammar Sch, Orun-Ekiti Ise/Orun Ekiti
Eyemote Comprehensive High School, Iyin-Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun Ekiti
Oniwe Comprehensive High School, Ilawe-Ekiti Ekiti South West Ekiti
Christ School Ado-Ekiti Ado Ekiti Ekiti
Govt. Technical College, Ado Ekiti Ado Ekiti Ekiti
Our Saviours Standard College, Efon Alaaye Efon Ekiti
Announciation College, Ikere-Ekiti Ikere Ekiti
Community Grammer School, Orun-Ekiti Ise/Orun Ekiti
Notre Dame College, Usi-Eki Ido/Osi Ekiti
Orin High School, Orin Ekiti Orin Ekiti Ekiti
Egbe Oba high school Ikole Ekiti Ekiti
Are/ Afao Comprehensive High School Are/ Afao Ekiti
Doherty memorial Grammar School Ijero Ekiti Ekiti
Asiegba Comprehensive High School Asiegbe Ekiti Ekiti
Ise Comprehensive High School Ise Ekiti Ekiti
Ipoti High Sch. Ipoti Ekiti Ijero Ekiti
Amoye Grammar Sch. Ikere Ekiti Ikere Ekiti
Fiyintola High Sch. Oke Ayedun Ekiti Ikole Ekiti
Ansarudeen High sch, Ire-Ekiti Oye Ekiti
Moba Grammer School Moba Ekiti
Eso-Obe High Sch. Ijero Ekiti
Ekameta Community High Sch. Epe Ekiti
Edu High Sch. Erio Ekiti Ijero Ekiti
Orija High Sch. Emure Ekiti Emure Ekiti
Aisegba Comm. Jnr. High School, Ijan Gbonyin Ekiti
Agidingbi Senior Grammar School, Ikeja Lagos
Anwar-Ul Islam College Agege Lagos
Imoye Senior High School Amuwo-Odofin Lagos
Central Senior High School Okota School Complex Oshodi/ Isolo Lagos
Immaculate Heart Senior Secondary School, Maryland Schools Complex Ikeja Lagos
Government Senior College, Ikorodu Ikorodu Lagos
Epe Girls Senior High School, Epe Epe Lagos
Methodist Boys High School, Victoria Island Eti-Osa Lagos
Sanya Grammar School, Mile 2 Oshodi Expressway Surulere 11 Lagos
Herbert Macaulay Senior Girls High School Sabo- Yaba Lagos
Aunty Ayo Girls High School, Obalende, Ikoyi Eti-Osa Lagos
CMS Grammer School, Bariga Somolu Lagos
Abesan High Sch, Abesan Housing Estate Sch 1, Alimosho Alimosho Lagos
Awori College ,Ojo Ojo Lagos
Zamuratual Islamiyyah Grammar Sch, Igbogbo Ikorodu Lagos
Lagos State Senior Model School, Agbowa- Ikosi Epe Lagos
Baptist Academy, Obanikoro Somolu Lagos
New Era, Girls Sec , Sch, Stadium Surulere Lagos
Iloro Junior grammer sch, Agege Agege Lagos
Ifako comprehensive senior high school Somolu Lagos
Orimedu junior high sch, ibeju/lekki Ibeju/Lekki Lagos
Jibowu High School, Yaba Mainland Lagos
Ojo senior high school, ojo Ojo Lagos
Oreyo Senior Grammar Sch. Oreyo, Igbogbo Ikorodu Lagos
Dolphin High Sc. Ebute Elefun Lagos Island Lagos
Epetedo High School, Epetedo Lagos Island Lagos
Patrick Speech Learning School, Ikeja GRA Ikeja Lagos
Methodist Girls High Sch, Yaba Mainland Lagos
Ilasan Grammar School Eti-osa Eti-osa Lagos
Epetedo Jnr Sec Sch Hawley St L/Island Lagos
Aje Comprehensive High Sch. Yaba Lagos
Onike Girls High School Yaba Lagos
Oke Magba High Sch. Epe Lagos
Govt Jnr High Sch Agege Lagos
Akinyele Alakuko Jnr Sec Sch Alakuko Ifako Ijaiye Lagos
Orile_Igbor Grammar School. Ajura Obafemi/Owode Ogun
Baptist High Sch. Abeokuta Abeokuta South Ogun
Govt Sci & Tech College Ajegunle Ipokia Ogun
Social Training Institute Shasha Iperu-Remo Ikenne LGA Ogun
Muslim College Ijebu Ode Ijebu Ode Ogun
Egbad College Ilaro Yewa South Ogun
Multilateral Grammer Sch. Okun Owa Odogbolu Ogun
Molusi College, Ijebu-Igbo Ijebu North Ogun
Lantoro High School, Lantoro Abeokuta South Ogun
Premier Grammar Sch. Lasenwa Abeokuta North Ogun
Egba Owode Grammar Sch. Owode Egba Obafemi Owode Ogun
Govt. Sc.& Tech. Coll, Ijebu-Ode Ijebu- Ode Ogun
Sagamu High Sch Sagamu Ogun
Sango-Ota High Sch. Ota Ado-Odo/Ota Ogun
Alaye High Sch. Ayetoro Yewa North Ogun
Egba Odeda Grammar Sch. Odeda Abeokuta Ogun
Ago-Iwoye Sec. Sch. Ago-Iwoye Ijebu North Ogun
Ode-Remo High Sch. Ode-Remo Remo-North Ogun
Gov't Sc & Tech. College, Idi Aba, Abeokuta Abeokuta South Ogun
Egba Obafemi Community Grammer School. Obafemi Obafemi-Owode Ogun
Ijebu Ode Grammar School Ijebu Ode Ogun
Abusi Edumare Academy Ijebu North Ogun
Local Govt Sec Sch Atan Ado/Odo Ota Ogun
Nazareth High School Imeko/Afon Ogun
Owode High School, Obafemi/Owode Obafemi/Owode Ogun
Methodist Grammar School Ewekoro Ewekoro Ogun
Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School,Obantako, Abeokuta Abeokuta Ogun
Owode Sec Sch , Yewa North Yewa South Ogun
Ajoda High School, Ipobia Yewa North Ogun
Iko Gateway Grammar School.Ipokia Ipokia Ogun
Aiyepe Comprehensive High Sch, Ilanka Odogbolu Odogbolu Ogun
Ogbogbo Baptist Grammar Sch, Ijebu North East Ijebu North East Ogun
Adeola Odutola Comprehensive High, Ijebu-Ode Ijebu-ode Ogun
Abeokuta Girls' Grammar, Abeokuta South Abeokuta South Ogun
CSS Oko North-Central Oko North-Central Ondo
Anglican Grammar School Arigidi Akoko Arigidi Akoko Ondo
Idoani Grammar School, Idoani Ose Ondo
Army Comprehensive High School, Akure Akure Ondo
Ayo Grammar School Ipogun Ondo
Owena Comm. Grammar School Owena Ondo
Olofin Anglican Grammar School Idanre Ondo
Fagunwa Memorial Grammar School Igbo Olodumare Ondo
United Grammar School, Ode Irele Ode-Irele Ondo
Community Grammar School, Iwamimo Iwamimo Ondo
Ajuta High Sch, Ogbai Akoko North West LG Ondo
African Church, Grammar School Akoko South West Ondo
Ipenmen Coom Sec Sch, Ipemen Owo Ondo
Police Sec Sch, Akure Akure Ondo
St. Joseph's College Ondo Ondo West Ondo
FGGC ,Akure Akure South Ondo
Stella Maris College Okitipupa Okitipupa Ondo
Ilaje Grammar School, Atijere Ilaje Ondo
Igasi Community Grammar School Eriti, Akoko North Ondo
More H/S, Afo. Ose Ondo
St Hellen Unity School, Ondo West Ondo
Fiwasaye G.C.S, Akure Akure Ondo
St Francis G. C. S Ile-Oluji Ile-Oluji /Okeigbo Ondo
Community Grammar School, Akotogbo Irele Ondo
Akunu Comprehensive Grammar school Akunu-Akoko NE Ondo
Ajowa School Ajowa Akoko North East Ondo
Owo High School Owo Owo Ondo
Olofin Grammar School, Idanre Idanre Ondo
Igbotako Community Grammar School Okitipupa Okitipupa Ondo
Ile Mopo Comprehensive High Sch., Irun Akoko Akoko North Ondo
St. John/Mary Unity Sec. Sch. Owo Owo Ondo
African Church Grammar School, Oka Akoko Ondo
Anglican Grammar School, Igbara-Oke Akure South Ondo
Methodist High Sch. Okitipupa Okitipupa Ondo
Laragusin Grammar Sch. Iyansan Irele Ondo
Odo Otin Grammar School Okuku, Odo Otin Odo Otin Osun
Iia Grammar School, Ila Oragun Ila Osun
Akin Orun Grammar School Ifelodun Osun
Oduduwa College Ile-Ife, Ife Central Ife Central Osun
Ibokun Grammar School, Obukun Obukun Osun
Modakeke High School, Modakeke Modakeke Osun
Gbongan/Odeomu Anglican School Of Science Aayedaade Osun
Ayedaade Grammar School, Ikire Irewole Osun
Iwo Grammar School. Iwo Iwo Osun
Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo Osogbo Osun
Oba Laoye Grammar School, Ede Ede South Osun
Ife Girls Hig Sch Ife Central Osun
Lurther King's College Ileogbo Aiyedire Osun
Comm Grammar Sch, Temdire Ijesa Atakunmosa East Osun
Oyan Grammer School Odo Otin Osun
Sch Of Sc, Iragbiji Boripe Osun
Mapo Arogun Comp High Sec, Ede Ede North Osun
Local Authority Sec Grammar Sch, Ejigbo Ejigbo Osun
Oyinlola comprehensive High Scch. Okuku Odo-Otin LGA Osun
Fakunle Comprehensive High Sch. Osogbo Osogbo Osun
Obokun High Sch. Ilesa Ilesa Osun
St. Davids Grammar Sch. Ile-ife Ile-ife Osun
Agbonran Sch. Sc. Ede Ede Osun
Unity Sch. Ikire Ikire Osun
Biladu Ogunmokun Grammar Sch. Ilesa Ilesa East Osun
St Davis Grammar Sch. Odeomu Ayedade Osun
United Methodist High Iwo Iwo Osun
Okeila Grammar School Okeila Orangun Ila Osun
St. John Grammar School Oke-aton Ile Ife Ife East Osun
Secondary Commercial Grammar School Ora Ifedayo Osun
Orolu Community Girls Sch. SNR Orolu Osun
Ilesa Grammar Sch. Ilesa Ilesa East Osun
Ebenezer Grammer School Oriade Osun
Baptist High School, Iwo Iwo Osun
Fatima College Ikire Ayedire Osun
Muslim Grammar Sch. Modeke Igboho Orelope Oyo
Baptist Academy, Ogbomosho Ogbomosho Oyo
Ansarudeen Grammar School Ibadan Oyo
Our Lady Apostle Sec. Sch. Mary Way Odo Ona Oyo
Obaseku High School Eruwa Oyo
Awe High School, Awe Afijio Oyo
Ayekale Comprehensive Junior High School Ibadan Oyo
Fiditi Grammar School, Fiditi Afijio Oyo
Wesley School Of Science, Ibadan Ibadan Oyo
Federal Govt College Ogbomosho Ogbomosho Oyo
Ibadan City Academy Ibadan South East Oyo
Methodist Grammar School Ibadan North Oyo
Isabatudeen Girls' Grammar Sch Lagelu Oyo
Prospect High Sch Abanla Oluyole Oyo
Ojongbodu Grammar Sch, Oyo Oyo West Oyo
Koso Comm Grammar Sch, Iseyin Iseyin Oyo
Muslim Sec Sch, Saki Saki West Oyo
Gov.Sec. Sch. Orita Aperin Aperin Oyo
Igboora High Sch, Igboora Ibarapa Central Oyo
Elekuro High Sch. Ogbere Ibadan Ona-Ara Oyo
School of Science, Oyo Oyo Oyo
School of Sc. Ogbomoso Ogbomoso Oyo
Irepo Grammar Sch. Igboho Oorelope Oyo
Ibadan Grammar School Ibadan Oyo
Igbo-Elerin Grammar School, Ibadan Ibadan Oyo
Okaka Community Grammar sch. Okaka Itesiwaju Oyo
Loyola College Ibadan Oluyole Oyo
Komu- Babaode High school, Komu Itesiwaju Oyo
Community Grammar Sch. Akanran Ona -Ara Oyo
Oba Akinyele Memorial Sch. Ibadan North Oyo
Igbojaye Comm. High. Sch. Igbojaye Itesiwaju Oyo
Ogbomoso High School. Ogbomoso Oyo
Ayelogun Grammar Sch. Idere Ibarapa Central Oyo
Akolu Grammar Sch. Eruwa Ibarapa East Oyo


Backbone Transmission Infrastructure (BRTAIN)

MMA Ikeja-Covenant University, Otta Lagos/Ogun
Govt House-Osogbo Metropolis Osun


Rural Broadband Initiative (RUBI)

Akure Ondo
Osogbo Osun


University Inter Campus Connectivity (UnICC)

University of Lagos Akoka-Yaba Lagos
Obafemi Awolow University Ile-Ife Osun
University of Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

Projects at a Glance

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